How Much Money Can You Save On Textbook By Using Amazon Rentals?

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It’s time to say goodbye to the days of spending thick bucks on textbooks because Amazon rentals is here. Yes, you heard it right. Why should you buy a book that you’ll never read again?

Here is the solution to complete your course without buying books that’s hardly necessary for you. Renting becoming a popular term to rent books from online stores like Amazon to save a lot of money.

It can be a pretty amazing experience for you. At present, it’s a favorite place where everyone can rent a textbook. Let’s find out all the details from here.

Picture: Textbook
Picture: Textbook

Check Amazon Rentals: Don’t Pay Full Price For Textbook Anymore

To keep yourself up to date by buying the newest edition of textbooks is now back in the dark ages. Amazon won’t let you check anymore the newest copy in the store or library of your university.

Now you’ve got a better way to deal with it. Without being a genius anyone can rent a textbook through Amazon. Just check for your desired book by title, or category.

Once you find it, add to your rental cart. Knowing more about the rental service of Amazon, a few more details can guide you to know textbook rental basics.

How Much Money Can You Save On Textbook By Using Amazon Rentals?
Picture: Amazon

Reason for Choosing Amazon Rentals:

Amazon is not only a giant retail store but also popular for book amazon rental service. We found three reasons behind its popularity for book rental service and these are.

  • It has a massive collection of textbooks and they are continuing to stock more.
  • Easy process to rent books and returns are free.
  • Offering lowest prices

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Rent Book and Manage Your Cost:

College tuition is becoming a headache for the students day by day. Everybody knows it costs a lot. So, students need to think to cover the cost by adopting different methods.

On average, every student pays $1240 for books annually that can go higher depending on the edition and the types of the book or course. A smart strategy like renting books from Amazon can save lots of money. This way can help to get some manageable costs.

As an example, a book that is priced at $300 can be rented at $23.49. That’s how you can save a huge amount of money. Adopting this way can save almost 90 percent of your costs. 

The Procedure For Renting Books From Amazon:

Curious to know how Amazon textbook rental works? Cross your figure and follow a few simple steps like finding books, paying, and returning them. 

Finding Books:

Finding your books among a thousand options from Amazon is pretty easy. The name of the book or an ISBN is the thing that all you need to find your book. Before you do it, sure about the edition. Some courses need the current edition and some need the older version.

Let’s start the search once you have all the details of the book. Amazon has their official page to rent a textbook. Go to the page and start to dig out the book.

The best way to get the actual book you are looking for is by using the generic name. The first suggestion will be the correct one.

ISBN for Amazon Rental
Picture: ISBN

A newbie can make sure of the right book by using the ISBN. Under the book photo, you’ll find it. Matching the number means you got the right one.

Paying After Selecting The Rental Option:

amazon rentals book
Picture: Rental Options

Now you must look for an option that says “Rent”. When the book is available for rent then you’ll see the option. This option is lying under the book’s buying option and click on that option to get more info about it.

Rent options will guide you to more information. All this key information is related to your book. Pay attention to what they are saying. The most common and key information is about rental price, rental due date, estimated delivery date, and delivery address.

How Much Money Can You Save On Textbook By Using Amazon Rentals?
Renting Details

Be sure that you are getting a better deal. Just click “Add to Rental Cart” and make your option available to start the purchasing after you like the price. Check all the procedures and complete what you need to do. It’s the same as paying for other items on Amazon. Just check out and pay.

Providing the right delivery address is important to pick the book early and conveniently. In this case, you can use your university address. It means you don’t need to fill more bars for addresses.

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Returning The Book In Amazon Rentals

As a free person after the end of the semester, return the rented book to Amazon. Enjoy your day and a vacation, but don’t forget to return the book, because it’s important for both you and Amazon as well.

Maybe you forget to return it, but Amazon won’t forget it. They’ll start to charge you late fees that can ruin everything. Skip the issue of this late fee by returning the book in time and avoid any unnecessary situation.

Take note or use any kind of reminder to do that. Do it for one week before the actual date of returning. So, you can get more time to collect all of your rented books and ship them safely to Amazon.

It sounds simple, but without following the appropriate method you can’t do it. Let’s see how you can complete the official steps.

First of all, go to the “Manage Your Rentals” option and select the option for the book that you want to return. You need a prepaid return shipping label and you’ll get it after selecting the “Return rental” option.

Don’t forget to print the packing slip too. Well, package your book along with packaging slips. On the label, there are nominated and listed carrier names you’ll find. Take the books to them and return them free.

A few days later, Amazon will confirm the receiving through an email to you.


Some retail giants come forward to save students from buying books. Textbook rental service, especially Amazon rentals is here without any downfalls for students. It makes sense why a student should rent a book from here instead of buying it.

Without paying full price, anyone can get the best book even the rare one under the rental condition that also offers dramatically lower prices. Don’t look elsewhere to rent a book when you have Amazon on your back.

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