Best External Hard Drive For PS4 – Best of 2020

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Installing the best external hard drive for PS4 can make it free from the bottleneck situation of storage. Maybe your PS4 is already struggling to get some space for breathing that also affects its performance.

As a game lover, you know that most of the games consume lots of spaces, especially those massive open-world games. It’s easy to fix the issues by installing an external hard drive for your PlayStation4. But the challenging part is choosing the right drive if you are a newbie in this case.

Every external drive comes with its characteristics. There are lots of amazing external hard drives that are suitable for PS4. To get the best storage solution, go through this informative guide.

Best External Hard Drive For PS4
Picture: PlayStation 4

Expand Your Storage By Getting The Best External Hard Drive For PS4:

PS4 owners have an alternative to expanding the storage when they need it most. Lots of users don’t want to pop out an internal drive for storage expansion. Using an external drive is relatively easy to use in PS4 by plugging it to the console.

The whole process is easy, but the hard part is picking the right drive that can meet your needs. Getting some solid option can help you a lot to save your valuable time.

When you require some extra storage you must look for the best external HDD for PS4 that is reliable, portable, easy to connect, and comes with good design.

Best External Hard Drive For PS4
Picture: Using External Hard Drive

How To Get External Hard Drives For PlayStation 4

For your PS4, you don’t need to buy a specialized external hard drive. Even you can use one that comes from the general category. But getting a reliable one can keep you relaxed all the time and ensure something won’t go wrong. Some best external hard drive names are given below.

WD My Passport

Best External Hard Drive For PS4
Picture: WD My Passport

WD My Passport is one of the most popular external HDDs that can be used in PS4. This external HDD can offer you everything that you need to meet your needs. It’s not only reliable to use but also easy to carry. The compact size makes it more attractive to the user of the external hard drive.

Different storage capacity makes it more versatile to use. 1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB, and 4 TB are the available options for the user to buy. The weight of this hard drive varies according to its size and storage capacity.

The 1 TB model is 170 g and 2 to 4 TB is only 250g. Another good thing about this external HDD is, it is available in black, white, blue, red, orange, and yellow colors that can match your PS4 perfectly.

You’re going to love this HDD because of its style and sleek design. As a light product, it becomes easy to carry and set up with any devices like PS4.

WD Gaming Drive

Best External Hard Drive For PS4 – Best of 2020
Picture: WD Gaming Drive

From the name of this drive, you can easily imagine it’s suitable for your gaming console. This is also another quality product from WD. This external HDD works perfectly with PlayStation4 because it is designed for such a platform. The basic difference you’ll find from other HDD is the exterior design and the color option.

There are only 2 different storage capacities available for this HDD. One is 2 TB and another one is 4 TB. According to the capacity, it comes with two different dimensions and these are 110 x 81.6 x 12mm for 2 Tb and 110 x 81.6 x 21 mm for 4 TB.

Both sizes are light in weight because 2 TB is only 130 g and 4 TB is only 230 g. Only Black and Blue that is also a signature color for PS4 is available for this version of HDD.

Seagate Backup Plus

Best External Hard Drive For PS4 – Best of 2020
Picture: Seagate Backup Plus

This is also another popular external hard drive that has a spotless record for the performance. This type of HDD is suitable for PlayStation 4. This HDD is popular for its quite fast and reliable performance. It has a different capacity level like 1 TB, 52 TB, 7 TB, and 5 TB.

159g is an overall weight of 1 TB and 2 TB models. But the 4 TB and 5 TB models weigh about 247g. According to the PS4 preference, you can pick black, silver, blue, or Red color. 

Every feature has been blended nicely that perfectly match with your PS4. To move a large amount of data it can help you most as a PS4 user.

Toshiba 1TB Canvio Advance

Best External Hard Drive For PS4
Picture: Toshiba 1TB Canvio Advance

Some external hard drives are not only good for PlayStation4 but also comes as the best budget pick. This one is a new addition to the HDD product line. As an advance and superior drive, it offers speed and faster performance. The gloss finish and plastic matte make it more attractive to the PS4 user.

Just plug it into your PS4 and start what you want to with it. It’s simple and easy to use for every kind of user of PS4. Without any external power source, it works perfectly after connecting with PlayStation 4. The USB 3.0 ports make it easier to connect.

ArmorATD 4TB

Best External Hard Drive For PS4
Picture: ArmorATD 4TB

For the user, who looks for tough and resistant and portable external HDD for their PlayStation 4, then this one could be the answer. This incredibly reliable HDD is resistant to everything. As an external hard drive, it offers great connectivity.

Because of the size and portability, it becomes an excellent option for the PS4 user and offers the best service to meet the need. This safe unit of HDD just needs to plug in and out to use.

It’s not only a dust-resistant HDD but also crushes resistance. So, your PS4 external drive will be safe all the time, even in your backpack or hand.

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It’s a great idea to add an external hard drive for your PlayStation 4. This does not only offer you more storage to store more data but also give your PlayStation more space to breath and perform well. So, picking the best external hard drive for PS4 becomes important when you decide to get one.

Using an external hard drive sounds simple but using the right one is not. Considering different variables, we tried to pick some best options for you. Pick one of these options and make your PS4 one of the best gaming gear.

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