7 Most Shocking Tweets from the Official Anonymous Twitter Channel

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All the anonymous Twitter accounts now became another name of truth. For a few times, we hardly notice their activity on Twitter. They waited to happen something and that opened the scope to say some truth about the circumstances.

At present, anonymous is back! Twitter is a massive platform to explore what people think and what they want to share. It’s a voice for all of us.

Anonymous Twitter accounts are doing the same thing that is appreciated very much. But everything has a good and bad side. These accounts also influence some negativity among us. It’s a warning sign for society. Here are more hidden truths about these accounts.

Anonymous Twitter Accounts: The Truth You Want To Know

On Twitter, anonymous accounts continuously post something that disturbs our minds. This social media platform is still hardly dealing with all of these anonymous accounts. If we see, in the past few years they have grown and gained popularity.

Astonishingly, these anonymous Twitter accounts have a huge follower base. As an example, just look @YourAnonNews. You’ll get the answer.

The question is why they arise and what their final motive on Twitter. To find the answer, Twitter changes their terms and policy of sharing news and views.

One thing we can say, anonymity sometimes does good for us but it’s still a red sign for many public figures. Still interested to know about them? Just continue reading.

anonymous Twitter
Picture: Twitter

Who Is Anonymous?

First thing first. Clear the concept about the word anonymous. Anonymous spread across the world including social media Twitter. It’s not an organization and not a person.

The truth is they are both but do their activities under the hood. They believe what they do. To carry out their operation of single-purpose they work together.

Most of them love to keep their true identity secret. That’s why we called them anonymous. Twitter is a bigger platform for them to explore what they know.

But we found, most of them are trying to cover shocking discoveries and deliver political messages. That’s the reason they draw more attention on Twitter.

anonymous Twitter
Picture: Anonymous Vs. Twitter

In recent times, anonymous accounts were very much active about the political issues of the United States of America. Even there were lots of things we found related to Donald Trump (Former U.S President).

Twitter is the biggest platform to deliver messages in less time. This is the way to reach people quickly. Behind the anonymous Twitter account, all the activists have a motto. Do you want to know? That is “We are Anonymous, We Are Legion, We do not forgive, we do not forget, expect us.”.

In most anonymous Twitter accounts, we see a photo of a person wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. This becomes an identity to hide who they are. It’s true that their message can signify many things.

Somehow we don’t love such acts on social media, especially on Twitter. We love to tweet, retweet, share, like but don’t love to do it for the anonymous account.

Which Type of Action Is Anonymous Taken?

When an incident happens, all of the anonymous accounts get active for a while. They set fire on social media. Do you remember George Floyd’s protest?

If you can, then remember, many people got engaged with this protest after watching actual footage from a few anonymous Twitter accounts. Yes, anonymity is related to these protests.

On Twitter, lots of posts from these accounts of Anonymous go viral.

anonymous Twitter
Picture: George Floyd

They showed us how police radios play music. Not only that, police were very much active to prevent communication. It wasn’t a piece of fake news. Like these genuine videos and messages, there is more flying.

Most of the users of Twitter also love recent activities of anonymity against president Trump. Some documents of the court case were published from unknown sources. All these documents were against D. Trump. It has gone viral because all court cases were dismissed in a questionable way. Some of them even did not go to trial.

Shocking Anonymous Tweet

Over time, we found different types of shocking tweets from all these anonymous Twitter accounts. Here are some examples of them.

Leaks of FBI Phone Call

A 17-minute recording was released from an anonymous account. This call was about how to pertain to anonymous and hacker groups.

The Tweet was “ The #FBI confirmed the intercept #FBI and #ScotlandYard phone call in which they discuss efforts against hacking.”

7 Most Shocking Tweets from the Official Anonymous Twitter Channel
Picture: Tweet about Leaks of FBI Phone call

Hacked 10M PSN Account

Once again, the PSN account was hacked by hackers. Sony disagrees with what Anonymous said about it. Before the tweet takes down here we have a screenshot of this tweet.

Tweet about Sony Hacked
Picture: Tweet about Sony Hacked

Ask Target For Hacking

In a tweet, an infamous anonymous group asked everyone to suggest a target for the next hacking. It’s like asking for tips.

Tweet about Asking a Target
Picture: Tweet about Asking a Target

Suspicious Tweet About Wall Street

One hour before shutting down the trade, the Anonymous group posted a tweet. That was suspicious and happened what they said.

Tweet before Shutting Down The Trade
Picture: Tweet before Shutting Down The Trade

Taking Down CIA Website

A hacker group claims the responsibility for taking down CIA Websites through a Tweet.

Tweet about CIA Website down
Picture: Tweet about CIA Website down

Tweet For Being Offline

One of the most popular Anonymous accounts was about to be silenced. It was a notice for everyone. The account name was @YourAnonNews. It was unexpected from such a popular Twitter account.

It becomes popular for its regular post about the world news. Millions of fans knew about it via the tweet.

Tweet About Going Offline
Picture: Tweet About Going Offline

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Twitter always keeps us active on social media. Because we want to know what people are sharing and saying through tweets. Anonymous Twitter account adds an extra feather to our interest. Yes, we look at what they are disclosing that makes goosebumps.

They are good and they are bad. We love both sides of their activity. Most of the time they announce what they’ve done and what they are going to do. It’s their fight against the false sometimes the truth. They are making Twitter more attractive to the user.

It’s true that Twitter is strongly dealing with such types of accounts. Despite this, they are still there and doing both right and wrong for society.

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