What Is The Easiest Way To Get Argon Crystals In Warframe?

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Game lovers know how important Warframe argon crystal is for continuing the game. No doubt, it’s the rare resource in this game. No gamer can hold this resource for a long time in their inventory.

After a specific time, it will start to disappear from their inventory. It only happened because of decay. Don’t worry, there are lots of ways to harvest this rare resource.

No one knows how much they have to farm argon crystal. The best answer is, only farm that amount of argon crystal that you need. That means you need to be straight about it.

So, the decay clock won’t make you worried at all.

warframe argon crystal
Picture: Warframe

Farming Warframe Argon Crystal – Know The Math Behind It:

To increase different levels of your ability, argon crystals work better. Without knowing the way, finding argon crystals are not easy to get. It was found in the void but how?

Most of the time enemies drop them. It also dropped from the container as well. I found it from large Argon deposits. So, there are different chances to get it.

Warframe made it possible to get this resource at the level. But it happened randomly. I suggest you forget to get it because the drop is very rare. The only way to ensure it is farming.

Gamers who are new to the farm this resource should know that it’s not refundable once you cancel to build it. Be careful when you are doing it for Warframe argon crystal. 

Argon Crystals
Picture: Argon Crystals

Guideline To Farming Argon Crystal

This is true that Argon crystal is the only resource that you can’t hoard. You’ll get only 24 hours to use it. Most of the time it drops from the Orokin Void tileset.

The bad thing about farming is, it’s completely unreliable. Wait, I’m explaining why? First of all the farming time is limited. A gamer will get only 20 minutes to do it.

Maybe you can’t find a single Argon at this time. On the other hand, if your luck is good, then you can find more than 5 argon in a 5-minute single run. That’s what I’m talking about.

How To Get Argon Crystals
Picture: How To Get Argon Crystals

Make A Perfect Squad

To get a better result, you can make a perfect squad. It will increase the chance to get an Argon crystal. The squad should have a Pilfering Swarm Hydroid, a Speed Nova, A Desecrate Nekros. For the unlimited energy use Energy Vampire Trinity. Ulti Spam is also helpful to do it.

This squad is the best combination for a different mission. For survival and defense missions, use this squad without any hesitation.

Things Required For Argon Crystals

Yes, here is a blueprint (list of a few things) needed for Argon crystals. Without these things, you can get this resource. The list is huge and hard to remember all of them. Here are some of them I’ve mentioned. Take a quick look at them.

  • Hydroid Prime Chassis
  • Dragon Nikana
  • Arca Titron
  • Nekros Prime Chassis
  • Limbo Prime Chassis
  • Zhuge
  • Vauban Prime Châssis
  • Oberon Prime Systems
  • Valkyr Prime Systems
  • Trinity Prime Chassis
  • Pandero, etc.

Way To Farm Argon Crystal

Now we are going to discuss all the ways to farm Warframe Argon Crystal. Few of them have high possibilities to increase your chances but it also depends on RNG. With your perfect squad, you can boost your resources drop.

First Method

You need to look for the best place. A place to farm Argon crystal. There are many Argon deposits when you capture and complete a mission.

Before you do it, heat to void exterminate and it will let you find all the deposits. Break them all to ensure Argon crystals. Trust me, this is the easiest method and mission to get Argon crystal.

Void Exterminate
Picture: Void Exterminate

The good news is, you don’t even need any squad for it. If you are struggling to break the container, especially which behind the door, then try with Nova or Ember.

Try to use Warframe that deals AOE damage. This technique helps the gamer to collect Argons automatically using a running carrier with a vacuum. See, it’s simple to harvest.

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Second Method

Making a squad for farming argon is not the last thing. A gamer needs to run them perfectly. That’s how a gamer can find 30 to 50 argon. I’m talking about it on an hourly basis.

Squad helps a lot when you build it perfectly. Try to keep desecrate Nekros and a Pilfering hydroid. In a survival mission, try to find the closed room. This is your best chance to find the highest Argon in less time.

Continuously killing and farming enemies will result in Argon Crystal. Try to enable life support modules for more help. You can also use one tanky guy for that.

Third Method

There are different types of missions in Warframe. Weekly Ayatan Sculpture Mission is one of them. To farm Argon crystal this one is also considered as a good place.

The good news is, there is no time limit. Just chop enemies as much as you can using desecrate Nekros and Atterax. It will increase the chances for loot drop.

warframe argon crystal - Ayatan Sculpture Mission
Picture: Ayatan Sculpture Mission
Tips of the Day

If you are still looking for more tips and tricks to farm Argon crystal, then you might, then this segment is for you.  Don’t get puzzled and read below.

  • For the Argon crystal Void is the main location. Do you know that it can be found in Deimos?
  • Don’t try to farm more Argon crystal unless you don’t need it. It will expire in the next 24 hours. So, farm them when you are trying to craft an item. Don’t give your extra effort.
  • The drop rate of Argon crystal is very low. Try to use Nekros or Hydroid. Both help get extra loot.


Argon Crystal is one of the most desired resources that is rare in this game. Sometimes it becomes difficult to get a single Argon crystal. For the gamer, it becomes easy to farm them after knowing specific ways.

When a gamer enters a survival mission, especially in the void, the chances of getting them get higher. Because of the uncertainty of finding Argon crystals, players must use them when they need them.

A player needs to aim for this rare resource, not all the time. Otherwise, it will become a waste. Yes, after 24 hours, it will vanish from your inventory.

With proper planning for farming Warframe Argon crystal, make your gaming experience better than ever.

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