Arivale Combines Wellness Coaching and Data Testing for Better Results

By Angel Kristoff 6 Min Read

Amongst all the other health and wellness programs out there, what makes Arivale stand out is its interest in genetic data. Arivale doesn’t just look at what you can do to accomplish your lifestyle and wellness goals- it also looks at what makes you struggle to reach these goals and what will and won’t work for you, as an individual. With a combination of coaching and clinical research, Arivale is using technology to support its members and make them healthier.

What it is

Arivale combines genetic testing with wellness goals. All members are genetically tested at the start of their membership, and that data is used to create a personal wellness plan. Each member has access to an online dashboard, which displays the health data obtained from their testing, and they talk with a wellness coach to review the data and decide what their best course of action is.

If you have high cholesterol, for instance, the coach can offer recipes, exercise routines, or lifestyle advice to help bring it down. While a doctor, might see your results, give advice and then move on until your next checkup, your wellness coach will be a constant source of encouragement and accountability, to make sure you stay on track. If you ever have any questions, you can just contact them right away and get professional advice. That’s not something a regular doctor can provide.

Testing for Data

When you join Arivale, you will be asked to provide a blood sample. The blood sample is taken at an Arivale-approved external partner laboratory. Clients can search for an approved location from their Arivale dashboard, on the company’s website.

From this blood sample, Arivale looks at things like cholesterol, blood glucose, and blood counts. They also look at several blood markers of nutritional status, which provide information on things like mineral and vitamin levels in the body.

It’s also necessary to get a gut microbiome test. This will be done every six months, and it can be done at home, via a stool sample. Once you have the sample, you just need to send it to an external, independent lab, and Arivale will report the results back to you in a few weeks. This sample will help discover what kinds bacteria are in your gut and how prevalent they are.

The Coaches

Once your testing is done, you will get to choose a wellness coach. A few choices will be presented to you, along with their background, experience, and a short introduction video. This coach will be with you for the entirety of your membership unless you decide to switch coaches, which can be done at any time. Communication with your coach is typically done through email, text, or over the phone, and you can decide how much communication works best for you.

Coaches can send their clients recipes, workout plans, and various types of recommendations, in order to best help their client. They are meant to be a source of constant support, and they will also discuss data and any changes to your action plan.

Cost and Availability

Arivale costs $199 per month. This price includes everything, from your testing to your research coach and personalized action plan. Arivale is not covered by any insurance plans, so you will need to pay for this out-of-pocket.

In order to join, you must be at least 18 years old. You also cannot be pregnant because pregnancy can interfere with your data and skew your results.

Arivale is available in every state, with the exception of New York. There are plans to eventually launch it in New York, as well.

Who They Are

Arivale started at the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, Washington. It launched in 2015. Arivale founder, Leroy “Lee” Hood is an esteemed biologist with over thirty years of experience in the field of genetics.

Arivale has a scientific advisory board, featuring chemists, physicians, biologists, and genetic specialists who provide insight for their program. All of their coaches have years of experience in wellness coaching, and a clinical team reviews all client data. A research team also analyzes collected data, which can provide important insights into things like genetics and diseases.

Expanding and Helping Alzheimer’s Patients

As Arivale grows, it’s looking to help Alzheimer’s patients, as well. Earlier this year, it was announced that Arivale is taking part in a clinical trial, involving 200 people, over the course of two years. They are teaming up with hospitals and the Pickup Family Neuroscience Institute for the trial, which is called "Coaching for Cognition in Alzheimer’s" (COCOA).

The goal is to see if lifestyle coaching and biometric data can be used to prevent the advancement of Alzheimer’s or if it may even reverse its early symptoms. It might be a while until any results can be released from this trial, but if it works it could have a big impact on Alzheimer’s treatment plans in the United States.

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