Exploring Armin’s Journey: What Is The Actual History of Armin Titan?

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Only a few characters got popular in Attack on Titan and Armin Titan form is undoubtedly one of them. There are lots of logical reasons for his popularity in this dark fantasy drama series.

In the storyline, he played an important role. You know that Titan is the main key point of the story. All the highlighted and underrated characters are somehow related to the Titan Form.

Armin Arlert is the 15th commander of the Survey Corps who is a strategic genius and took the power for the possession of the Colossus Titan. There are lots of fascinating facts waiting for you, let’s get into it.

Who Is Armin Titan?

Fans of Attack on Titan are uncountable and they know well most of the key characters of this dark fantasy animated series. We can’t forget the role of Armin Titan.

At first, we knew him as commander of the Survey corps. A few times later, this character starts to surprise the fans with his intelligence and strategic decision. This is the key point, he noticed by the higher authority.

His true intelligence is revealed after being paired with Hange. After getting possession of the colossus Titan, everything we know about Armin Arlert changed.

Picture: Armin Arlert
Picture: Armin Arlert

Picture: Armin Arlert

Who Are The Most Powerful Titan?

In Attack on Titan, we were able to see different types of Titan, which are not the same. Here is the Top 10 powerful armin titan Names and their debut episode is given below.

  1. The Cart Titan (Episode 3 Season 4, Known User is Pieck Finger)
  2. The Female Titan (Episode 17 Season 1, Known User is Annie Leonhart)
  3. The Beast Titan (Episode 1 Season 2, Known User is Tom Ksaver & Zeke Yeager)
  4. The Jaw Titan (Episode 4 Season 2, Known User is Marcel Gaillard)
  5. The Armored Titan (Episode 1 Season 1, Known User is Reiner Braun)
  6. The Colossal Titan (Episode 1 Season 1, Known User is Armin Arlert & Bertolt Hoover)
  7. The Attack Titan (Episode 7 Season 1, Known User is Eren Kruger)
  8. The War Hammer Titan (Episode 6 Season 4, Known User is Lara Tybur & Yeager)
  9. The Wall Titans (Episode 25 Season 1)
  10. The Founding Titan (Episode 12 Season 2, Known User is Ymir Fritz & Frieda Reiss)
Picture: Titan
Picture: Titan

How Did Armin Arlert Become a Titan?

We are going to spoil the story for you. Yes, if you really want to know how Arlert became a Titan. If you don’t know the actual scenario, you are in the right place.

In the world of Titan, Arlert made a small revelation. This is not a complex story at all and it’s not hard to guess who Armin ate.

After the fight against the warriors, we saw Armin and Erwin suffering a lot. There is no way to save them because of their critical condition. Only Levi knew that Titan Serum could be the way.

Picture: Levi Ackerman
Picture: Levi Ackerman

In that situation, only one can get his serum. It was so difficult to decide for Levi. Finally, Levi gives the serum to Armin despite Erwin being the true candidate for it. After all, Erwin is at peace. This is the reason Levi doesn’t want to bring Erwin back.

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On the other hand, Levi thinks Armin did a lot for them but needs to do something to turn back into a human. He had to eat bertholt.

What Is The True Form of Armin?

In the series, we saw Armin turn into a Titan at different times. Now we know, he has different forms like Human form, colossus Titan form, and Pure Titan form. Let’s discuss these two forms.

Human Form

At first, a boyish face comes into our mind about Armin. He has large hazel eyes along with a pointed nose. The best thing is Armin’s blond hair. You can easily point out the style of his haircut.

With the sideburns, these eyebrows make him more attractive. That’s why it’s also easy to define his age at the moment but he is not muscular. This relatively small and lacking make him thinner than other characters.

On the other hand, he is a soldier of the Survey Corps. All the time we revamped black uniforms. At the teenage age, Armin was a short person compared to his age.

We also saw Armin in a long-sleeved single-buttoned jacket with a collared shirt in his childhood.

Colossus Titan Form

Now let’s talk about the Titan form of Armin. We love this form of Armin. Do you remember Bertolt’s Titan? When Armin turned into a Colossus Titan, we find lots of similarities with Bertolt’s Titan.

He became skinless and extremely tall like other titans. His arms become longer and almost reach his knees. Both legs also look muscular in titan form but the feet are short and thick.

One thing we noticed about Armin Titan. The upper body of this Titan is skinny. Even the rib cage is also exposed to everyone from both front and side.

Without a nose, this Titan looks different. Due to the lack of skin, we can also see all the teeth of the Armin’s Titan.

Picture: Armin's Colossal Titan Form
Picture: Armin’s Colossal Titan Form

Pure Armin Titan Form

The pure Titan form of Armin is not like his Colossus Titan form. The pure form was a blend of the actual Armins body. It happened before Armin inherited the power of the Colossus Titan from Bertolt Hoover.

This titan has bond shoulder-length hair. But the overall body shape is smaller than the Colossus Titan. The good news is it has a mount without lips. The eyes of this titan are black and have a skeletal nose.

Through the skin, the rib is still visible. There is a bit of confusion about the height of this titan. It’s really hard to specify.

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After many assumptions, we finally found our true hero in Attack on Titan. Armin goes a long way and proves himself a worthy hero. The best thing we found about this character is his Titan form. Yes, he got one of the best Titan forms.

We love the way he transforms. Not only that, the way he got the possession for the Titan was also dramatic and created Goosebumps. Now we know about Armin’s true character.

Undoubtedly, we felt something extraordinary when we saw Armin Titan. He wasn’t a true hero material but now we love his final adventure as a hero.

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