Is It True That Ultra Beasts Are the Most Powerful Pokémon of The Cosmos?

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Pokémon from another dimension known as Ultra Beasts are one of the bravest and astonishing additions to the Pokémon series. Pokémon Sun and Moon is definitely the part of the Pokémon series where we’ve found lots of secrets.

Maybe it will end with their main storyline but there are still lots of questions in the minds of Pokémon fans. Ultra Beast is one of them.

Ultra beasts are not a single Pokémon rather a group that is so powerful with different levels of power and strength and comes from another dimension. It’s hard to beat them with the usual Pokémon.

Let’s talk more precisely about this powerful group of Pokémon.

Picture: Pokémon Team
Picture: Pokémon Team

What Are The Ultra Beasts?

If you don’t miss Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, then you’ll have a strong idea of what Ultra Beast is. Yes, this powerful Pokémon group was introduced in Pokémon Moon and the Sun.

All these Pokémon are not like regular Pokémon because they’ve come from mysterious dimensions. Some say they are monsters and some say they are Pokémon.

This extra-dimensional creature blurs the line. They don’t have any technical achievements. Somehow Ultra beasts are allowed to participate in some competitive events. May they be strong but limited in number.

Picture: Ultra Beast Pokémon Group
Picture: Ultra Beast Pokémon Group

Who Are The Most Powerful Pokémon in Ultra Beast Group?

As we saw, Pokémon of the Ultra beast group are more powerful and hostile than others. So, it’s a bit tough to rank them. Sometimes, prominent individuals and organizations tried to take down all these powerful Pokémon.

For that, they have traveled to another dimension. Sometimes they’ve succeeded and sometimes they’ve failed. Based on the raw power we make a list of these Pokémon’s and here it is.

  1. Stakataka
  2. Pheremosa
  3. Blacephalon
  4. Naganadel
  5. Buzzwole
  6. Poipole
  7. Kartana
  8. Surkitree
  9. Celesteela
  10. Guzzlord
  11. Nihilego


At first, it does not look like a Pokémon because it’s a being that has been combined with stones. But the key point of this Pokémon is the leg. It can collapse down. In this way, Stakataka can camouflage and this ability makes it more dangerous in some situations.


At first, it looks like a cockroach. Sometimes it seems like just a giant insect trying to imitate a lithe woman. It’s not a muscular Pokémon, but rather a thin body and long legs. This incredibly long leg allows this Pokémon to run at great speed along with pheromone abilities.


This is one of the most colorful Pokémon and its brightly colored spherical head draws everyone’s attention. Because of its strange appearance, it also behaves strangely. That’s how this Pokémon gets closer and closer to its opponent. Finally, it exploded its head violently to destroy the opponent.


Honestly, Fans of Pokémon’s love this one because of its dragon-like appearance. The funny fact is the abdomen of this Pokémon. Its abdomen resembles a bee or wasp but such appearance makes this Pokémon most powerful and dangerous.

In its large sac, hundreds of liters of liquid (Poison) are stored. To defeat the opponent, Naganadel uses this poisonous liquid through a needle and this needle helps to spray the liquid over large distances.


There are few Pokémon in Ultra beast groups like insects and Buzzwole is one of them. It has four spindly legs. Even its muscles are swollen. We saw how strong this Pokémon is when it pulverized a dump truck with a single punch. 


Poipole is one of the smaller Pokémon in the Ultra beast group. But remember, size doesn’t matter for this Pokémon. It’s not a less dangerous Pokémon and the number of spikes on its head is the reason. Through all these spikes, Poipole can launch a poisonous substance. This substance is also very adhesive.


Kartana is another unusual but deadliest Pokémon that sort of resembles a human samurai. It looks like paper origami. Almost every part of this Pokémon is razor-sharp and thin as paper.

Because of such appearances, opponents struggle to attack this Pokémon. Even this Pokémon can dodge the opponent easily because of its shape, flexibility, and speed.

Picture: You Can Watch Episodes of Pokémon on Pokémon TV
Picture: You Can Watch Episodes of Pokémon on Pokémon TV

What is the relation of Ultra Breast with the Cthulhu mythos?

Fans of Pokémon live in a world of imagination and fantasy. They also try to connect some theories and mythos with the Ultra beast group. Fans think the concept of the Ultra Beast comes from Cthulhu Mythos that also guides people to believe another story like Old Gods in HP.

This one is known as one of the most infamous horror stories and the plot of H.P Lovecraft’s story is all about living in the cosmic plains. All these beings are treated and defined as the Old Gods.

There is also another name for these beginnings and that is Great Ones. Even all these creatures are not like the other ones. They have unimaginable power and knowledge.

People are seeking this knowledge and all these Old Gods deny sharing it. Now you can find a similarity in Lusamine with Nihilego in Pokémon Sun and Moon. But the question is how many Great Ones are there?

There are so many of them and it’s still hard to relate them with the Ultra beast group. It’s certain that Ultra Beasts are related to the Great Ones, especially their power and knowledge is still unknown to humankind.

Is It True That Ultra Beasts Are the Most Powerful Pokémon of The Cosmos?
Picture: Pokémon ball


In the Whole Pokémon series, there are lots of unimaginably powerful and strong Pokémon but one group changed the theory. The Ultra Beasts group makes this Pokémon storyline different but attractive.

All the time fans want to see which Pokémon (the regular one) can beat at least one Pokémon of Ultra Beast group. After becoming the legal opponent for the tournament, everyone tries so hard to beat them. But it seems impossible.

We also wonder what will happen at the end of the day for Ultra Beasts because they can’t breed as well. In the near future, we might discover more secrets of these powerful and strong Pokémon.

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