How Much Do You Know About Attack On Titan Mikasa? Is She The Best Character in This Anime?

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If you’re a fan of Attack on Titan Mikasa will be the one who will make you fall in love with this anime series. The manga “Attack on Titan” was written perfectly by the author with every character playing a different role.

On top of the list, few characters are highly influential. Mikasa is one of them who also stands out with her charismatic East Asian beauty along with fighting ability. There are so many small but interesting facts that fans hardly notice about Mikasa.

From the beginning, Mikasa is a very affectionate person and cares deeply for her friends. Such types of activities make her the loveliest character in this manga.

We’ve tried to expose more secrets about this character. Let’s find out some of these forms below.

Picture: Attack on Titan
Picture: Attack on Titan

Who is Attack on Titan Mikasa?

In Attack On Titan Mikasa is a key character. In the story, we found Mikasa as an adoptive sister of Eren. She is also a mutual childhood friend of Armin.

Mikasa was adopted by Dr. Grisha Yeager after the death of his father and mother. They both were killed by human traffickers. Mikasa is a sign of love and affection.

We saw in the series how he fell for Eren. Even to show her inner feelings for someone, she never hesitates to cry, especially with tears of joy.

On top of that, she is a proven person who is physically strong and skilled for the fight. For that, she completed her military training, obtaining the 1st position. As a result, we found her as a capable person who can easily shift as a soldier.

Picture: Mikasa
Picture: Mikasa

How Much Do You Know About Mikasa?

Maybe Mikasa is not a key point of attraction for the fans if we consider the Titan fact. But without her, the story is not complete. Before we discuss some unknown facts about this beautiful, young lady in Attack On Titan, check the information below.

NameMikasa Ackerman
Age15 (850) 19 (854) 22 (857)
Height170cm (850) 176cm (854)
Weight68 kg (850) 70kg (854)
RelativesAckerman clan: Ackerman (father, deceased) Levi Ackerman (relative) Unnamed relative (deceased) Kenny Ackerman (relative, deceased) Kuchel Ackerman (relative, deceased) Azumabito Family: Unnamed mother (deceased) Kiyomi Azumabito (relative)
BirthdayFebruary 10th
BirthplaceShiganshina District Outskirts
ResidenceWall Rose
AffiliationSurvey Corps Special Operations Squad
Former104th Training Corps
AffiliationAlpha Squad
Grad Rank1st
Titan KillsSolo: At least 11 In team: At least 1 Total: At least 12
Debut ChapterTo You 2.000 Years From Now
Voice actorYui Ishikawa

What about The Appearance of Mikasa in Attack on Titan?

Compared to other average humans, Mikasa is a fairly tall young woman. On top of that, she is a well-toned woman. At the first look, you’ll notice she has pale skin, gray eyes, and shaggy black.

Her hair was long at first, but later she cut it to chin-length. By the year 845, she wears noticeably longer bangs. Outside of the right wrist, she has a tattoo. It is treated as her family crest.

Most of the time, we saw the uniform of the Survey Corps, including a black scarf and white blouse. When she is free from her duty for the day, she wears casual attire like a simple knee-length white dress.

Also, she loves to wear a light cardigan along with brown boots. But for this outfit, she has a signature black scarf and this scarf makes him more attractive with the outfit.

Picture: Attack on Titan Has lots of Memorable Characters
Picture: Attack on Titan Has lots of Memorable Characters

Facts You Should Know About Mikasa:

Most of the popular characters of the Japanese Dark Fantasy anime series “Attack On Titan” have a deep history. For the Mikasa, there is no exception. Here are some facts you need to know about this strong lady.

Strong Female Character:

In Attack On Titan, few female characters have a strong role in the story. But for the Mikasa, the fact is a bit different and a bit tough.

Mikasa weighs almost 150 lbs. Her weight surprised everyone and got all the muscle compared to her 5’7″ height. In the whole series, you can’t find the heaviest female character like her.

She Can Imitate Attacks

Yes, you heard right about it. Mikasa is a soldier. To make herself stronger on the battlefield, she works hard to improve her skill, especially the attacks. For that, Mikasa, Imitates Levi’s Attack. That’s how she started to set her sill for combat a few times later.

Mikasa also works combined with Eren and Annie. They worked on battle tactics that were unknown and new to everyone.

In the combat training series, fans witness such types of tactics all the time from them. Mikasa loves the way Levi uses spinning assault. Levis’ trademark attacks and Mikasa start to imitate him.

Got Highest Marks from the Training Corps.

Mikasa is not only a kind-hearted person but also a brilliant performer in every section. We saw her brilliance in her class. During the 104th Training Corps, she was the person who got the top position.

Picture: 104th Training Corps
Picture: 104th Training Corps

Can’t transform Into a Titan

From the beginning, fans wanted to see Mikasa as Titan. Even all of us expected that she would transform into a Titan soon but that isn’t true at all. The only reason is that she is not a descendant of Eren’s race of people.

The author should’ve clarified the concept about it but they didn’t focus on such types of details. Mikasa is a member of the aforementioned Ackerman. So, she cannot transform into a Titan as Eren does.


It doesn’t matter how the story is going on but one thing we can say for sure is the characters got the most attention. Despite some limitations, only a few characters make us think twice and Mikasa is undoubtedly one of them.

It’s true, in Attack On Titan Mikasa contributes a lot. As one of the best characters in this anime, Mikasa let us feel how to sacrifice for the good and how to show emotions.

Yes, from the beginning, she started to scarify her desire. But the best side is, all the characteristics make her a strong person. As we saw, she never had trouble winning fights. That’s how she owns our hearts permanently.

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