Top And The Best Anime Wolf In Anime Industry

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There is nothing more to say about anime wolf. We know exactly what this thing is and what possible this character is doing in the story.

This most fascinating anime character always has a wild character that comes from wild to elegant. Even their rough appearance makes Goosebumps as well. They used to be killers or protectors of nature.

In most anime, wolves are portrayed as frightening, terrifying, adorable, and lovable characters. This is the reason we wanted to research it. Do you want to know what we found? Then read below.

Top And The Best Anime Wolf In Anime Industry
Picture: Anime Wolf

What is Anime Wolf?

All we know about anime and its possible characters. The anime industry is getting better and bigger because of the storyline and portraying the character.

Wolves are just like pack-driven creatures. The astonishing fact is, this creature is always portrayed as a character that embodies the spirit of nature and connects it with mankind.

Now, the anime industry is looking for the scoop to make the wolf a much better character and especially making the badass protectors. Even the anime wolf is also known as the great warrior that showed up in the crucial moment.

Which Anime Wolf Got Most of the Attention from Fans?

There are more than a hundred anime wolves you can find in the anime industry. Not all of them are popular. Most of them indeed have an influential role in the story.

So, we decided to make a list of these anime wolves and let you know something special about them. Here are some of them given below. Check it out.

  1. Princess Mononoke
  2. Wolf Children
  3. To Your Eternity
  4. Spice and Wolf
  5. Beastars
  6. Inuyasha
  7. Wolf’s Rain
  8. Kemono Friends
  9. Hakkenden
  10. Cuticle Tantei Inaba
  11. Okami San And Her Seven Companions
  12. Wolf Girl And The Black Prince
  13. Sirius The Jaeger
  14. Renkin San
  15.  Monster Rancher
  16. The Hakkenden
  17. BNA
  18. Luger Code 1951
  19. Kanokon
  20. White Fang Monogatari
  21. Okamikakushi
  22. White Fang
  23. Okami Wa Okami Da
  24. Wolf Guy
  25. Noblesse: Pamyeol-Ui Sijak
  26. Sengoku Night Blood
  27. To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts
  28. Vampire
  29. Unbreakable Machine-Doll
  30. Pleasant Goat And Big Big Wolf
Picture: Wolf’s Rain
Picture: Wolf’s Rain

Which is the Best Anime Wolf Boy?

By comparing the gender of the character, a fan can easily separate the wolf’s characteristics. In the anime, there are boy and girl wolves. We tried to figure out some details about them. Here are some of the best anime wolf boys are given below.

Kouga InuYasha

One of the most unforgettable characters. If you saw this anime series, then you also know Kagura and Kouga. When Kagura murders, everything changes in this series.

It becomes a series that tells a story of revenge. Yes, Kouga seeks revenge. Later, Kouga encounters another main character. He becomes the battle partner. Both have a common goal and that is destroying Naraku.

Amaterasu, Okami

Do you know that Amaterasu has a title that is “The Great Mother”? In the series, fans saw how formidable a best she can be in a moment.

There are lots of myths about it. The most established one is that she’s Shiranui’s reincarnation. She is a white wolf. A hundred years ago, died while protecting her people from a bleak future.

More Anime Wolf Character You Should Know About:

We’ll always be happy to talk about anime wolves. We tried to pick some key characters and describe them.

Princess Mononoke

Of course, we can keep Princess Mononoke at the top of the list as one of the best wolf anime of all time. In 1997, the director Hayao Miyazaki made this legendary movie.

The story is original and sets long before mankind. The demon boar attacked the tribal village and the journey of the story rolled out.

To save the tribe, Princess Mononoke struck and she was successful. But the saddest part is, for the heroic act, Princess Mononoke got cursed.

Top And The Best Anime Wolf In Anime Industry
Picture: Princess Mononoke

Wolf Children

Which one should be a heartwarming anime movie for you? Maybe the name is Wolf Children. Showing different issues, this 2-hour long movie makes the fans emotional.

The best side is, that this movie gives you a roller-coaster ride. The story begins with Hana who falls in love with a guy. This guy has the power to transform into wolves.

Yes, Hena married a werewolf. Despite having the wolf issue, Hena loves him a lot. Hena has two children. Because of the father, they are also capable of transforming into wolves.

Isn’t it more emotional and cute to see? Yes, it’s always heartwarming to see them. This anime wolf movie has lots of achievements like winning awards for “Animation of the Year”, “Best Anime Disc Award”, and many other awards from festivals around the world.

Picture: Wolf Children
Picture: Wolf Children

To Your Eternity: White Wolf Anime

Some anime are made not only for entertainment but also to give some Goosebumps. We are talking about “To Your Eternity” which can give you a shock.

From everyone, this show got attention and praise and was awarded in 2021 for best animation. After a long time, fans witnessed something unique and special.

Ooima Yoshitoki created this manga. This is the story about an orb. The orb can transform into something that it consumes. Shocking, isn’t it?


The wolf is the best part of the anime. Sometimes it feels, that without them, the story is not complete. They got the most attention and love from fans of anime. That’s why choosing the best anime wolf is still hard for us.

All of them are tied up with the story beautifully and perfectly. So, it’s hard to deny wolves’ contributions. Our list may not be suitable for you but our research shows that the list we’ve made is almost perfect if you want to rank them.

Undoubtedly, the way, creators portray anime wolves is amazing. Wolves in the anime are not only good for the story but also good for mankind which can give us a message to connect with nature.

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