Why We Love Audi RS5 and Why You Would Too?

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Among different cars, Audi RS5 has its own space that defines why it’s fast and comes with aggressive looks. It’s a car that’s won the hearts of Audi car lovers.

In many ways, it’s much better in performance than others in the industry. This year is going to be another successful year for Audi. RS5 is their bait which comes as an alternative to lots of cars.

The boldest styling with the price makes it more appealing to people. We found many reasons to love this car.

On the road, it can surprise you with its highest performance. It’s a track-ready model for every type of driver. Take a ride with me to discover more about this beast.

Audi RS5 Is Really That Fast?

Day to day, car industries are expanding and changing dramatically. They are trying to give their best shot in the competition in the car market. Following the trend, Audi is always doing best by offering car. They know what a driver seeks in a car.

In 2021, Audi once again came with their updated version of RS5. It’s a great example of their line of fast Audis.

From the engine compartment to the interior, everything is furnished and better than before. If you are one of them who is looking for an Audi car, then look for Audi RS5. Trust me, you can’t ignore this car.

What’s New In RS5?

No doubt, Audi RS5 is best in many ways. It’s a refreshed model of an old version. Did you notice its grill? It’s flatter and wider than before.

At first impression, it will seem to you the classic Audit Sports Quattro. This is the best part I loved. The rear diffuser was retouched.

All the wheel arches are now wider enough. Even the exhaust pipes also get better. Yes, it’s larger which perfectly matched the design.

Reasons To By Audi RS5

RS5 from Audi is not just a car, it’s a love for the diver. We picked some key points and features that force you to love this car. Let’s get more details below.


Don’t worry about the price if you want to buy an RS5. RS5 comes a long way. As a result, we’ve different versions of RS5 with different price tags. So, which one do you buy? Many options for a potential buyer. So, the budget won’t make you disheartened.


Under the hood, RS5 hides massive power that makes a noise on the road. It got 44 hp twin-turbo V-6. This is the best model that makes more horsepower comparing the V-8 model. Even it has a great touch on torque. From 317 lb-ft to 443, dramatically change the number.

Why We Love Audi RS5 and Why You Would Too?
Picture: V-6 engine

Along with the automatic transmission, shifting on the road is just like butter. Thanks to its all-wheel-drive system. You’re going to enjoy its controlling system.

Docile handling makes it more fun in both dry and wet conditions. The overall performance of this car is making you comfortable when you ride short or long distances.

Why We Love Audi RS5 and Why You Would Too?
Wheels of Audi RS5

Fuel Economy

This car comes with standard all-wheel drive. That means it only has one set fuel-economy rating. EPA just did it and says when this car is in high power then a diver will get 18 mpg in the city. But the good news is, on the highway, the mpg is 25.


Just riding comfortably on the road with RS5 is not the last thing to talk about. The interior of this car also offers a great impression to us.

Audi used high-tech equipment to decorate the interior of RS5. It’s a blend of rich material and technology. The front seat was designed to support the driver every time especially during cornering.

There is a facility to indulge the driver and passenger. For that, Audi includes massage functions as well. Ambient interior lighting makes the cabin more beautiful, especially at night.

The system offers to control the climate inside the car. For that, it has three-zone climate control. To enjoy the day, a panoramic sunroof will support you best.

Most importantly, the driving position was more important for this car and Audi did the best. Because of the position, a driver will get excellent visibility.

Why We Love Audi RS5 and Why You Would Too?
Picture: Interior of the RS5

Connectivity and Infotainment

For Audi, RS5 is the trump card. In the dashboard, the touch screen display is mounted at a 10.1-inch high position. That’s the point, a diver looks at the dashboard and feels comfortable using it.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability are more accurate to use. That means it’s standard enough to give you the best experience.

Safety and Other Features

Audi includes different safety features to ensure driver safety. Yes, they supply all these tech and equipment is important. The standard driver-assistance technology is one of these features which is one of the key safety features that Audi provides.

It includes automatic high-beams, standard forward-collision warning, automatic emergency brake, adaptive cruise control, stop and go technology, lane-departure warning, lane-keeping assist, and many more.

Technical details of RS5

Here are the technical details of the RS5 that can help you to make a decision.

Engine typeV6 engine
Displacement in CC/ bore x stroke in mm/ comparison2894 / 84.5 x 86.0 /10.0
Max. power output in kW (hp) /at rpm331 (450) / 5700 -6700
Max. torque in Nm (lb-ft) / at rpm600 (4425) 1900 -5000
Top speed in km/h (mph)250 (155.3)
Acceleration, 0-100 km/h (0-62.1 mph)3.9
Combined fuel consumption in (0-62.1 mph) in sec3.9
Combined fuel consumption in 1/100 km8.7
Combined Co2-emissions in g/km199

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Finally, we’ve found RS5 is one of the best cars in the Audi lineup because it makes going fast super easy. On top of that, Audi RS5 includes high tech and features that we look at in a car in modern times.

It is true that many cars of the different manufacturing companies are very close to this car. Practically, it feels good with design, performance, and safety cautions.

Audi adopts different techniques to make this car quieter and calmer. Living with this car is like living the dream in real life. Everything I’ve discussed in RS5 makes particular sense why we should have one in 2021.

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