Chikezie Oguamanam

Chikezie manages social media handles by day and reads long novels by night. His affinity for early stage startups has led him to offer his services to a few of them for way less than he should.
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Japanese Tech Giant Eyes Global Expansion with the Little Guys

By Chikezie Oguamanam

It is said that when you are down, the only way to go is up. Conversely, when you are at

Startups to Watch Out for at CES 2018

By Chikezie Oguamanam

The year has barely begun, and opportunities for startups to showcase their edge are already pouring in. The Consumer Electronics

Hiring Tips for Startups

By Chikezie Oguamanam

Every business, regardless of its size and structure, relies on its people to deliver positive results to the bottom line.

Strapped for Cash? Kpolom is Giving it Back this Christmas

By Chikezie Oguamanam

It's Christmas again, and everyone is out getting gifts for friends and family. For many people around the world, the

A Silver Lining in the Cloud for African Startups

By Chikezie Oguamanam

Access to markets has always been a major barrier for entry-level technology startups. It's little wonder that many startups have