Barry B Benson: Lead Character of The “Bee Movie”

By Marjia Ahmed 8 Min Read

Yesterday, I watched the Bee Movie only to know more about the character Barry B Benson. Barry makes me laugh all the time and pushes me to think from the beginning.

In 2007, this most popular animated movie was released and everyone knew about Barry. This movie is not only the most influential film of all time, but the character of a bee named Barry B Benson also shows us lots of facts about our real world.

That’s why we were very much interested to know about him. For the sake of the story, Barry was perfectly placed but there are lots of true and inaccurate facts.

We tried to discuss it from the starting point of view. Keep reading, you’ll understand more interesting facts.

Who is Barry B Benson?

Do you remember “Bee Movie” that was released in 2007? The main plot of this movie was showing the life of a bee.  In this movie, we found lots of lovely characters and Barry B Benson is one of them.

In this movie, we saw Barry as an ordinary bee. He lives in Sheep Meadow, Central Park, New York City. Barry was the leading character of this movie.

Jerry Seinfeld is the person who voiced this character. Barry got a funny outfit like shoes that resemble converse shoes, turtleneck water. He can even surf as well. Isn’t it lovely to see him do such a thing in this film?

Picture: Barry B Benson
Picture: Barry B Benson

What About the Bee Movie?

Every year we get a chance to watch lots of animated movies. In 2007, one movie ruled the world for a while and that was “Bee Movie”. This is an American computer-animated comedy film.

The producer of this film is DreamWorks Animation. The story began with a bee named Barry who was a honey bee.

He was trying to sue the human race. The intention was made at that time when Barry knew that humans sell and consume their honey.

Picture: Bee Movie poster
Picture: Bee Movie poster

Character Details of Barry B. Benson:

Before we talk about Barry in detail, you should know about some little but important facts. Let’s have a glance at them.

Full NameBartholomew Bailey Benson
AliasBarry B. Benson, Bee Boy
OriginBee Movie
OccupationPollen Jock, Co-Owner of Vanessa and Barry: Flowers, Honey, and Legal Advice
Powers/SkillsHigh Intelligence, Telekinesis, Flight, Enhanced Speed, Highly Skilled Combat, Enhanced Strength, Caring skills (Briefly), Master Skilled Pollen Jock Gun, Psionics, Bat Attacks
HobbyHanging out with his team and Team Ratchet.
GoalsTo figure out who is stealing the bees’ honey (Succeeded).   Stop the humans from using the bees’ honey (Formerly; briefly succeeded).   To reverse his actions and save the flowers from becoming extinct (Succeeded).
FamilyJanet Benson (Mother) Marvin Benson (Father) Unnamed uncle Various cousins
Friends/ AlliesAdam Flayman Vanessa Bloome Moose Blood Pollen Jocks The other bees
EnemiesLayton T. Montgomery (Formerly)   Ken Honey companies (Formerly)
Type of HeroAnimal

Who Voiced Barry B. Benson?

Bee Movie released in different countries at a time. That’s why the director needed to replace all the voice artists based on the audience of the region and country. For Barry, different people voiced. Here is the list of them.

  • Jerry Seinfeld (United States of America)
  • Ichirota Miyakawa (Japan)
  • Bastian Pastewka (Germany)
  • Guilherme Briggs (Brazil, Portugal)
  • Fabrizio Vidale (Italy)
  • Alain Zouvi (Canada)
  • Gad Elmaleh (France)
Picture: Jerry Seinfeld
Picture: Jerry Seinfeld

What About Barry’s Appearance?

Barry is not only funny but a clever character. Even his appearance is also influencing. Like a honey bee, we found Barry with yellow and black stripes.

He also has black hair and blue eyes. All the time, Barry wears a pair of shoes and a yellow sweater. The sweater is also covered with black stripes. More details are given below.

What About Barry’s Personality?

Based on character definition, Barry B Benson has more curiosity than the other bee. In the outside world, he is very much interested in exploring the world and he does. Yes, he can see everything outside the world.

Berry B. Benson Ruined Earth’s Eco EcoSystem! Is it true?

In the movie, Berry did lots of hilarious stuff. Because of his childish activities, he did something terrific that almost ruined the Earth’s Ecosystem.


The movie starts with Barry. He only goes three days of grade school and three days in high school. After graduating from grade and high school, he did come back to the cave with a different personality. Now he knows lots of unknown things.

The Court Case

In the movie, as you see following the court case, there was a restriction on honey production. After stopping the honey production, no honey went to the market.

Even no bee was producing honey for them because they have enough stock. As a result, Pollen Jocks start spreading pollen. That’s why flowers and other types of flora started to suffer and plants wilt.

This is the reason, the earth’s ecosystem starts to ruin. After a few moments, Barry and Vanessa realized what they did. It’s a massive mistake for everyone.

Picture: Bee is an important part of our earth's ecosystem
Picture: Bee is an important part of our earth’s ecosystem

Saving The Planets

After the realization, Barry and Vanessa look for the nearest supply of flowers. For that, they fly to the parade and steal flowers from there. They need to fly back to New York and in the middle of the journey, one jet stops working.

At that time, Barry found that all the bees from other hives were still holding up the plane. But at the end of the day, Barry successfully retrieved the flowers.


To sum up, we can deny all the facts from Bee Movie. But we always wanted to watch an almost accurate movie. In this movie, Barry B Benson draws our attention all the time.

However, we consider this movie as well as the lead character Barry makes us laugh and think about our real-world ecosystem for a while. Barry also informed us that mankind should protect nature.

Also, we’ve got an idea about the bee’s daily activities and how to control their chain of command. It will inspire a new generation for a long time and Barry should be in the center of this inspiration.

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