Green Ranger: He Is Back In The New Power Ranger Series

By Marjia Ahmed 8 Min Read

Since our childhood, we always dreamed of being a power ranger, especially watching the green ranger. In power ranger, there are different power rangers but the Green one draws everyone’s attention.

Most fans don’t know that Green power ranger is played by several characters.  Despite being the sixth member of the team he was the core ranger all the time.  He is a serious powerhouse character.

He is wild with his action along with some special gear and power. It’s not easy to come to a simple conclusion about this iconic ranger.

We need to discuss more details about him and how he gets into the new upcoming series Power Ranger once again.

Picture: Green Ranger
Picture: Green Ranger

Who is the Green Ranger?

Most of us know about Power Rangers. It is a live-action drama made for television and the Targeted audience was the people of the USA. But it got popular all over the world.

In this drama series, we found different types of power rangers and the green ranger is one of them. Before he became one of the mightiest heroes, he was under the control of Rita Repulsa. The green one stands alongside the power ranger group after getting freed from Rita’s spell.

Green Ranger: What Happens to the Original One?

Undoubtedly, nineties kids won’t forget the Power Ranger series. This action drama series had a phenomenal cultural impact. Yes, there are lots of cool rangers.

From the leap to action everywhere these ranger rules, especially green ones. In this case, the green power ranger makes us wonder. The actor who played the role of the green power ranger is Jason David Frank.

He is not only an on-screen artist but also a real-life martial artist.  On the other hand, everyone will remember Tommy as a green ranger as well.

From the beginning, he never stopped to impress us. Especially overcoming the deadliest spells of Rita Repulsa. It was obvious that Tommy will upgrade as a ranger.

In the Power Ranger series, his story was continued until 2010. After the death of the real-life adventures actor, who played the role of Tommy, the story stopped for a while. As the best green power ranger, Tommy will be in our hearts for a long time.

Picture: Jason David Frank
Picture: Jason David Frank

New Power Ranger Series: The Green One Is Back!

The fans of Power Ranger Know, The new Series will hit the TV screen again! Yes, we are going to see again all these rangers fight against the dark and the devil.

This time, the new series will come with a new name called Mighty Morphine. Great News is the director bringing back our beloved green power ranger as well.

As time goes on, the power ranger team is getting stronger and entering an era of Unlimited Power. As follows their power range, the story is getting deeper and darker.

Power Rangers are responsible for bringing everything to the light again. The director and scriptwriter are forwarded with Power Ranger Saga carefully. Because they know how much affection people have with this live-action drama series.

So, they want to make a BOOM!. They want to still hold the popularity as the very first one did. It’s a move to get into the next level of entertainment. The story will remain original as we found in the new comic simply titled “Mighty Morphin”.

In 2020 this comic was released and had a new twist. This time we have a chance to see all the new green power rangers.

Picture: Power Ranger - Mighty Morphin
Picture: Power Ranger – Mighty Morphin

What Facts You Don’t Know About Green Ranger?

As we know, like a Power Ranger, the Green one is the most iconic character from the very first series of Power Ranger. Here are some interesting facts you might need to know about this ranger. Read below to know all of these facts.

The Future of the Green Ranger

Do you know about the upcoming movie Power Ranger? What is your speculation for that? As the internet is providing us, there is a chance of seeing green one cropping up at some point. In the first promotional image, we’re getting such hints.

As we saw the outfit of his suit, it is part of the original MMPR team. This ranger is the key who established the sixth ranger trend. Because of the role, he also becomes the most popular ranger over other rangers.

Still, everyone is hoping that David will give us some momentous occasion. Its true different storylines can be taken to make the green power ranger more deviant with extraordinary skill.

The Former Green Ranger

No doubt, Rita Repulsa will be another point of attraction in the upcoming Power Ranger movie. This time she will be more creepy, weird, and cruel. Fan says she will be the second Johnny Depp!

It’s going to be more interesting when she collaborates with the Green one. Because of the complicated history of Rita Repulsa, the overall story of Power Ranger is influential.

Even in the teaser of the movie, we found lots of similarities of her suit with the power ranger team. It’s not just a coincidence. Once, she was also treated as a Power Ranger but something went wrong.

At the end of the day, she becomes the greatest enemy of the Power Ranger Team. But the color of the suit can make her the previous Green Ranger! Yes, there is a strong connection between green power and Rita Repulsa.

As you see, she has the Green Power Coin! We know there is some specific reason to hold this coin but Rita never reveals the reason to anyone.

In the future, maybe we’ll know the reason. In the movie, the director will explain lots of secrets about her related to green power and the Green Power Ranger.

Picture: Rita Repulsa in Power Ranger
Picture: Rita Repulsa in Power Ranger


Power Rangers make our childhood more memorable and we always dream to be a superhero as we saw in this live-action TV series. Only a few rangers of this series make us think like that and the Green Power Ranger is one of them.

This long live Ranger, especially Tommy Oliver, starts a humble beginning with the green suit. At first, it was an ultra-low-budget TV series but the popularity drove it to a new era.

From dinosaurs, ninjas, samurai, Kung-Fu masters, power, and many more is here in this series. But Green Ranger will make everything different and draw all the attention of this series.

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