Beast Titan: The Strongest Titan In Attack on Titan Series

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Let me guess, you overcome the jaw drop situation when you first meet Beast Titan in Attack on Titan. This Titan first appeared in season 2 of this anime series. From that moment, fans are shocked whenever the slightly larger Titan appears in an episode.

As a fan we know about all other Titans but how much do we know about this specific one? Beast Titan is one of the Nine Titans and it’s slightly larger in size than other titans and has an ape-like appearance that is also covered with fur.

This Titan hit the screen in the first episode of the second season of Attack on Titans. To know more about it, let’s jump into the deep.

Picture: Attack on Titan
Picture: Attack on Titan

What is The Beast Titan?

In Attack on Titans, we saw many Titans but few of them are exceptionally powerful and strong. Beast Titan is one of them.

This Titan is not a fixed character in this cartoon series or is not actually a Titan. Because we saw Eren’s half-half-brother named Zeke Yeager can actually turn into this Titan form.

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As you see in the series, Zeke’s dad married a woman named Dina Fritz, who actually comes from Titan’s royal bloodline. She refused to be a Titan and left home.

What is the Actual Identity of Beast Titan?

After the Death of Ymir Fritz, Titan (Beast form) belonged to the Eldian people. This Titan is one of the Nine Titans and it was inherited by Tom Ksaver.

After the great Titan War, Tom Ksaver inherited this Titan. Now the Titan is passed on to Zeke and it’s been almost 13 years of this process.

As you see in the series, Zeke was normal as other children and Tom is a father figure in his life. In the meantime, Zeke creates a secret plan to save Eldians.

Beast Titan: The Strongest Titan In Attack on Titan Series
Picture: Beast Titan

Is Zeke the First Beast Titan in This Series?

No, Zeke is not the first Best Titan because this trend of being a Titan like this one is passed down from one generation to the next. As you see, the soul of the Ymir Fritz (First Titan) was split into nine parts after the death of Ymir Fritz.

As a result, all these parts made up the nine different kinds of Titan. So, the First Titan (Beast form) was that person who inherited the ability.

Picture: Zeke Yeager
Picture: Zeke Yeager

What Is the Power of A Beast Titan?

Like the other nine Titans, Beast form also has some power that is also threatening. In this different appearance, this Titan can do lots of things because of its many animalistic features. It can access many abilities and some of them are explained below.

Allows for accurate throwing

Throwing skill is considered one of the best combat skills of this Titan. In season 3, episode 53, we saw how Zeke (Titan form) uses his ape-like arms to throw things. With this ability, he smashed almost everything on target.

Skin hardening

This is also another common ability that the other nine Titans have. So what is actually it? It hardens one’s skin by growing a crystalline material to fit.

In Episode no. 54 of Season 3, Zeke shows this ability and it was used to protect himself from Levi’s attacks not from hurting anyone. This hardened crystal is much harder than swords but can still be penetrated by the thunder pears (Eldia’s thunder spears).

Controlling other Titans

After turning into the beast form, this Titan can control other Titans, and Zeke frequently uses this power. He uses his control over lesser Titans by giving them commands verbally.

Obviously, most of the Titans follow this order. Sometimes, we found this ability has limitations because the founding Titan also has the same ability to give such commands.

Capable of creating Titans

This titan is powerful enough to do something unique. Yes, Beast-formed Titan has the ability to transform normal people into Titans. Such a Titan is used to make an obstacle for Zeke’s opposition.

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With the use of a simple scream Titan (Beast form) can turn multiple people into Titan at once and command them as leaders of the army of the created Titan.

What Happens Next with Beast Titan?

There are lots of questions in the minds of Fans about Beast Titan. They want to know what will happen next.

As we know, some will regroup like Reiner, Berthold, and Yamir. They will come with some new capacity. Maybe this one will be the new principal villain in Attack on Titan.

Things You Don’t About Beast Titan in Attack on Titan:

We are going to unpack some hidden facts about this titan. Maybe you didn’t even notice these things. Because of the vast storyline, it’s hard to notice in this series. So, we picked some major facts for you, and here it is.

  • This Titan can speak and it tried to have a conversation with Mike.
  • Beast Titan was one of those Seven Titans taken under Marley’s control.
  • After the loss of his wife and son, Tom inherited this Titan for a long time.
  • Zeke is a successor to Tom because he can take over the Titan (Beast form)
  • To save Zeke’s Life, Tom betrayed his parents.
  • Zeke and Tom realized Transformed Titan (Beast) is the way to save the world.
  • Levi turned into one of the biggest enemies in the battle at Shiganshina.
Beast Titan: The Strongest Titan In Attack on Titan Series
Picture: Tom Ksaver


Undoubtedly, Beast Titan is one of the main attraction points in the Attack on Titan anime series. We get thrilled every time a beast-formed Titan appears.

There are nine Titan forms that humans can possess. All the time, we love the moment when people start to turn into Titan.

On top of that, all the powers make this Titan best from others. We love to see this one in battle and the way it fights to save the world from villains.

Despite having many animalistic features, we fall in love with this specific form of the Titans, especially when Zeke turns into this form.

We hope there are chances to discover more hidden powers and abilities of this Titan in the upcoming season of Attack on Titans.

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