Best Blue Wallpapers For Your Computer You Can Download For Free:

By Marjia Ahmed 8 Min Read

Wallpaper for PC or Laptop is always themed with specific colors and blue wallpaper is best among them. Have you ever noticed blue themed wallpaper can keep your mind and eyes calm?

So what is blue wallpaper actually? Blue wallpaper is not a specific wallpaper you can find online as your PC wallpaper but all these wallpapers themed with blue color.

All these wallpapers are made or captured by professionals but it’s not easy to get all these wallpapers online at once. We’ve come to show you the way to download them for free.

Picture: Desktop Screen
Picture: Desktop Screen

What Is Blue Wallpaper?

Don’t get confused with the concept of blue wallpaper because blue isn’t a basic color. There are tons of wallpaper available online that is blue and has a bluish effect.

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Many Desktop and laptop users love this color because it suits them best as wallpaper. If you notice blue wallpaper online, then you will discover that all the manners of these wallpapers are decorated with gorgeous blue backgrounds.

That’s why we found most of the wallpaper that is available to download for free is blue.

Picture: Blue Wallpaper
Picture: Blue Wallpaper

Which Are The Best Websites To Download PC Wallpaper?

The good news is, online is full of options that allow us to download wallpapers even the blue for PC. Sometimes we get tired of choosing which site offers the best wallpaper.

Don’t worry, we’ve made a list of the best sites that offer wallpaper to download for free, and here it is.

  • Desktop Nexus
  • Wallbase
  • InterfaceLIFT
  • DeviantART
  • Webshots
  • Digital Blasphemy
  • The Paper Wall
  • Simple Desktops
  • Shorpy
  • Wallpapers Wide
  • GoodFon.Com
  • Fonditos
  • Magentic
  • WallpaperStock
  • Cellsea

Desktop Nexus

There are few communities available that work for the PC wallpaper and Desktop Nexus is one of them. All the members of this community can download high-quality wallpapers and can even give a review or opinion on specific wallpaper. Isn’t it cool?

This community also allowed the member to communicate with artists or photographers of wallpapers. You can easily search your wallpaper based on the different categories.

It also gives the option to crop the wallpaper automatically based on your PC’s screen resolution, resize, stretch, and remastered. That’s how to get the best-fitted wallpaper from Desktop Nexus.

Another master blaster website that offers tons of free wallpapers. You can easily find the wallpaper using the search option and can give a rating and comment on the wallpaper.

All the wallpapers of this site are segregated by categories. If you know which category your searched wallpaper belongs to, then it will be easier to find them and download them with a few clicks.

Picture: Home page of
Picture: Home page of

The Paper Wall

When you need to download wallpaper for different resolutions, then ‘The Paper Wall’ is the best site to do that. All the wallpapers are categorized by different themes.

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If you love to browse the wallpapers randomly, then its home page is waiting for you because there are tons of wallpaper that are popular and added recently.

Dream-wallpaper offers a different way to download wallpaper for the user. They offer free but easy-to-use software. Using this software, you can get more than 80000 wallpapers. All these wallpapers are stored in their server based on the different categories.

You just need to choose the right category to download it. Dream-Wallpaper offers both widescreen wallpaper and regular screen wallpaper.

Wallpapers Wide

Wallpaper Wide is another popular but rich website for PC Wallpaper. It offers tons of wallpaper of different categories as well as resolution. Even it allows the user to submit wallpaper for free.

With the help of artificial intelligence, this website can detect the current screen size, aspect ratio, and resolution of your computer screen. So, to get the best fit, this is the best website.

How To Change Your PC Wallpaper?

Downloading the wallpaper is not the last thing to change or use a blue wallpaper on your PC. There are some steps yet to follow but what are they and how can you do it? Let’s find the solution.

The most common way to change the wallpaper, you just need to right-click on the wallpaper that will open different options. Then click on the option called ‘Set as background”. But you can use the wallpaper for the lock screen as well.

Picture: Blue is also the color of nature
Picture: Blue is also the color of nature

For different operating systems of the PC, setting a downloaded wallpaper can be different.

For Windows XP

  • Look for the empty area of your desktop screen and right-click on it.
  • After getting the option, choose “Properties”.
  • Now select the “Desktop” Tab and select the image as you want.
  • You can also choose the image you have already downloaded from the “Downloads” folder.

For Windows 7

  • Right-click on the empty area of the desktop and get a context menu.
  • Now select the “Personalization” option and click on “Desktop Background”.
  • To select the image, click on the “Browse” button and choose the wallpaper you want to use as a desktop background.
  • After choosing the wallpaper, click “Ok”.
Best Blue Wallpapers For Your Computer You Can Download For Free:
Picture: Windows 7

For Windows 10

  • From the context menu, select the “Personalization” option.
  • It will open a new window and follow this path Setting>Personalization>Background.
  • Now select the background or browse the folder where you already downloaded the wallpaper that you want to use.

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Maybe we are not that concerned about the PC wallpaper but there are thousands of people who love wallpapers. We can say for sure, people love colors and blue is one of their top favorite colors.

Understanding the love for the color, online become the storehouse of Blue Wallpaper especially for PC. Wallpaper of such colors makes the look much better of desktop or laptop screens.

It gives a positive vibe and refreshes the mind for a while. Most of the websites for wallpapers offer wallpaper but only a few offer free download options.

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