11 Hilarious Hamster Memes You Have To See (If You Like Hamsters)

By Marjia Ahmed 8 Min Read

11 Hilarious Hamster Memes You Have To See (If You Like Hamsters)

We stop scrolling after watching memes and Hamster Memes is one of these. As you know, Memes are always best to make us laugh and these memes do more than that. Undoubtedly, it puts more color on the quotes or expressions.

So, what hamster meme actually is? It is actually a screaming hamster with a funny facial expression that is treated as the darnedest thing as well and used with some quotes and messages.

Do you know that there are lots of truths hiding behind this popular meme and what it is? We have more details needed to share with you about this meme in this review.

Picture: Hamster
Picture: Hamster

What Is a Hamster Meme?

People can do different facial expressions. Animals also do the same thing but it’s hard to capture their movement as well as the expression.

Someone did this thing with a Hamster. Oh, it’s a scared hamster that is screaming. This screaming was so hilarious because of the twitching and tooth blank facial expression. This short video clip goes viral on the internet.

Now people make gifs or still images of this video and use it as a meme. That’s how the Hamster meme was born and got huge popularity over time.

What’s the Deal With Hamster Memes?

To show the attaching humor, disgust, fear, or surprise with some message, people use three different types of memes of Hamster, and here it is.

  • Positivity Hamster
  • Scared Hamster
  • FaceTime Hamster

Positivity Hamster

In this meme, we saw a hamster and it looked like it was giving you the peace sign.

Scared Hamster

We found a hamster that is not only scared but also screaming.

FaceTime Hamster

In this meme, we saw how we can communicate with a hamster and make a relation with it.

Picture: Scared Hamster
Picture: Scared Hamster

This is not the end of using this meme. There is full freedom to make them more funny and hilarious. Yes, you can make your own hamster memes. For that, you just need to find out the platform where users are allowed to make their own memes.

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What is The Origin of Memes (Hamsters?)

The screamed hamster video we saw on the internet was a random captured video by its owner. This pet wasn’t ready to do that either. The owner captured it during routine feeding.

On top of that, the owner also said that this hamster always screams for joy and it happens all the time when the food is changed for this hamster.

It was his daily routine but the owner decided to share this expression with everyone. He posted the video on Twitter.

After the post, people loved it very much and retweeted it more than two thousand times. Hundreds and thousands of followers grow in a few days.

What Is the Meaning?

After getting popularity, the caretaker understood the love for his hamster by thousands of people. It’s not only funny but cute as well.

After a while, people take a screenshot of this video and add different funny messages and quotes. People became more inventive about it and it was a great response.

Funny Hamster Memes:

Now there are hundreds of hamster memes but it’s not possible to collect them at once. We’ve tried to give you our best shot for this and look what we found?

  1. Hello? Tech Support? (Why is my mouse not working?)
  2. Animal crossing of course! (hamster on the ds. What will he play?)
  3. Gonna go Cruise around the city. Don’t wait up (I’ve been saving money forever for a dream car and this hamster already got this.)
  4. Maybe wait until we’re done with breakfast (So I was tryna give my hamster a photoshoot and his food fell out of his cheeks….)
  5. When you come back is great, but five hours too late (Me during an argument vs. me thinking about the argument in the shower)
  6. Why does the muffin look like a hamster though?
  7. Whenever you need him, a peace sign hamster is there.
  8. A life-size hamster ball is one way to get through Gestures at everything
  9. Better thermometer than coconut oil.
  10. No one goes outside until I get snacks (You shall not pass!)
  11. Do the potato one! (My friend put a Snapchat filter on her Hamster)
11 Hilarious Hamster Memes You Have To See (If You Like Hamsters)
Picture: People takes pictures of hamster for the meme

What Is Hamster with a Peace Sign?

Because of the meme, we found how a hamster can express different facial expressions. Now it’s time to talk about another sign and that is a peace sign. This is one of the most unique pieces of the meme.

This is a happy hamster and shows that the situation is very much comfortable and at peace with everything that’s around them.

Besides the scared and defensive hamster meme, this meme got popular and people are using it as png. Eps, ai or PSD, Jpeg format.

Picture: Hamster with the peace sign
Picture: Hamster with the peace sign

The Sad but True Story Behind the Scared hamster Meme:

Now you know the origin of the meme that you found related to hamsters.  How much could we possibly think about the expression of an animal like a hamster?

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Based on their expression many memes are there but Hamster memes are undoubtedly best. It looks like it’s recoiling in fear.

Not only that, but it also seems to be leaning back into the corner of the cage and showing a scared expression. Oh yeah, this is the moment the keeper got his photo and it became a meme.


Most of the time, people use hamster memes, but they don’t know where these things come from. In this review, we revealed some top-secret details that you might didn’t know yet.

It’s true, this meme helps us to understand the message that is attached to it and makes us laugh all the time.

After understanding the story of this meme, you might use it in different ways. This meme doesn’t have any boundaries. So, you can use it in many ways.

Maybe it’s time to be innovative to use this meme once again with some funny but meaningful comments.

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