Are There Two Black Captain Americas in The Marvel Series?

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As a Marvel Fan, everyone should know about black captain America. Yes, we are talking about a hero of the MCU. MCU always offers us to enjoy the adventure with their created character. A major portion of its credit goes to Stan Lee. This man knew how to engage the reader of Marvel Comics. Few heroes got a spotlight that is more entertaining for us. Among them, one is Captain America.

Do we know all about this hero? MCU introduced us to Black Captain America. Isaiah Bradley was the first version of Black Captain America. Most of the fans of MCU know this fact. But Marvel is planning to bring two black Captain America. Let me tell you more details about it.

Two Black Captain Americas In The MCU

We already saw the end of the journey of Steve Roger as Captain America in Avengers: Endgame. From this plot, Sam Wilson is ready to take the charge for next Captain America. To continue this legendary legacy, MCU comes with multiple characters. This step ensures the fans to see the action of Captain America for the next few years.

The great news is MCU is also planning to make us more excited by bringing a diverse range of Captain America. This is not the story of several heroes of the same alias. All these characters will be part of the extended cap family. We’ll get the chance to see two black Cap-related characters.

We certainly say that one of these will be the aforementioned Falcon. Anthony Mackie has cleared their plans on this character. Despite having the shield he still calls himself the Falcon.

sam wilson anthony mackie captain america shield- black captain america

Picture: Chris Evans & Sam Wilson

Black Captain America Could Fit Into The MCU

Sam Wilson Is The  black captain america
black captain america

Picture: Sam Wilson Is The New Captain America

All we know is that another legendary character Falcon & Winter Soldier is about to introduce First Black Captain America. But the question is how could he be integrated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Soon or later Marvel’s Falcon & Winter Soldier will be on air. This series of MCU will reportedly introduce the first Black Captain America.

Most of us don’t know how Isaiah Bradley fits the history of the MCU. After a successful triumphant close, Steve Roger passes his shield to Sam Wilson. According to the comics, he is going to play this role for a while. But the journey of the future is more complex.

To become Captain America, Flacon will learn about all the secrets about the Super-soldier program of the US Government. But he will refuse to use this shield and start to learn about Isaiah Bradley, who was the first black Captain America.

Carl Lumbly Possibly As Another Black Captain America

Black Captain America is the Carl Lumbly

Picture: Carl Lumbly

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is the first live-action series of Disney+. We are going to see the new Captain America on screen soon. Sam Wilson is the person who is taking the charge. From the current Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline, the legacy of Steve Roger closes his chapter as an old man. Anthony Mackie takes responsibility.

There is a rumor which is strong enough about black captain America. Carl Lumbly will play the role of Captain America. So, Anthony Mackie is not the only one who is playing this character. In the upcoming shows, Carl Lumbly is going to play the character named Isaiah Bradley. This will be a contemporary character in the timeline of Marvels and this series.

This character became a legend in his own right who was also an experimental one. It’s just only a matter of time to join Car Lumbly with the cast of the series. We are not sure about it, because the first season is filming Atlanta right now.

Introducing Original Black Captain America

We will get a clear vision of Captain America in Marvel’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series. The information we know about the Black captain America is, Sam Wilson has inherited Steve Rogers’s Shield. But there is more surprise waiting for the fans of Marvel about this. This theme of Captain America is going to another deeper level.

There are more characters who have joined the cast of this series. But, we don’t know about the new cast and their role. It is totally unidentified. There are lots of rumors about all these characters. Maybe we will be able to see Isaiah Bradley. In the Marvel world, he is the first black super-soldier as Captain America.

Isaiah Bradley first introduced in 2003 in Truth: Red, White, and Black limited series. He was subjected to the secret program. It’s about recreating once again the super-soldier serum for super-soldier. This serum applied to Steve Rogers.

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Chris Evans Will Return If the Two Captain Americas Theory Is True

Are There Two Black Captain Americas in The Marvel Series?

Picture: Chris Evans as Captain America

All we know about Steve Roger, who lives a fulfilling life with Peggy carter. But Marvel has the chance to recreate this character as an alternative version. Throughout history, we saw Steve Roger travel back in time.

It is the opportunity to recreate this character because he doesn’t erase the version we’ve seen. People probably are going to see alternate adventures of Captain America, where they’re going to have two Captain Americas existing at once in the MCU.

Anthony Mackie Became Emotional Playing Captain America As Black Man

All we know is Anthony Mackie playing a role in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Recently he has expressed his thoughts on the new role of Captain America. He said, “You know what, to be honest, it’s very emotional.”


If you are a fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe then you already are a fan of Captain America. But MCU said that the concept of Black Captain America is great, but it’s a daunting task. It’s appreciated by the fans that MCU is bringing a black man as captain America. Captain America is not a face that represents a country.

All the fans of the MCU become open-minded. So, the fan will accept the differences in the feel, distinct look, and design of an American. This is not a hero, but an emotion for everyone. It represents everyone, not a specific group of people. As proof, we are going to see black Captain America soon.

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