The Ultimate Throwdown – Hulu vs. Netflix (Which is Better?)

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Hulu vs Netflix? Picking the best one can be a terrifying decision for you. To identify the winner of the TV streaming service, we should know all about them. Nowadays, the TV streaming market is getting competitive. Every platform comes to us with their different types of services and facilities. So, it’s hard to come to a conclusion and what is exactly the best streaming site for you.

It can be justified by the user’s taste, need, and budget. Every platform has their different shows and films. There are lots of things you should know before you choose one between Netflix or Hulu. Signing up is not the solution to give it a crown. We have got everything in this article you need to know. Let’s make a choice and spend money on better service.

Hulu vs. Netflix – The War of Entertainment

A depth review of Hulu vs Netflix makes the way easy to pick the best streaming site. Giving your valuable vote can be a stressful job. Deciding which streaming service is best for you is not that easy. Your budget, your taste, and your needs will influence you to pick the best one.

Most of them come with their original, dramas, movies, TV shows, and other non-video related benefits. Hulu and Netflix both have enough offers in their box for you. To get the best fit without breaking your budget, get all the information you need.

Netflix vs Hulu
Picture: Netflix Vs. Hulu

About NetFlix

Comcast will start bundling Netflix into its cable subscriptions ...
Picture: Netflix

This TV streaming service started its journey in 1997 by DVD-mail service. In 2007 they came again with streaming content and got into the business. Right now they have almost 182 million members worldwide. They were known to watch movies. But those days are gone. They are offering original TV programming, shows, and movies as well.

About Hulu

The Ultimate Throwdown - Hulu vs. Netflix (Which is Better?)
Picture: Hulu

There are lots of reasons that make Hulu the best competitor of Netflix. If we go deep of the Hulu vs Netflix, Hulu is a similar beast that comes with lots of Movies and TV shows than other networks. In 2008, it revealed its service to us. Their US-based service couldn’t limit the popularity. Along with the 28 million subscribers, they are growing double and faster than before. In 2017 they made a major decision to offer live TV service.

Hulu opens the way to watch Live TV without paying for basic cable. Most people love Hulu because of it. How do you pick one between Hulu and Netflix? We tried to make some differences in their service in several categories. Let’s have a glance over them.

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Once upon a time without getting a subscription account, Hulu offers a trial version. This version came with limited shows and advertising. This price is flat for everyone. For the subscribers, they charge $5.99 per month. The bad side is, they still show commercials that are irritating for everyone.

If you don’t want to see all those commercials then pay $11.99 per month. It offers every user to create up to six different profiles. It allows running on two or three devices at a time. You can hold your account for 12 weeks if you are out of reach

Netflix plans
Picture: Netflix Plan Breakdown

On the other hand, Netflix came up with a few complications. Users need to pay $8.99 per month for the standard definition (SD). For the high definition, you have to pay $12.99 a month. Netflix knows HD becomes a necessity for most of the TV and computers. It becomes the key to their HD part. For the premium account, the user needs to pay $15.99.

Content Selection

hulu vs netflix
Picture: Content Library of Netflix

Netflix makes its server enriched with its movie catalog. But they are focusing on the TV oriented shows. That’s the reason Netflix decreased its streaming move list. They are offering original content loved by their subscribers. Most of them are the entire season of the television show. Because of the limited episode, the user can watch all of them at once.

Hulu is working with three TV networks that are now controlled by Disney. Despite this situation, Hulu is offering some of its original shows. They make a deal with CW shows. As a result, we can enjoy Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural, etc. it opens the way to watch it the next day after air.

Exclusive and Originals

Right now, Hulu is going through cultural phenomena by their exclusive shows like Seinfeld and South Park. Shut Eye, Future Man, Chance, Casual, The Multi-Emmy-winning, The Handmaid’s Tale considered modestly great original shows of this streaming service. It’s worth subscribing to this streaming channel to watch Castle Rock based on tales by Stephen King. This show became a big hit that doubles its subscriber’s in less than two years.

Netflix Originals
Picture: Netflix Originals

Netflix reintroduced some of the old shows to the new generation. They got 83 hours of Friends. Netflix owned lots of exclusive shows. They are spending millions to enrich their library. But the biggest point of their success is the originals. They are driving it to another level.

In 2018, they budgeted 13 billion dollars only for their original content. They have comedy, best TV shows, movies, documentaries and many more. So, take a breath and start to enjoy it.


Most of the time streaming services try to offer a different flavor through their interface. To see different categories of their content you have to scroll down. After choosing the categories, left to right to see the available option. Users can use the watch list called “My List”.  This option lets the user see the saved movie and shows later.

Netflix My List
Picture: Interface of Netflix

On the other hand, Hulu also has the same interface as other streaming services have. To add shows or movies to my stuff list the user needs to click the plus sign. Their interface matched with all other devices. Both Netflix and Hulu offer 10-second rewind skips back and 10-second skip forward option. It’s a nice option for PC and mobile. Meanwhile, in the run of the interface, Hulu vs Netflix, both of these are flexible

The Ultimate Throwdown - Hulu vs. Netflix (Which is Better?)
Picture: 10 Sec Skip Option In Hulu


Hunting the best TV streaming service is an overwhelming job. If you are looking for the winner of the battle of Hulu vs. Netflix, then Netflix can be your best bet. In many categories, this TV streaming service wins compared with Hulu. Netflix offers a more immersive viewing experience along with 4K resolution and surrounds sound options.

If you are not Netflix subscribers, then you are missing lots of things that Hulu doesn’t offer. Hulu and Netflix are indeed the biggest names on TV streaming service for a reason. They both are enriched with great content. They are here to offer them who are serious about entertainment. So, what do you think? Which one is better?

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