Bully 2: Rockstar Games Leak Gives Bully Fans Hope

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Fans of Bully are begging Rockstar Games to continue the story and want Bully 2 soon. But we are still waiting for some confirmation about it. The fans don’t know what is the exact release date, its setting, upcoming platforms, and plot. They just know it will happen.

Fans of Rockstar Games get a view of some nostalgic history of their student life in Bully. But the developer may have different plans in their mind about the second part of the bully.

On the internet, there are lots of rumors. It’s hard to identify which one is right and which one is not. Because all of them come from unauthentic sources. We researched it and found some interesting facts. Let us share all these with you.

What is Bully 2?

If you are a fan of Rockstar Games, then you may know about the Bully. This is an open-world game released on 17 October 2006. It’s all about putting a stop to Bullying. Following the success of Bully, Rockstar Games announced Bully 2.

Fans are almost sure about the cancellation of the sequel of Bully but every fan is in a dilemma because of some rumors. It was started by Bully scorer Shawn Lee. He is the person who claimed to be working on the soundtrack for the second installment of Bully.

Rockstar Games told us about the sequel but it’s still not an official statement. We believe, at some point, this game is in development because on April 30th, 2021, Rockstar Games renewed the Bully trademark.

Picture: Bully is available for PS5
Picture: Bully is available for PS5

What Are The Rumors About Bully 2?

The first rumor drew our attention in 2009. It happened when the composer of Bully named Shawn Lee told about the Gaming Liberty. He was almost ready to prepare the set for making a soundtrack. He Said, “Yes, it looks like I will be doing the soundtrack for Bully 2 in the not-so-distant future.”

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Because of this quote, every Fan of Bully starts to dream about the second part of Bully. But this was not the end. An Interviewer met with the co-founder of Rockstar Games named “Dan Houser”. The fire was then stocked.

He said that this game is a property of Rockstar Games and gave some hints and said the future is bright for the Bully and has a chance to come back.

Concept Art:

Silence is not good all the time, because sometimes it will make a noise like the Fan of Bully doing. In 2017, fans got hope after knowing about a leaked concept art of Bully sequel. We still believe this concept art is the most accurate, substantial, and believable bit of the Bully sequel.

This leak was widely reported. Fans were waiting for the confirmation of this leak from Rockstar Games but they didn’t comment on it. This concept art was leaked and posted onto Imgur and Twitter by Bully2Info.

In this art, we saw several characters that were found in the previous installment of Bully. All these characters include a typical dork, a veteran survivalist based on Jack Torrance, clowns, goths, moonshine-drinking moms, dodgy-looking tennis players, etc. 

Fans also notice a pocket of rural American Suburbia. Now we know the second installment is going to happen in a new location. This location has led to us another rumor that claims Jimmy is visiting a summer camp after the events of the first game.

What Should Be the Wishlist for Bully 2?

For the second installment of Bully, Fans have some specific expectations. We tried to discuss some of these.

Rich New Setting

In the map of Bully, there are multiple states and sections of town which are interconnected. This map was also designed in the best way that was ambitious. All these sections were open for Jimmy and he was able to explore them.

As we know, Rockstar Games maps are always the best and come with lots of new options and scope. The good side is the entire city is simulated in real-time. The rumor of the second installment also said that the game plot will come with some rural American setting.

Picture: Map
Picture: Map

Learn From Past Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games love to make open-world games. Bully is one of them. Before the announcement of the second installment bully, Rockstar Games released GTA 4, GTA5, LA Noire, Two Red Dead Redemption games. All these open-world games and sequels show the developer what fans want from the sequel.

Rockstar Games are now learning from here and they can implant their experience for Bully 2. To apply the open-world formula, Bully 2 could be the best option for Rockstar Games.

Picture: Bully is an open-world game
Picture: Bully is an open-world game

Add Period-appropriate Factions

As we saw in Bully, the plot for the 90s to early aughts. This time, Rockstar Games has a chance to come closer to the current period. With the new subcultures and factions, Jimmy the main key player could come as a refurbished character or come with multiple new protagonists.

Picture: Bully Gameplay
Picture: Bully Gameplay

Chance To Add Multiple Protagonists

In Bully, only one character drew our most attention and that was Jimmy Hopkins. But considering other facts, plots and situations he is not a typical bully.

It’s true Jimmy is an interesting character in Bully, but there should be more Protagonists. To offer more teenage experience, Rockstar Games must bring some new characters to increase the appeal of the game.

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Many players have a deep love for the Bully. This open-world game became a forgotten title because Rockstar Games taking too much time to release the second installment of Bully.

They have not revealed massive leaks about Bully 2 but we have few clues. All the clues give us hope to see the second installment of Bully soon. RockStar should give some announcements about this installment.

The exciting possibilities give us the hint that this sequel would be returning any time soon. Maybe the game is in development and fans can wait for a while to enjoy this game with more interesting facts.

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