Moon Water: How To Make It And Use It In The Best Way?

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Did you know that you can make moon water from the energy of the moon? We won’t debate about it where some people believe it and some are not. Its true moon has something special that draws our attention all the time.

We bet, after reading this article, you’ll pay more attention to the moon than before. As a traditional thought, the moon has something spiritual that might be good for us. Following the various cycle effects, moons have different importance in our life.

It’s a way to harness moon energy and collect it through the water. People believe this water can eradicate the darkness of their inner soul and clean negative emotions but how? Read on to get the details.

Picture: Moons holds a different energy
Picture: Moons holds a different energy

What is Moon Water?

It’s not clear that moon water is a myth or a fact but people believe in this water. From the name you can easily understand why this water is named in such a way. At first, it was simply water but had time to sit under the light of the moon (Full moon).

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This is the point when water soaks some energy. From the concept, moon water is still unclear to most people. The practice of making this water is not hard at all. It comes from 1880’s bad practices.

As a ritual option, this water is a great addition. Some people do it in the full moon phase and some make it in any moon phase.

Picture: Full moon water
Picture: Full moon water

What Is The Use of Moon Water?

The use of this water depends on what you expect from it. The basic purpose is using the power of the moon for cleansing, intention-setting, and renewing some old facts.

As you know, new moons reflect lots of new things and people want to use this new phase of the moon for opportunities and ambitions. There are four common uses of this water and these are.

  • Healing
  • Manifestation
  • Spiritual rituals
  • As beauty routine

For Healing

In recent years, this water has gained popularity for one specific use and that is for healing power. It’s one kind of wellness elixir. But it is not specified for the particular healing. It can heal you both mentally and emotionally.

Moon possesses energy that enhances different qualities. Acceptance, surrender, and equanimity are best among all these qualities. But there is no scientific evidence about this healing power of the moon.


To aid the manifestation process, this water can be used. This use ultimately guides the user to make the desires into a reality. The energy of the moon also explores the intention that helps you to easily describe your wishes with greater ease.

Some users of this water wrote some quotes about the experience and here are some of them.

  • It releases all the power that is not necessary for them.
  • This water can clean everything that it touches.
  • Healed by the power of the moon.

Still, there are lots of different opinions about the use of this water. Some said that it can increase the visualization practice, boost positivity, etc.


It’s true, the lunar cycle becomes a symbol of some religious tradition. Astrology is one of them. It’s been said that the moon is a hugely influential entity. This entity is the reason for the flow of energy all over the world and we carry all this energy with us.

For spiritual practice, the moon was used from the beginning of mankind. It allows us to supercharge energetically.

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For Beauty Practice

The most common use of this water is beauty practice. Yes, users believe, it can cure your skin of some negative vibe and give the skin an extra glow. Additionally, it clears impurities and enhances youthfulness.

As a part of the beauty routine, it’s used in different ways. Maybe some people use it for historical and spiritual purposes, but recently, beauty healing has become an extra feature. There is no evidence of such a concept of beauty but it doesn’t harm the skin as well. That’s why people give it a try.

How to Collect?

It’s not a hard process to collect this water. Even if it’s easy for you too. Let’s see the process step by step.

  • Take a bottle or Jar that’s made of glass.
  • Fill the bottle or jar with water. It should be better if you use spring or distilled water.
  • Now it’s time to set your ultimate purpose of using the water after absorbing the energy.
  • Keep the bottle out overnight. Do it only when you have the chosen moon phase.
  • After completing the process, seal the bottle.
  • Now you can use it to complete the purpose.

You can also use a piece of paper to write the intention of using this water. After writing, set the paper under the jar. Some said that whispering the intention to the water also works.

Picture: How to create moon water
Picture: How to create moon water

What Is The Best Time To Collect Moon Water?

Not every time you can collect energy for the moon and make this water. The practitioner said that different times of the lunar cycle affect the water differently. Here is the different time we’ve mentioned to collect the water.

  • Full Moon

It’s the perfect time to reap rewards, offer gratitude, harvest intentions, release old baggage and clear energy.

  • Now Moon

This moon is best for intention setting, reflection, and personal growth.

  • Waxing Moon

You can use it for creative work, intention-setting, and inspiration.

  • Waning Moon

This moon is best for collecting water that is used against forgiveness, giving thanks, releasing, grounding, and giving thanks.

  • Blue Moon

You can use the blue moon for goals, aspirations, ambitions, and celebrations.

Picture: Phases of the moon
Picture: Phases of the moon


It doesn’t matter how you use moon water to serve your purpose, it depends on what you believe and what’s not. Undoubtedly, the Moon is full of different but heightened energy.

Some people seek the advantage of using this power and they have water to use as a medium that can hold the power as they believe. Finally, science doesn’t admit such things about this water. There are plenty of studies that show there is no evidence of using the energy of the moon through the water.

It’s all set in your mind. Their faith cures their state, not their energy. Despite this, using this water can give mental satisfaction. That’s why it’s used for different practices.

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