The Best Cars For Students

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Nowadays, a car is not always a luxurious attribute proving one’s wealth. First of all, a personal automobile is a matter of additional comfort. There exist many relatively affordable cars (both new and used) even a student can buy to have the opportunity to order essay writer service and leave for a quick trip to the nearby location. Here below, you’ll find some of the best cars for students to consider.

It’s important to note that the budget of a particular student to spend on a vehicle may vary. That’s why the list does not include business class or “tuned” sports and racing models, as well as top-class cars like Porsche, Lamborghini, or other ones from your childhood dreams. It’s more realistic and common.

Let’s roll!

Mazda 3

Speaking of Japanese manufacturers that are trendy in the US nowadays, one can’t avoid mentioning cars by Mazda. Mazda 3 is a perfect example combining mechanical reliability, good control, driver’s comfort, everything mixed up with a stylish exterior with a small drop of “young” aggression.

cars for students

This model has various engine versions offered. One may consider buying either used or new cars with 1.6 or 2.0 petrol or diesel motors. These have time-tested reliability with a proven lifespan. Mazda 3 can be a hatchback or sedan with both mechanical and automated gearboxes.

Subaru Outback

Another great car model for students is offered by a Japanese company again. It’s a Subaru Outback. Depending on your budget, you can consider getting a used Outback of previous generations or a new and fresh one.

All of them are reliable in any aspect: both mechanics and electronics by Subaru are excellent here. This model is thought to be among the safest vehicles, and it got multiple rewards as a “car of the year” all over the world.  

Honda Civic

Honda Civic was the best choice to start your career in Need for Speed: Underground. Nowadays, when you grew up and can order MBA assignment help and afford a real car instead of a virtual one, it is still among the top models for people on a budget.

Civic was the solution that raised Honda to the category of world-famous car manufacturers. Regardless of its age, Civic is almost always a bang for the buck. It is reliable enough to let you drive through your studentship years with the required comfort, economy, and speed. Just choose your color, buy this car, and enjoy it.

Toyota Corolla

Corolla is a synonym of reliability built by Japanese engineers. The generation, motor, or mileage don’t really matter here. The point is, you buy a Toyota Corolla.

It may not always offer that up-to-date electronics or interior comfort levels, but Corolla will get you where you need regardless of its age. It’s relatively easy and cheap to get and maintain. Any model has a pretty economic engine, available and affordable parts. The key is to check the particular car thoroughly when you buy a used one. The manufacture date or model generation is secondary here.

Ford Focus

It is a car not requiring any broad explanation either. Focus remains among European and world’s bestselling models year after year and generation after generation. Past generation exemplars are absolutely affordable for any student, and any Ford Focus will be a great choice for either males or females.

cars for students

In fact, this model by Ford is a direct response to Mazda 3. They even have interchangeable parts for suspension modules and engines. However, the American vendor will obviously be cheaper to maintain and repair due to the availability of parts.

Volkswagen Golf

It is a legendary German masterpiece that became a synonym of the word “car” for many drivers all over the world. Countless enthusiasts and families don’t even think about trying any other model but Golf. When the time comes, they just buy a newer generation of this Volkswagen legend.

The tradition of reliability and lifespan of Golfs originates from the 2nd generation of the model. The fact that they’re still refreshing and redesigning the original concept is the best proof of public acceptance. They can have both petrol and diesel engines, all ultimately reliable and relatively powerful. Most frequently, students prefer exemplars with 1.6L petrol motors.

Volkswagen Golf received countless rewards as the car of the year in different countries throughout its history. It is also one of the best hatchbacks ever created by human hands.

To Conclude

A good car for an average student doesn’t need to be expensive and “cool”. Generally, a first car should be cheap to buy, reliable enough to function within college years, and affordable to maintain in an emergency.

The six models mentioned above may not be the best cars in terms of comfort and high-end electronics. However, they can serve you well until you graduate and start earning enough funds to afford something more advanced and prestigious.

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