What Is Reverse Research and How Can You Use It?

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Have you ever heard of reverse research? Well, if you have ever tried looking for someone’s information online, but you struggled because you did not have their full name to make the process as simple as possible, this is definitely something that you should know about. Below, we outline what reverse research is, and how you can use it to find someone you are searching for.

What Is Reverse Research?

Reverse research basically involves searching for someone when you don’t have their full name. You might only know their first name, or you might want to know who owns a property, so you only have the address. Additionally, you might only have a phone number.

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Let’s say that you only have someone’s phone number because they called your cell phone. You didn’t pick up because you didn’t recognize the phone number, but you are curious to know who was trying to reach you. Well, you can head online and type in that phone number in Google or whatever search engine you prefer using. Then, you can see what results come up to check if a name matches that phone number.

Various Ways to Perform a Reverse Search to Get More Information

In addition to doing a reverse search using a detail like a phone number, there are other bits of information you can use to get more information on someone. For example, if you have someone’s photo, such as from their social media profile, and you want to gather more information about them to see if they are trustworthy, you can use a reverse image search, such as the one provided by Google. Just submit the image that you have, and see if there are any matches on the internet.

Yet another way to collect information on someone is by using a people search site. You can do this quickly and easily by going to Nuwber because you can type in a person’s phone number or address to get information on them even if you don’t have their name. Submitting these details on this type of database might be just what you need to get someone’s name associated with an address or phone number.

Another tactic would be using social media to your advantage. For instance, let’s say that you only have someone’s email address. Well, typing in that email address into the search box on Facebook or LinkedIn might get you to the person who uses it if they registered their account with it.

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Use Whatever Information You Have!

When it comes to finding people online, use whatever details you already have in an attempt to find additional details that you can piece together. For example, if you head over to Google and type in a person’s first name and occupation, you might be able to find out other information, such as their full name. Then, you can more easily find their contact info so you can connect.

Whether you are searching for someone’s information because you are trying to run a background check on a person you don’t know very well, or you are hoping to find someone from your past, using reverse research strategies can be helpful. So, just because you don’t have a person’s full name doesn’t mean you can’t locate them if you need to.

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