Drift Away with Aromarest’s Smart Sleep Technology

By Brea Llorens 5 Min Read

As a result of the current global political climate, I find myself struggling to sleep at night. Binaural beats, pillow mists, and WikiHow "How to fall asleep" articles make up only a segment of my current arsenal against insomnia. The numerous sleep technologies presented at CES 2018 reassures me that I’m not the only one desperate to find solutions for better sleep. One of these technologies in particular is Aromarest, a beautifully designed smart device that employs a variety of features to provide consumers with a more restful sleep and awake with senses acute.

Employing the latest in sleep science technology, Aromarest boasts a 98 million color LED lampshade, dual diffusers that give off a steady stream of essential oil mist, and Bluetooth speakers at the bottom of the device. In an effort to completely declutter your nightstand, acting CEO Derrin Hill states, they have developed this product as an all-in-one solution that even contains two hidden charging ports. All settings can be adjusted via an iOS and Android compatible mobile application that also tracks your sleeping and waking patterns.

In addition to changing the color and dimness, the lamp may also be set to "insomnia buster" mode. This setting brings about sleep more rapidly by displaying a slowly pulsating red light that research shows will slow breathing and lower heart rates. The insomnia buster seems to place the mind into a meditative state, and I wonder if it could also work as a complementary treatment for panic attacks and anxiety. For those of you who prefer sleeping in the dark don’t worry; the LED light has been designed to exclusively emit wavelengths proven to promote sleep.

Aromarest’s commitment to creating a peaceful atmosphere is seen even in their positioning of the Bluetooth speakers. Sound bounces off the nightstand and evenly disperses in each direction to prevent the device from getting too loud. Using the mobile app, music can either be uploaded from your smartphone or selected from Aromarest’s handcrafted library. Comforting white noise will lull you to sleep while peaceful alarms gently pull you away from your dream world. It’s hard for me to imagine waking up to an alarm I actually like, but with their scientifically-backed methods, Aromarest makes this possible.

They set themselves apart from the competition by focusing on the sleep and waking cycle as a whole. The device not only helps to fall and stay asleep but aims to ease users back into the waking world. When it is time to begin the day, the Aromarest slowly increases its brightness and volume to wake users up naturally. Say goodbye to jolting awake to shrill phone alarms! Reinvigorate your senses further by including an energizing essential oil in one of the diffuser bays alongside a calming oil that only disperses at night.

For anyone who has not had experience with aromatherapy, keep an open mind. Although there is no medical evidence that essential oils can cure illnesses, for thousands of years they have been used to improve physical, mental, and spiritual well being. The oils can be inhaled, applied to the skin, and added to bath water to benefit from their therapeutic properties. And even if it is pure placebo, does that really matter if you actually end up experiencing the desired effect? My best friend had an essential oil diffusor that made walking into her dorm room feel like you had left the campus and teleported to a Zen temple. Essential oils aren’t just for sleep, as I mentioned before. Lavender oil, popularly used for its soothing properties, also helps with digestion, repels pesky bugs, and improves blood circulation. Rosemary oil, known for its invigorating aroma, also fights against harmful bacteria, reduces inflammation, and even aids hair regrowth!

Aromarest, Inc. has pulled out all the stops to create a product that consumers will love. Each morning, the app allows the user to review their experience. If the scent was too strong, the sound was too weak, the light was just right, and the duration too short, Aromarest will adjust its settings to better fit the sleeper’s wants and needs. With a price tag currently set below $200, nothing about this device will leave you lying awake thinking about your bank account.

Photo credit: Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

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