ChefDazzer Connects People with Professional Chefs

By Angel Kristoff 6 Min Read

Planning an event? Yeah, it can be tough. And while finding decorations and entertainment, are still important parts of the event planning process, you know that one thing everyone likes to talk about is the food. Delicious or disgusting food can make or break an event for some guests, and that’s a lot of pressure.

While catering services are typically available, your choices may be limited. Your perfect menu may not be possible and your choice of caterers may be decent at best.

ChefDazzer wants to change that. This Boston-based startup looks to connect event hosts with professional chefs that can help to cater their event.

Bringing People Together

ChefDazzer’s mission is to help chefs and event hosts alike. They believe that nothing can bring people together quite like food can.

ChefDazzer wants to provide opportunities for chefs and to give them an “alternative channel to generate income and benefit from a higher degree of career flexibility.” Chefs that want to expand their opportunities and safely market their services can use the app and reach clients they might have never reached before.

Event hosts might have limited options when it comes to typical catering services, but thanks to ChefDazzer, they have more choices. They can easily contact well-trained and vetted professional chefs to make sure their event’s food is bound to be a hit.

Getting Started

The ChefDazzer app is free to download from the App Store. Because ChefDazzer is based in Boston, it mainly serves areas in and around Boston and Massachusetts. It is possible to hire a chef outside of these areas if you find one who is willing to travel for an event. If a chef is expected to travel, however, the price you pay will increase, in order to cover travel expenses.

Once the app is downloaded, create an account and provide a description of your event. This will include things like location, number of expected guests, and any dietary requirements or preferences.

Unfortunately, while Chefs can provide recommendations for the best types of alcohol to drink alongside their dishes, they cannot provide alcohol for clients. This is just something to keep in mind because if you still want alcohol, other arrangements will need to be made outside of the app.

Finding the Right Chef

On the app, you can look at chefs’ profiles and view the menus they have available. Customized menus are possible, but the decision to make one or not is up to the chef. It’s possible to contact a chef directly through their profile in the app, in order to discuss options for customizing menus. Once you find the chef that you want to cater your event, you can send a request to the app.

A concierge can also help you find the chef you want. They will review your information and preferences and find chefs that best match your event.

Chefs have the right to decline any request, but just because you’ve been declined doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t still get the chef you want. If a chef declines your request, it is possible to contact them through their profile and you can try to work out an agreement or alternative that suits you both. While you can try to make things work out, constantly bothering a chef that has declined your requests is not allowed on the ChefDazzer app.


The price you pay for your booking includes everything. There is no need to worry about additional costs for transportation or cleanup, and you won’t be blindsided by random fees. It’s just one price and the price is specifically calculated based on your menu and other factors related to your event.

Payment is done when you book a chef for your event. Your booking will not be confirmed until your payment is received. Though clients pay at the time of the booking, chefs are not paid until later, in order to ensure that their services are fully delivered.

Cancellations must be done at least five days prior to an event, in order to receive a refund. This is done because chefs may begin shopping for supplies a few days prior to an event, and a short-notice cancellation could cost them money.

Prior to your event, the chef will contact you and clarify any details, including the scheduling for the day of the event. They want the food to be great, and will work with you to make sure many of your guests will want to give their “compliments to the chef.”

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