ContactInBio Helps Businesses Turn Followers into Customers

By Akudo McGee 6 Min Read

It’s a frustration many startups and businesses share; while they may have many followers and likes on social media, turning that interest into actual profit is another story. This is mainly because startups fail to harvest the potential of their popularity and turn fans into customers. ContactInBio was created to help businesses finally turn their social media following into a growing customer base.

Using ContactInBio, businesses can create a micro landing page for their social media sites. An unlimited number of links and eight different blocks can be added to this page, which can also be customized with the theme, design, and logo of the company’s choosing.

Here a block is a chunk of content that can contain various pieces of information like links, social media buttons, contact forms, text or even video and images. It’s a flexible option for startups because blocks can be placed anywhere on their website.

Also, companies can analyze page information like the number of visitors and visitor demographics. The steps to set up customer micro landing pages are simple, and it can be done in 3 easy steps.

Setup Process

To set up the micro landing pages, businesses will first create their page, share their page and convert followers into customers. For the first step, business create their custom page using the features discussed previously with their different blocks and designs.

In addition to being fully customizable, these pages contain several advantageous features for startups. Adding to the features already mentioned, startups can link their landing page to their social media page, so potential customers are navigated to their site if they need more information.

Links can lead to whatever sites the startup chooses, and all links and blocks can be added to a single page for ease of use and design. The physical appearance of the page can be as plain or as colorful as companies design with things like the background image, gradient, text color and button color, etc. being fully customizable.

Once startups are comfortable with their custom ContactInBio pages, they can share them on their social media platforms in their bio link. When potential customers click the link, they will receive more information about the products and services provided by the startup.

Features Galore

The options are limitless. Just with a single landing page, companies can display their logo, tell a little bit about their business and throw in important links like links to their online store, links to more information about their products, links to their other website or a link to their contact form.

In this way, customers get the full experience of any other professionally managed web page. They’re reminded of a company’s logo and slogan and can get more information or make a purchase with one click of their mouse. Even startups without a website can use this landing page to redirect customers to more information about their products and services.

The personal link that each startup uses is as personal as it is unique, meaning that no other company or startup will have the same link. Since startups can create unlimited links, they don’t have to settle for one bio link either.

These links can also be changed and added to at any time. This is especially important for sites like Instagram, which only allow one clickable link.

If companies aren’t satisfied with the themes offered, they can create their custom themes from scratch, and once they are finished customizing their pages, all feedback and leads can be sent to them automatically.

Real Value

While this may not seem like a big deal to brick and mortar businesses and startups, an online presence is vital to making and retaining customers. It’s also helpful when customers want to read more about products and services or the startup itself before making a purchase or paying a visit at a physical location.

Social media is a great asset, but it only allows customers to access so much of a company’s information. Redirecting customers to links that will help them place orders, contact a company or learn more information about products is vital to leverage the tools of social media and grow a customer base.

Besides just creating more opportunities for customer contact, businesses also have to have access to tools to assess their progress. This is done by marking website traffic and viewing visitor data which helps companies learn more information about their audience and their growth at any given point.

Final Word

ContactInBio offers some products for free with additional features costing $7 a month. Startups have access to unlimited custom links, infinite social media buttons, Whatsapp buttons, unlimited contact forms, unlimited custom text, seven free themes, complete customization and visitor analytics for free.

For only $7 a month, companies get all the same features in addition to the removal of ContactInBio branding, video uploading, image uploading, more image options (image carousel/slider, etc.), uploading options and Facebook pixel integration. In other words, startups have nothing to lose and a lot to gain from the services provided by ContactInBio.

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