DC Vs Marvel: History of Nearly 60 Years Rivalry

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DC vs Marvel, which one is your favorite? I know it’s hard to answer. These two are probably the most famous but iconic comic brands in history. They are not treated like giants in this sector but also ruling the world of comics with old and new heroes who are protecting the earth all the time.

Despite having other comic brands, people love to talk about these two. But the question is, how much do we know about them and what are the similarities and dissimilarities?

To figure out answers to all these questions, you might need to go deeper into this article.

What Does DC vs Marvel Mean?

We are talking about the two giant comic brands. DC and Marvel are undoubtedly the best comic brands that make both our childhood and adulthood beautiful. It was not easy to become a successful brand in the comic industry.

Their popularity is also influenced by the movie industry. Now, more and more people are getting the chance to know both DC and Marvel.

That’s why it becomes obvious to talk about them. “DC vs Marvel” this debate is not going to end soon. Because both are best from their side. Still, there are lots of things that can be differentiated.

Picture: Marvel vs DC
Picture: Marvel vs DC

What Is DC Comics?

As you know DC comic is a comic brand but this is not the end of the story. It’s an American comic book company that came to light in 1034. After the first introduction, DC comics were formally known as “National Allied Publications”.

From DC, we found some best characters and heroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and many more. 13 years later, this company changed its name to “National Comics Publications”. 

In 1977, this company changed its name another time and that is “DC comics”. DC comics have only one universe and that is the DC Universe. In this universe, DC publications take place.

Picture: DC Comics
Picture: DC Comics

What Is Marvel Comics?

Undoubtedly, Marvel got more light than DC! This is one of the largest comics publishers in the United States of America. Marvel is basically known for the superhero characters. Yes, they introduced all-time favorite superheroes like Spider-Man, Ironman, Hulk, Captain America, and many more.

The first name of Marvel was “Timely Comics” and then “Atlas Comics”. Marvel created two different universes which makes them more popular with their fans. One is the Marvel Cinematic Universe and another one is Marvel Comic Universe.

DC Vs Marvel: History of Nearly 60 Years Rivalry
Picture: Marvel

DC Vs. Marvel: Who Wins The Race?

Now, let’s start to compare where you can give some marks to these comic giants. As you know DC comics started its journey in 1034 where Marvel released their first comic in 1939. Here is the comparison of these two giants based on different facts.

War and Humor

Marvel offers you a world that is full of crime and heroes. If you notice carefully, you’ll find some humor as well, even in the middle of the war. After the end of World War II, both comic brands face a hard time and they start to reflect war and humor in their comic story.

Their main goal was to make the people smile and guide them to the light. Based on this theme, both brands start to publish comics with funny and bizarre issues.

To reflect the war, Marvel chose Captain America and DC chose Superman. But their focus changed a few years later. After having the famous Author Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, we found another meaning of Comics.

Character theme

Both Comic brands are popular for character innovation and placement in the story. From the beginning, both brands developed distinct characters for their comics.

They follow two terms for that. One is Idealistic characters and another one is realistic characters. All these characters are indeed unreal but Marvel tries to make their character more realistic than DC. So, what are their popular characters?

  • Characters From DC Comics
  • Superman (A Super Powerful Kryptonian)
  • Green Lantern (A normal human but has a superpower)
  • The Flash (a man of extreme speed and thinking)
  • Wonder Woman (Daughter of Sues)
  • Aquaman (A man who has the power of the ocean)
  • Batman (A pure mortal)

Characters of Marvel Comics

Marvel characters can be explained with the help of science. That means it is more realistic than the heroes of DC. Here are some Marvel characters are given below.

  • Spider-Man (A radioactive spider bit a kid and got the power of a spider)
  • Captain America (Became a superhuman under a super-soldier program)
  • Iron Man (Genius man makes a suit and becomes a powerful hero)
  • X-men Crew (All the characters are mutants)
  • The Hulk (A green and raging giant because of radioactive gamma rays)
Picture: Characters of Marvel and DC
Picture: Characters of Marvel and DC

Mythology vs. Mankind

Mythology and mankind is the key point where we can differentiate DC and Marvel. Most of the characters of Marvel developed based on the theme of Mankind where DC characters are mostly related to Gods and mythology.

As you see, Superman is also titled “Son of God”, Wonder Woman is known as the daughter of Zeus and Aquaman represents the ocean forces.

On the other hand, Marvel characters like Captain America was a super soldier and known as a protector of the American and the Earth as well. Tony Stark (Iron Man) is a billionaire and made a suit to become a superhero.


After a long discussion, we found crystal clear differences between DC and Marvel. Both brands are best from their side. We always agree they have some distinct features but there are still lots of people who disagree about it.

Some say Marvel is influenced by DC and some say DC is influenced by Marvel. The “DC vs Marvel” war is not going to end. They always mean better quality, storyline, characters, and many other things.

Comparing these two giants is a luxury, not an obvious option. Still, our research shows there are differences but these differences are relatively nothing for the fan of DC and Marvel comics.

Thanks to these two comic giants to make our childhood and adulthood beautiful.

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