What Happened To Deadpool’s Face? (The Whole Story)

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When we think about Deadpool, one thing we can’t ignore and its Deadpool face. This character comes from a disaster and makes everyone’s life like a hell. But what is the story behind his aggression?

Something very bad happens to him. Before we dive into the deep, lots of questions come into our minds. Some truth makes it possible to answer what you want to know about Deadpool and his mutant power.

Simply, his diseases and all the experiments conducted on him make Deadpool deformed. A story lies behind this torture and sacrifice.

Let’s know what we have here about Deadpool.

What Happened To Deadpool's Face? (The Whole Story)
Picture: Deadpool

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Deadpool Face: Why Marvel’s Biggest Brand Got Such Scarred Skin?

Marvel is not only a name to us. It is related to our childhood. Because of it, we found comics and superheroes who save the world all the time. Deadpool is one of them.

Sometimes it’s hard to determine why and how Deadpool becomes Deadpool? He was a patient of cancer. But the derivative of wolves’ healing factor plays a vital role to drive his cancer to another level.

Marvel called it super cancer. This cancer spread everywhere and destroyed all of his normal cells in a day. This process makes his body like shit, especially his face.

Deadpool face defines what types of disfigurement he has all over the body. Finally, he lives but in a horrible way.

Deadpool face
Picture: Deadpool as a comic character

How Wade Wilson Becomes Deadpool?

Already we’ve got a couple of Deadpool movies. It’s always lovely to see Deadpool in both comics and theater. In the movie, Rayan Reynolds has played this character. All of us saw Deadpool’s humor in the movie and how he uses his favorite weapon and unleash skills.

Deadpool face
Picture: Deadpool in the movie

This is not the origin of Deadpool. His scarred face guides us to another story to know. He uses his dark humor all the time. Wade Wilson (Deadpool’s original name) suffered a lot and tortured past.

He suffered tragic circumstances and devastating childhood. When he grows up, he becomes a killer. But the most tragic moment was waiting for him. He was suffering from cancer.

Dr. Killebrew suggests he adopt a way to cure his cancer. Participating in a covert operation that makes superhuman by pushing injection. He had to do it because there is no other option. But his cancer wasn’t healing.

In the movie, we found a different storyline. We saw, he got cured and got the ability to heal. With this power, he is about to fight back for his girl. His body cell was regenerating with some side effects.

The healing agent lying under his skin makes him deformed. After the incident, everything under his control. Titled himself as Deadpool.

He becomes reckless and puts himself in danger all the time. He is doing it, again and again, to relieve his pain from the heart and his life.

Deadpool Face Skin! Why It doesn’t heal?

Deadpool face
Picture: Deadpool’s face

I know you are waiting to get the answer to this question. Let me clear one thing. What did we see in the movie? All the mutant cells get activated. As a result, his skin changed and distorted.

This healing power cures Wade’s cancer. He starts to heal super fast. It makes him an immortal person. But his skin? What happens to it? Why it doesn’t heal despite having the healing ability? The answer is ‘side-effect’.

If you read other comics of the books, you’ll see lots of mutants have different types of side effects of being mutants. Deadpool experiences the same thing. One thing we can say for sure. His cancer doesn’t fully cure. It’s deadlocked at some point.

Something You Should Know About Deadpool

Maybe we knew Deadpool well, maybe we saw every movie of Deadpool. But do we know him perfectly? No, there is more to know about him. Ryan Reynold plays the lead role in the movie Deadpool.

What Happened To Deadpool's Face? (The Whole Story)
Picture: Ryan Reynold

Most of the time he hides his true face under the mask. We also love the hip-hop music used in the Deadpool movie. Deadpool is not like other superheroes. He is a person who lives in a world full of weird stuff. Let’s know which we should know about Deadpool.

  • Deadpool was a mercenary before he became a mutant.
  • He is too good at swordsmanship.
  • Highly trained as a martial art expert.
  • Deadpool is the heroic name of Wade Wilson.
  • He was a normal human like us but becomes mutant through the Weapon X program.
  • Because of the abnormal and rapid growth of cancerous cells in his body, Deadpool’s skin started to deform.

Relation Between Deadpool and X-Men?

In the beginning, as a new mutant, we discovered Deadpool as a villain in Marvel. He was against a new team of mutants called X-Men. But we love him as an antihero. He plays his role and fights alongside some other team. Especially Wolverine, X-men, and the Avengers are his personal favorite.

In 2009, X-men Origins: Wolverine was released. We get shocked watching Deadpool fighting against Wolverine. This is how he engaged with the X-men franchise in the movie.

What Happened To Deadpool's Face? (The Whole Story)
Picture: Deadpool in X-Men Origin

What About Deadpool Comic And Which One I Should Read?

To understand Deadpool, you can read several comics written about him. Some of these comic names are given below. Check these out.

  1. Deadpool Vol. 3  (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)
  2. Uncanny X-Force Vol. 1
  3. Cable & Deadpool
  4. Deadpool by Joe Kelly

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We always loved Deadpool as a hero from our childhood. His pathetic story earned condolence from us. Deadpool keeps everyone busy to understand what’s happening in his mind. This basic character comes to heroic fame with senseless violence.

Deadpool face adds an extra layer of violence to his character. Maybe his distorted face doesn’t have any connection with his actions but somehow we found some relation with his bad things.

His tragic backstories never make him a villain to us. Despite his violence, he has always been a superhero to us.

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