Everything We Know About Potential Destiny 3 Release Dates:

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Online, there are lots of rumors and leaks about the online game Destiny 3. Near features, it will become a reality. After the announcement of the second installment of the online multiplayer first-person shooter game Destiny, we were expecting to hear about the 3rd installment.

Somehow Bungie revealed some details about the 3rd installment. Authority hinted at how and when it’s going to happen.

The story, villains, the planet, and the ending possibly new to enjoy. As a game lover, I’m going to cover more details about it. Trust me, there is lots of interesting news you don’t know yet. Let me help you.

Destiny 3
Picture: Destiny

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Destiny 3 Leask: Everything We Should Know About News, Rumors And Story

Destiny is the game that caught the attention of the game lover in a short time. Lots of gamers love this game and the authority offering the latest and new armor to enjoy it.

Following the success of the previous installments, it’s time to get the 3rd one. Yes, Destiny 3 is about to set fire in the video game industry once again.

Based on the rumors, this latest installment will be released this fall. So, stay with me here to explore the unpredictable future of the 3rd installment of this mass popular game. From some secret sources, we’ve got a default assumption.

Let’s reveal it.

What Is The Probable Release Date?

 Planets in Destiny 3
Picture: Planets in Destiny

Destiny 2 still needs to go a long way to achieve a blockbuster title. But the authority is working on its 3rd installment. It’s still in the early stage of development.

According to the progress, this installment needs more time to come into a final shape. The plot is still not fixed yet. So, there is no specific Destiny content unless it’s fully written.

The original one was released in 2014. But it developed in 2010. Meanwhile, Destiny 2 was released in 2017 after 3 years of releasing 1st installment. So, what we can expect for the 3rd one. Obviously, it’ll take less time.

Destiny Fan Worldwide was expecting 2020 will be the year. But the Corona pandemic ruined everything. So, 2021 will be the year if nothing goes wrong.

Remember, we are expecting it based on the development time of the previous version of Destiny.

What About Alpha or Beta Version?

Destiny 3 gameplay
Picture: Destiny gameplay

To ensure a proper release, we can expect a beta release. Before we get the chance to enjoy the final release, there are Alpha or betas. It will lead the authority to find the wrong and helps correct it before the final release.

In terms of the previous history, it’s going to happen. Destiny 2 walked in the same way. So, there is a way to think when the beta is going to hit.

The timeline of the Destiny 2 beta and its final version gives us some ideas. The Beta version is going to be released just one month before the final release. But what about alpha? It’s going to be released a little earlier.

Releasing Platform and Consoles

Most of the game along with its latest release comes with the next-generation gaming console. It’s not surprising to get this version in a new and different platform and console.

The good news is, it’s not only going to release for the next generation console only. PC users also get the opportunity to play this game.

We can be happy because this installment is going to get a release as a console version and for the PC port at the same time.

On top of that, some content will be released only for the console as an exclusive portion. Sony likes to hold such things for most of the games. So, this release is going to be an exception like every time.

What Is The Story and How It’s Going To Set?

Some rumors guiding us to come to a conclusion about the story of Destiny 3. It’s going to set on Europa like an icy Moon. We found this planet as a concept in Destiny 1.

Europa is just a location but wasn’t possible to land on it. Now it’s going to happen in 3. The developers of this game are going to set darker elements. It’s interesting, this installment going to get a more vast storyline but keep us on track.

Everything We Know About Potential Destiny 3 Release Dates:
Picture: Aircraft in Destiny

Remember where Destiny 2 ended? Commander Dominus Ghaul wants to prove himself along with the race after the loss.

He destroyed almost everything including ‘The Travelers’. Now they are awake in this sequel. But the question is do they bring back the darkness with them in this installment or not?

In the story, after defeating the Voice of Riven something opened. Yes, it’s a portal. A portal for Dreaming city. We’re hoping to get more of it in the 3rd installment.

One more thing, we are surely going to experience and this is the lore. Everything we heard about the story ensures we’re going to enjoy the darkness and the mysterious fifth race.

Additionally, it’s going to play a huge role in the story of this version.

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About Development Team

Developing a game like this one is not easy. It required more concentration to make everything perfect. The story, plot, characters, environment, enemies, races, and many more things need to count to make this installment the best than the previous one.

Character in Destiny 3
Picture: Character in Destiny

If we believe the leaks flying online, then we have to believe about the new race. Developers are working to bring more darkness along with the new race.

Behind the scene, we’ve got a name and it’s Chris Barrett. Remember Luke Smith? He is the director of Destiny 2. Luke Smith also played a vital role to make it better.


Destiny set a milestone that drives all the fans of this franchise to get more from it. Fans don’t care anymore how the previous version of the online multiplayer game Destiny. They are ready to get Destiny 3.

In this installment, everyone is expecting to get a different plot along with a playing mechanism. All the rumors online don’t let us sleep properly. As a fan, we are expecting a good launch, new abilities, new factions, new enemies, a good storytelling method, a cross-save or cross-play feature, better loot, and many more.

At last, we can expect all these things from this 3rd installment of Destiny because rumors and leaks lead us to expect such things.

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