9 Differences Between Netbooks and Laptops (and Why One Is Clearly Better)

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It’s a fact, we hardly ever noticed the differences between netbooks and laptops. In terms of technology, computers are now available to us in many different forms. That’s why netbooks and laptops confuse us despite having different names and tons of similar features.

Both types are a good solution for the office. Even mobile business people also love these types of computers. But when you need to choose one then which will be your option? Yes, you need to understand its functionality, features, and many other facts.

Some essential tips and knowledge can help you to clear your decision. As the demand for these two types of computers rises as the difference is growing.

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We are here to offer you some valuable information about netbooks and laptops.

Netbook Vs. Laptop: Which One Is Best For You?
Netbook Vs. Laptop: Which One Is Best For You?

Netbook Vs. Laptop: Which One Is Best For You?

First, we need to identify what is a laptop and what is a netbook. A laptop is a portable computer that is small in size. But all the things on a laptop depended on its hardware component like screen size, keyboard, motherboard, etc.

On the other hand, a netbook is different in size and functionality. Despite being a subcategory of the laptop, a netbook is lighter, quieter, easier for beginners to use, comes with less software, and mostly works with cloud-based apps.

So, both netbooks and laptops come to fulfill different needs based on the user demand. Their advantages and drawbacks will clarify why they are best from their perspective. Let’s discuss it below.

Netbook: Advantages and Disadvantages

We call a laptop a netbook because of the set of simplified tools, lightweight and slimmer size. But we cannot justify a netbook as a laptop. Below we discussed some advantages & disadvantages

Advantages of Netbook:

  • At first, the low price is a great benefit we get from the netbook lineup. As they come slimmed with minimum configuration, the price goes down.
  • If users are not looking for a high-end configuration, then they can get a netbook. For the minimum uses, no one needs to pay high for a laptop at all.
  • The netbook is an entry-level computer. A netbook is the best choice for the beginner because less software is installed and it’s simple to operate.
  • Netbooks are perfect for the user of every age. It’s an ideal option for children, students, and adults.
  • It needs less maintenance than a laptop. So, handling a netbook is not a headache at all.

Disadvantages of Netbook:

Here are a few drawbacks of netbooks that should be considered for using this device.

  • Netbooks don’t have a powerful processor and graphic cards. For the heavy user, it’s not a perfect option.
  • For playing video games, video editing, and rendering, this device is not useful.
  • A netbook is popular for online-based works. So, it doesn’t have much storage as a laptop. So, most of the things you need to store in the cloud. When a user is offline or out of the network, then the performance of this device is disappointing.
  • This type of computer doesn’t allow options to use different ports. Even an optical drive is also missing from this device.
  • It’s not possible to customize a netbook. Even you can’t add more memory or drive.
  • ●        A netbook doesn’t offer better battery life. Most of the time, the laptop comes with a battery of higher mAh but the netbook doesn’t.

Laptop: Advantages and Disadvantages:

The laptop is a personal computer that can be carried and comes with lots of professional features and specifications. On most sides, this device is better than a netbook. Read all its advantages and disadvantages below.

Advantages of Laptop:

  • A laptop doesn’t minimize the option. It is available from different popular brands, and specifications.
  • The screen size of a laptop is larger than a netbook and it starts from 10 to 20 inches.
  • For the heavy user, a laptop is an ideal option. It shows better performance. It includes a powerful processor, RAM, motherboard, graphic card, etc.
  • The laptop has a better storage option. A user can use both a hard drive and a cloud drive for storage.
  • DVD drives are an important component of a computer and a laptop has such a drive that is missing in a netbook.
  • It’s easy to use the laptop for playing video games, video editing, and rendering.
  • Most of the components of a laptop are expandable. You can increase storage, RAM even can change the graphics card as well.
  • A laptop offers better connectivity. It is equipped with Wi-fi connectivity, an Ethernet port, USB port, HDMI ports, etc.
differences between netbooks and laptops
Laptop: Advantages and Disadvantages:

Disadvantages of Laptop:

  • Weight is a major issue for laptops. It’s heavier than a netbook. Most of the laptop weighs between 1.4 to 5.4 kgs.
  • The laptop required maintenance work more than a netbook. You might need to replace the battery when it’s out of service. Sometimes I need to change the keyboard when it’s not working or malfunctioning.
  • Most of the laptops are not available at a cheaper price. According to the specification, the price goes higher.
  • It needs more physical protection to secure all the data.
  • In the long run, some laptop parts damage like the screen hinges, power jacks, etc.

Differences Between Netbooks and Laptops – Which One Is Better?

Are you going to choose a netbook or laptop depending on your needs? A netbook is the best option when you need a slim and simple device for regular tasking and browsing.

On the other hand, for heavy uses like graphic design, video editing, rendering, and high-performance-based working, a laptop is a wise choice. It is the best alternative to a desktop.

When you need a computer that works the same as your desktop, but portable and compact in size, the laptop is here for you.


It may not be possible to try both laptop and netbook. So, find out your exact requirement. You might not need a full-sized laptop. A netbook is a solution when you are doing a simple task. It’s portable, less expensive, and compact in size. For instant use, it’s hard to get another better option than a netbook.

From the above discussion, find out why and which one will be the best option to fulfill your needs. But for professional uses, don’t go for the netbook. Both netbook and laptop come with lots of pros and cons.

Finally, the decision is up to you. Figure out from this differences between netbooks and laptops review which one will be better.

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