Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

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As a car driver, you might want to know does car insurance cover hail damage. As we know Hail is the worst part of natural phoneme car drivers ever experienced. In many ways, hail can damage cars and make the situation critical.

There is no solution to keep the car safe from hail but it is possible to get some compensation after getting hit by the hail.

What about your car? Are you driving your car at the peak of hail season? Then you know hail is the worst thing if you don’t have car insurance coverage for the hail damage.

The cost of repairing hail damage can make you helpless because it can cut your pocket badly. So, make your car insurance policy clear and ensure to get full coverage against hail damage.

Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage?
Picture: Hail Can Damage A Car Anytime

How Insurance Companies Assess Hail Damage?

Curious to know how to assess hail damage for your car? It’s simple but tricky if you don’t know it. Suppose, you submit a file for a claim for compensation. The insurance company will proceed to examine the car and the.

Following the procedure, you’ll receive an adjuster from them. Then the National Alliance of Paintless Dent Repair Technician will help the company to estimate the cost.

They will follow two main methods to assess the cost of repair of your car. Let me explain these two methods.

Traditional Method

This method applies only when your car is damaged severely. Hail may turn your car into a wreck. That means the entire body needs to be replaced. In this case, a traditional method is applied. Without this method, you can get compensation for fixing, filling dents, and repaint as well.

Hail Damage of a car
Picture: Hail Damage

Paintless Dent Removal

This method is for less hail damage. In this method, the dent will repair from the underside of the panel. Even such damage doesn’t require a repaint. Based on percentages, including removing and reinstalling the parts of your cars, the cost will be assessed.

Dent On a Car
Picture: Dent On a Car

Now you know how and when to estimate the cost. As a car owner, this is your turn. Just inform the insurance company about your desired repair shop.

Sometimes it seems a good side for you when the insurer deals everything without making you knowledgeable because dealing with such things is very much frustrating.

All About Comprehensive Insurance That Cover Hail Damage:

Comprehensive coverage is the way to get hail damage. It’s all about paying when your car is damaged by the hail. For the repair or replacement of the parts of the vehicle, comprehensive coverage got your back. But why comprehensive coverage?

It covers the damage of the same category like storm damage, falling objects, animal damage, etc. it doesn’t matter if your car body is damaged in different ways only for hail, you’ll get the cost for repair. Let’s take a quick look to know probable damages.

  • Dents
  • Dings
  • Shattered glass
  • Cracked
  • Damage of interior
Shattered glass
Picture: Shattered glass

To get the compensation, just report the claim and you’re done. Comprehensive insurance is made to cover your damage as early as possible. You’ll get your car repaired when the insurer starts to make a move after receiving the claim.

What Is Insurance Deductible?

Maybe you are just looking for an insurer that doesn’t require any deductible. But most of them require such things. It comes with a comprehensive policy. The deductible is required because hail damage is just like other standard claims. But, when to pay a deductible?

Most of the time, you need to pay it after the hail damage and at the time of vehicle repair. Don’t worry, most of the time the amount you pay doesn’t exceed the repair cost.

How Hail Damage Devalues A Car?

Hail damage is just a nightmare for the car owner. After the hail damage, you can repair the car by paying a deductible. In this case, we suggest you adopt the paintless dent repair method. It helps to remove all the dents from your car permanently.

That’s how your car damage data won’t be documented and you can get the perfect sell value of your car. This is the only way to save your car value from hail damage. 

Let’s come to the main topic. When you let the insurer handle all the things about your car and try to get it repaired then your vehicle price will be depreciated. Yes, it’s true because it will be depreciated per dent.

To calculate the depreciated value, you need to get the range and that is $75 to $225 per dent. It depends on the dent type on your car. As much as the repair cost is, as much as you lost the price for your car.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of car insurance can cover hail damage?

Only one insurance can cover hail damage for the car and that is comprehensive car insurance.

Is it possible to get hail damage for rental cars?

Yes, car insurance will likely cover hail damage. The reason is rental car companies include car insurance for the hail damage.

Will filling a hail damage claim affect my car insurance premium?

Every type of claim against a car insurance policy will be kept as a record with proper documentation. For hail damage, there is no exception. That mean filing hail damage may affect your car insurance as well as the premium.

Final Words:

Now you know, when and how, and which car insurance can cover hail damage. Sometimes car insurance will cover full damage, sometimes not. Remember, hail damage coverage has always been a part of storm damage and other natural acts. 

At the end of the day, it becomes essential to buy comprehensive coverage to keep avoiding unwanted situations only for the hail. In this review, we explain every detail that you need to know.

I hope you don’t need to ask again, does car insurance cover hail damage? Be free to take a ride in rude weather. Hail cannot make you worry anymore when you have full coverage for your car.

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