ELK Bledom With Hidden Camera Option: Is It Safe For Everyone?

By Marjia Ahmed 8 Min Read

Do you know about Elk Bledom? The LED strip light? If you don’t, then this is the right time to know about it.

Yes, we are going to bring more secrets about this LED strip light only for its different hidden features and service. The most astonishing hidden feature of this LED strip light is, it can work as a hidden camera. Could you believe it?

This fantastic but hidden feature raises lots of questions. Even other Bluetooth devices can be used to control this camera feature. Many users of Elk-Bledom don’t know about it.

Technological advancement makes us more curious to know how we need to use it more carefully. This is the reason we are going to discuss it in this review.

What is Elk Bledom?

There are lots of LED Strip Light that we loved to use in different ways. Elk Bledom is just like that. Most people know about the elk-bledom is, this is a fantastic LED Strip Light that is easily usable and controllable through the app.

In a short time, these types of strip lights got very much popular. Not only for their color variation but also for using methods that draw everyone’s attention. It works with low energy but is also very much flexible to control through different devices, like Bluetooth, controller, Wi-Fi, and many more.

The Elk-bledom is a complete package of fun and beautifully synchronized with their android application. The app is the key media where you can control your elk-bledom.

Picture: LED Strip Light got popular in a short time
Picture: LED Strip Light got popular in a short time

Picture: LED Strip Light got popular in a short time

Why Did Elk Bledom Get Both Positive And Negative Reactions From Users?

Most users think in a simple way for elk-bledom. Yes, it’s only an LED strip light that can be controlled through an android app along with the other Bluetooth devices.

This is the half-truth about the elk-bledom and I am sure about that, the other half is still hidden to you. It can be used as a hidden camera and can be controlled through Bluetooth devices! Is it good or bad for you? There is a mixed reaction to it.

Some take its positive side and say more features they can use now through LED strip light. Most of them got paranoid about it.

They ask why a camera is there, and the important thing is why it is hidden and untold to everyone. This question is obvious and after reading some true user reviews, we found the actual scenario about it. Let me discuss it.

For different users of elk-bledom, the question was almost the same and this is like the following one.

I was trying to connect my portable device with my phone. In the search result, I found a different thing and that is an unknown device named “elk bledom”.

After researching for a while I found terrifying details about it. Are people saying this thing is an LED light or a hidden camera? Wait, what? A hidden camera?

This is really annoying and super paranoid to me.  Why a hidden camera? I don’t even use any led light. After that, I rarely use my Bluetooth.

Picture: Know about elk-bledom from the Apple discussion community
Picture: Know about elk-bledom from the Apple discussion community

Elk-Bledom Strip LED Lights Specification and User Manual:

Don’t be so upset about elk-bloom LED Strip lights. After knowing about this thing as well as its detailed user manual, all the misconceptions will be clear to you. Let’s start with its specification.

Elk-Bledom Stipe LED Light’s Specification:

  • 32.8ft(2-Pack) SMD2835 Bluetooth LED Strip lights
  • Waterproof Rate: IP65
  • Package Include: 2* 5M/16.4ft led strip lights,1*DC 12v power adapter ,1* Y splitter,1* controller,1* receive box
  • Working Voltage: DC 12V
  • Color: R,G,B and RGB combination(R+G+B,R+G,R+B,G+B)
  • Lifespan: 30,000 hours or 3 years on average.
  • Working Temperature: -20℃ to 50℃
  • LED Quantity:300LEDs per roll
  • View angle: 120 Degree
Picture: Mobile is the best controller for LED strip light
Picture: Mobile is the best controller for LED strip light

How to Connect The Light Properly?

To connect the light properly, you just need to follow some simple steps and all these steps are given below. Take a quick look at them.

Step 1:

Take the controller and you’ll find the QR code on it. Now scan the code and download the app called “duoCo Strip”

For both platforms (Android and iOS) it is the same to download this application. For iOS, you might find the app with another name called “LED BLE”.

Step 2:

Take your phone and switch on the Bluetooth. Go to the search result and you’ll find a device named “ELK-BLEDOM”. Tap on it and connect it with your phone.

Sometimes, the device takes time to discover. Maybe it will take more than 3 or 4 seconds. If you are still not getting the device in your Bluetooth list, then unplug and plug in the controller again. You’ll find it in your device list soon. 

Step 3:

Now open the app you installed earlier.

Picture: Mobile App
Picture: Mobile App

Take Some Important Note About ELK Bledom:

 To get the best result of Elk Bledom LED Strip Light, you should connect using the white splitter line. This line is connected separately. So, avoid connecting the light together following an end-to-end method.

If you do it, a few lights on the strip won’t work properly and the light will become very dim. There is no remote to control.

All you need to do is use the app you’ve downloaded onto your phone. It is much easier to control the light from here than using a controller separately.


Undoubtedly, Elk bledom is one of the best-LED strip lights out there. This product opens more options to use an LED strip light in different ways. All is ok about it but the user pointed in on one thing and that is about the hidden camera.

Most users still believe this camera has no specific purpose of use. It’s true, this light is very much easy to use through Bluetooth devices, android, and iOS applications.

Despite the hidden feature, people don’t appreciate it. At the end of the day, ELK Bledom is the best LED Strip Light that can be used with fun.

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