Why Copper Tops Cable Is Required For 10 GB Ethernet?

By Marjia Ahmed 8 Min Read

With the help of copper tops cabling, now the technology is able to fulfill the demand for higher network bandwidth. The world is full of technological opportunities.

Business and other concerns have more demand on the network. So, the pressure is rising and everyone feels the situation right now. Thanks to the copper tops cable.

Now all these are set as a new milestone to transmit data at an unbelievable speed. It’s the name of a fast, reliable, and stable connection. Undoubtedly, this is a substantial improvement of Ethernet’s technology.

The question is why we should look for cables with such tech? Let’s try to find out the answer below.

Why Copper Tops Cable Is Required For 10 GB Ethernet?
Picture: Copper tops cable transmits data faster

What Are Copper Tops For Ethernet?

To get the best and fastest service, you just need to get the best Ethernet cables. Do you know what these things actually are? It looks like the same network cable you usually see.

There are lots of mentionable differences. All those differences come from category to category, cable to cable, and specifications. There are more options for the Ethernet cables like Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat8.

All these are good in business but copper tops 10 gigabits is now trying to rule the Ethernet cable world. Yes, it’s true for many reasons. Ethernet cables, especially come with copper tops which cut the price tremendously and affect the cable performance in a better way.

The biggest difference between copper tops and Ethernet cables is the quality because it will reduce the signal loss chances.

All About Copper Tops 10 Gigabit That You Should Know:

Only a few standards in this world are able to offer more than 10 gigabit Ethernet speeds. For that, we need copper cabling. Now we need to understand the relationship between them.

Almost two years ago, the first 10 gigabit Ethernet standard was released. But it wasn’t such an opportunity for many IT organizations. Because the prices were very high.

It was more than $50000 per port! Can you imagine? That’s why many organizations stay on the sideline. As a result, this tech remains expensive for a while. But technology doesn’t stop us to explore more options.

Two merging standards did the thing that IT organizations wanted. Now with the copper cable, it is possible to bring 10 gigabit Ethernet speeds.

It drove us to a new generation of stitches and networking equipment. For the 10 gigabit networking, now everything is in our hands.

Picture: Networking is the key to communication
Picture: Networking is the key to communication

What is the 10GBase-CX4?

We already told you that two strands are evolved and 10GBase-CX4 is one of these. Thanks to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.’s 802.3ak Task Force.

They showed, enabling Ethernet to run over CX4 is possible. It is even possible to run it over four twin-axial copper cable pairs. The best side of such discovery is, it costs half of the fiber infrastructure.

Yes, it is for 10 Gigabit Ethernet on Copper and the range is limited to 15 meters! For the data center, the standard is perfect and it can easily serve the purpose.

What Is IEEE Standard?

This standard may be still unknown to you because of the name. You might have heard about 10GBBase-T. It can enable the 10 gigabit Ethernet speeds. But this time works on the twisted-pair cabling method.

One more thing, this standard lets you get a range of up to 100 meters. We can expect better performance from this standard because it’s still in the early stage of development.

Approximately two years later everyone will get the result and the IEEE study group will ratify the final specification.

The expectation also can turn into a nightmare for two reasons. This standard (10GBase-T) may end up on the basis of Category 6E (Cat 6) and it’s a twisted pair cable.

What Is 10 GB Ethernet?

Now network designers have some potential to offer more speed. 10GbE is one of the results of their research. Maybe it’s not a new technology to use because it launched in 2002.

The bad side is, it was expensive for IT organizations. Even this tech is not compatible with a few standards. 10 GbE was used for the large-scale networks where higher bandwidth was needed.

Recently its transmission speed has reached a peak by a factor of 10 but who is the user of such 10GbE? Most of the users are massive users of the internet and all the names are given below.

  • Data Centers
  • Finance
  • Defense
  • Healthcare industries
  • NASA

One more thing, to use 10 GbE is, the concerned organization needs to change network equipment because this standard doesn’t work with most of the previous equipment. Not all Ethernet cables are compatible with this standard.

Picture: NASA is a big data user
Picture: NASA is a big data user

Copper-Based 10 GbE:

10 GbE is perfect to transmit data through the copper-based, twisted-pair cable. It is the most common concept of this Ethernet standard.

Do you know that this standard is also compatible with twin-axial cabling and backplanes? For the twisted copper pair cables, 10BASE-T is perfect and you cannot use Cat6 for 10GbE. This standard is the way of faster transmission all the time.

Without proper channel and cable, no one will get the facility of the 10 GbE standard. After the research, we found, this standard still works based on shorter distances. But users can maximize the distance of 55 meters.

Picture: Coppertops cable reduces the cost of network cabling for 10 GB Ethernet
Picture: Coppertops cable reduces the cost of network cabling for 10 GB Ethernet


As technology advances, our demand is rising, especially the internet and the amount of bandwidth. Now the existing support of bandwidth is hardly fulfilling the demand of different business and IT organizations.

The revolution of internet standards, especially the 10 GB Ethernet, is showing us the way. Thanks to the channel of delivery, especially the copper tops Ethernet cable.

Now, most of the IT organization was on the back foot because of the cost. Copper tope Ethernet cable reduces it in half. So, to utilize the best-transmitted speed we must take care of the cables as well.

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