Explaining Elon Musk’s Love for Trucks and Futuristic Designs

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Technology always makes us crazy and happy as Elon Musk Truck does. As we know, Elon is a technology entrepreneur, co-founder of Tesla Inc — a vital role to offer electric automobiles to a new generation. Tesla is a popular name in the automobile industry. They are always trying to introduce to us different electric cars that can be a solution to save our planet.

Elon Musk’s truck is a dream project for Tesla. A few months ago, we got the chance to see the model of a truck. Musk says that this truck is a game-changing model for them. Let’s discuss more details about it.

Elon Musk Truck: The Vision With Game-changing Feature

If you want to know all about the rise of Tesla then you may know Elon Musk Truck. It is their latest addition to their product line but not fully revealed yet. Elon Musk holds the grip of the company and is dying to build his vision through his truck. This truck will be bigger than a Ford F-150.

Elon ensures there is more we can experience for this truck. They are still adding more features to it. Most people see it as a cyber truck.

First-ever Electric Pickup Cyber truck

Explaining Elon Musk’s Love for Trucks and Futuristic Designs
Picture: Cybertruck

It is true that the model of this cyber truck ignites controversy. Basically, the design becomes the topic of controversy. We all were amused to see first every electric cyber truck. But most Tesla lovers get frustrated.

Elon Musk cleared himself about the design. He said it looked like a futuristic armored vehicle. This pickup truck is becoming the first foray by Tesla.

This vehicle will offer a maximum range of 500 plus miles. The base price of this truck is $39.900. This vehicle will be available in gunmetal gray.

In 2021, Tesla is expecting to start production of the truck. They are hoping that it’s going to dominate the market.

Because other pickup trucks offer more than 500 miles priced at $49000 and $69000.

Tesla is saying that we need a pickup truck that uses sustainable energy to run. This truck is not going to scratch and dent.

This truck and the design get a mixed reaction from the audience. Some said that it can complete their life and some poke Elon by saying the truck is a cardboard box car. 

Why Tesla Cybertruck is Designed This Way

Explaining Elon Musk’s Love for Trucks and Futuristic Designs
Picture: The Primary Structure of exoskeleton

Could you find the answer to why this Tesla cyber truck was designed this way? This design got many fans and haters, which does not usually happen to another car made by Tesla. Sometimes the best product doesn’t come first time with a better design.

For the truck of Tesla, the same thing is happening. Maybe it is going to be a commercial hit and best seller sooner or later.

I think they learn from some other examples of the biggest hit and find out how not to design something. Most people know Elon Musk can do more than it.

All the people who love Tesla want to know the thinking behind this design. Elon Musk is a popular person who is also known for his love for radial thinking.

Elon Musk Explains About Futuristic Design of His Truck

Explaining Elon Musk’s Love for Trucks and Futuristic Designs
Picture: The robust body

People were curious to know the background of Elon Musk’s truck design. Recently he has revealed some data that can give us a scenario of its background. He explained about the shape and the stainless steel exoskeleton body.

All he wanted is a truck that looks sharp, angular, and robust in body. He said the body of this truck is so planar. Even you can’t stamp ultra-hard 30X steel.

Auto expert Jack Rickard explained this design a bit further. He points out the cost-benefit design. Even it will be an easy process to create it.

To make it, Tesla doesn’t need much effort like molding, stamping, forming, machines, etc. Jack Rickard called this design XY design. It’s completely a new idea to design real trucks in such a way.

He appreciates this model because no one has the guts to do it except Tesla. It’s true that it will be a challenging task to manufacture more units of it.

It will not follow the traditional assembly process. Tesla must figure out a new production method for this Cybertruck. Elon Musk focused more on the material of this truck, not the design. 

Nikola CEO Offers Alternate Design To Elon Musk

Explaining Elon Musk’s Love for Trucks and Futuristic Designs
Picture: Nikola Motors electric Pickup Design

Lots of people are not yet satisfied with the design of Elon Musk’s truck. Trevor Milton, CEO of Nikola Motors is one of them. He seems to not appreciate the design of this Cyber truck. So, he suggests a new design by his company to Tesla instead.

He posed in a tweet about it. He clearly offers his company’s own pickup truck design as a donation to Tesla. It seems one kind of attack against the Cyber truck design.

Better Finish But Not A Sparkling Reception

Explaining Elon Musk’s Love for Trucks and Futuristic Designs
Picture: Elon Musk’s Truck

People love technology, which will rule the future. In this case, the truck of Elon Musk along with its futuristic design couldn’t get a sparkling reception from the specific class of audience. It’s labeled “ugly” and people explained well why it needs to go a long way to win peoples’ hearts. Elon Musk said that he doesn’t care if this truck is not able to get a better mark for selling.

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All we know is that Tesla is always ambitious about the future. Elon Musk Truck is another proof of their vision. They always want to walk in a different way that considers their company strategy. They are focusing on building something which can be defined as a “machine that builds the machine”.

Tesla Cybertruck is another step for future technology. This Sci-Fi inspired Cybertruck is for everyone. It’s maybe not charming, but able to draw attention. It surely makes an impact on the automobile industry. 

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