What’s The Story Behind the Arthur Fist Meme?

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As a cartoon lover, I was surprised after watching Arthur Fist. We grew up watching this Arthur. This cartoon series is all about being kind and responsible. How Arthur and his friends getting their job done are seen here. These cartoon series become a part of our childhood memories. The good news is Arthur came back.

Now we know that Arthur and his famous fist become popular. On the internet, we can see how it’s been used. Many people consider it one of the best memes in recent years. Now it’s popular as an Arthur fist meme. Let’s discuss the story and how this simple meme becomes popular.

The Story behind Simple But Most Popular Arthur Fist

The theme of Arthur fist was so simple. Basically, it’s a screenshot that was taken to be used for other purposes. This is a still frame of Arthur’s clenched fist. According to the theme of the picture, you can apply any text on it as you want. This fist you can get is from one episode of Arthur.

He punched D.W. for breaking his toy airplane. This is a pretty dark side of this episode. On July 27, this image was first tweeted by a Twitter user. After that, this fist becomes another name of the child poster which shows the emotion and upset at the world.

The Origin of Arthur’s Fist

As a reaction image, this comes as a visual aid. This image is also a portrait of a specific emotion. If you want to say something, then this portrays can be accompanying. This is a meme that comes as a form of a caption. Most of the people use Arthur’s fist to reflect the motion of frustration.

The original "Arthur's Fist" meme
Picture: The original “Arthur’s Fist” meme

After the first use of this meme, it becomes viral and other people are using this image to reflect their option. AlmostJT uses this meme in his twitter account for the first time on July 27, 2016. He quoted “This is just a pic of Arthur’s fist but idk how I feel that it’s just so relatable. So many emotions in one fist”.

After it was used for the first time, hundreds of other people used it with different captions. Some people remix it to make it more open to other people to use it in a newer way.

First use of Arthur's Fist
Picture: First use of Arthur’s Fist

Origin and Original Context of Arthur’s Fist

Everyone knows who Arthur is. This popular cartoon character comes from a children’s cartoon of the same name. This meme of Arthur’s fist comes from episode 1 of season 4: Arthur’s Big Hit. This screen was captured from this episode from the popular scene when Arthur punches DW.

DW is Arthur’s sister who has broken a model airplane. This toy was Arthur’s precious toy. That’s why Arthur got angry and punched her sister.

Arthur’s Fist becomes Infamous, but how?

This popular episode of Arthur’s Fist was aired on September 6, 1999. From that time this episode gets another height of popularity. Most of the kids can remember this cartoon series. This widely recognized cartoon makes us always nostalgic.

The meme of Arthur’s fist comes to us, not as a humorous but create lots of sense also. This nostalgic phenomenon makes us happy when we see the meme on the internet. Users are continuously using it to express thought and emotion over different platforms.

The Trend Graph

If you want to know about Arthur fist and its popularity, then you should look for the Google Trends graph. According to this graph, you can easily find out how popular this meme is. Google Trends Graphs show its popularity worldwide. Every popular meme has its own pick time of popularity.

Arthur’s Fist has reached it’s the popularity peak in August of 2016. After that time it suddenly drops from the path of popularity. This dramatic drop down happens in late August/ early September. But, this meme is not going to frustrate you with its popularity. After the dropdown, it spiked a few times.

According to Google marking it is still under twenty-five. This mark is not stable for this meme. Right now, it’s going through some up and down, but increasing the trend from October 22, 2016. This is a good sign for this meme.

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Use of Arthur Memes

In many ways with a different version, Arthur’s fist used it on different platforms. This meme can show the emotion of the person it represents. If you want to express something about the situation, then this meme can help you the most. That’s why meme lovers use memes in many ways.

There is no better way to express emotion and frustration without using this meme. This meme is not perfect for the kids. But people love to use it according to their everyday situation. Some of these are given below.

When People Say “harambe Was just a gorilla”
Picture: When People Say “harambe Was just a gorilla”
When u tell someone to give u your charger back but then they ask u what percent u on
Picture: When u tell someone to give u your charger back but then they ask u what percent u on
When you offer somebody food and they say yeah
Picture: When you offer somebody food and they say yeah

People’s reaction to Arthur’s meme

Most of people love memes that come as the easiest way to show emotion in different platforms. Some memes got the highest popularity and some are not. Memes are so simple to describe. This meme we are talking about got huge popularity because of simplicity.

It can easily express the emotion that people loved very much. They appreciate it because they can easily make some quotes about their real-life experience using this meme. It’s an awesome meme to explain.  Finally, this meme is appreciated by all the creators of other memes. 


As we love memes, “Arthur” the cartoon series gives us the opportunity to make lots of memes. By taking some screenshot of some situations of this cartoon we can easily make memes, especially the Arthur Fist. Arthur fist is known as the most popular meme, which is taken from the kid’s show “Arthur”.

This is not just a meme, it can recreate all the things we dreamed about “Arthur.” We can thank Marc Brown who wrote the Book series of Arthur. No one is going to feel bad after using this meme to express what he is thinking about life.

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