Enchance Your Video Performance with Mintrics

By Nicole Fryer 4 Min Read

Everyone loves watching videos on platforms like Facebook and YouTube, but what about making them? For some, that may just mean posting a family video from vacation, or posting your favorite video that you recorded at a concert or social event. For others, making videos a much-loved hobby, or even a way of living. If, for you, it’s the latter, you want to make sure that your video is getting the most views, and have the ability to analyze how your videos compare to similar ones.

Mintrics is a platform that can help you with all of your video statistic needs. They have a program that will let you dive deep into how your audience interacts with your video. There’s a summarized dashboard that tells you how your video has performed. They’ve also added something called a Mintrics Meter, which is an algorithm that scores your video out of 10, giving you a concise idea of how it’s doing out there.

Along with this, the Mintrics program will benchmark your data, which means it will compare your performance against your account’s data, and then tell you when you have outdone yourself, as well as highlight areas for improvement. The industry average will even show you when you have a head start or are falling behind compared to competitive videos.

Every month, Mintrics will provide you with a report that provides a comprehensive overview of the performance of your videos, with detailed insights and metrics. The program will provide you with automatic insights from analyzing your own videos. These recommendations are to help you improve on making better ROI from your video content.

Aside from all these cool features, you can also make a list of your campaign videos and check the overall performance, and even compare your videos with others across different social media networks. If you want to save this data, you’re able to export it into a PDF and save it to your computer.

Unfortunately, getting all of these cool features doesn’t come free. Mintrics offers several pricing plans, and within those, you can select either monthly or yearly memberships. If you want to try before you buy, the company does offer a free trial. And if you’re not satisfied, don’t worry, as their website states that no credit card is needed for the free trial. So if it’s not what you’re looking for, and you forget to cancel it, no worries, as you can’t be charged.

If you are satisfied with the program and want to keep using it, their monthly plans start at $129 and work their way up, depending on what features you need to keep your video business going strong. If you are purchasing the program for an enterprise, just contact them for pricing rates that will suit your needs best.

To learn more about the company, and more about the Mintrics program features, visit their website at http://mintrics.com/. There, you can view the different programs and compare prices, start your free trial, get access to their blog, subscribe to their mailing list, and contact them with any burning questions you may have about this clever service.

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