How Eren And Mikasa’s Love Interest Becomes A Tragedy In Attack On Titan?

By Marjia Ahmed 8 Min Read

Only a few things make Attack On Titan Memorable and Eren and Mikasa are one of these. These two characters lead us to dream of the good and give hope.

Among different consequences and fights, we found a true love story. The hint about the feelings makes these characters more than a friend. It’s true AOT is far from such types of consequences but this one is undoubtedly the best.

Sometimes we saw the scope to prove their relationship. The story doesn’t let them do it, especially after watching the death kisses. This is a one-sided love when we found, Eren starts to think of Mikasa as a family rather than a lover.

Isn’t it interesting to see their love life? Let’s explore what we’ve missed in the AOT.

Picture: Eren and Mikasa
Picture: Eren and Mikasa

Who are Eren and Mikasa?

Attack On Titan is one of the best darker themes-based anime series. This series gives us lots of lovely characters like Eren and Mikasa.

Among different lead characters, Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman draw every fan’s attention because of their relationship. It’s true, they make AOT more enjoyable for a while until the story gets some twist.

In the series, we found Eren as a protagonist. On the other hand, Mikasa Ackerman is his childhood friend. We saw that Mikasa was there for Eren until his death. Their bond is strong enough to make us think about the future in the story and we love to think in such ways especially for a darker-themed anime.

Their love interest makes them the most loved couple in the anime world. Before the ending fans also wanted to watch them as a couple not only as friends when Eren told Mikasa “‘ll wrap that around you…as many times you want. Now and forever… As much you want!”

Picture: Attack on Titan
Picture: Attack on Titan

Facts You Don’t Know About Eren and Mikasa’s Relationship:

Maybe you are watching AOT as a die-hard fan but did you notice something special about Eren and Mikasa? Are they friends? What is their true nature?

In chapter 139 of AOT, we found a tragic conclusion. Still, this episode was the conclusion of lots of moments including the relationship of Eren and Mikasa. Here are some facts you should know about them.

The Time Eren Saves Mikasa

Mikasa and her mother were a target of human trafficking because they are descendants of the Ackerman clan. At that moment, Mikasa’s mother died by a bandit.

Bandits tried to kidnap Mikasa. In this scenario, Eren arrived. He killed two bandits and saved Mikasa. Mikasa also used her ability (Activating Ackerman ability) to kill the third bandit and it was avenged. From that time, Mikasa and Eren grew up together.

Mikasa Likes Eren

After passing through different circumstances, especially the bloody event in Mikasa’s home, overall feelings for Eren were changing from the end of Mikasa.

She knows that she has feelings for Eren and it’s still growing but she was confused about her feelings. Most of the time, we saw, she thought of the feeling as familial love.

The fans knew it, at some point, it would divert into romantic feelings. Once, Eren asked Mikasa about her feelings for him. Eren gets disappointed after knowing Miaksa loves him like family.

At some point, Mikasa makes all the fans think twice about their relationship. When Mikasa spotted Eren and Historia together, then we saw how jealous Mikasa was about it.

Nature and Identity of Ackerman Clan

If you saw the whole season of Attack On Titans, then you’ll understand about the Ackerman Clan. This clan is a result of an experiment. It happens after trying to combine the subjects of Ymir with Titan’s knowledge.

As a result, this experience creates humans. All these humans are not like regular humans. They are stronger than normal. That is why these people become royal guards of Eldian royalty.

Besides, they were treated as the salve of the kingdom. There is no space for them to express their emotions and feel freedom. Following this trend, Makasa also adopts the same nature.

We saw how Mikasa wanted to sacrifice herself for Eren. It’s the true nature of Ackerman. Mikasa always treats Eren as a host. That’s why she had to protect him.

Mikasa Kills Eren

In chapter 138, Attack on Titan gives us an unexpected climax. We saw the battle between Eren versus Mikasa. Armin (Colossal Titan) attacks Eren and blocks him.

Armin holds Eren for a while. In the meantime, Mikasa and Levi tried to create some space. This space was needed to kill Eren.

Mikasa enters the mouth, kisses him, and finally beheads Eren. This is another proof of the love interest between Mikasa and Eren. Mikasa did it to save mankind from extinction.

Picture: Armin - The colossal Titan
Picture: Armin – The colossal Titan

What About Love Each Other terms?

Because of the circumstances, fans think that Eren doesn’t love Mikasa. At one point, Armin asked Eren about Mikasa. Armin said, what is Eren’s feeling about Mikasa? ” And what would Mikasa feel if Eren said “Forget Me” to Mikasa?

In a reply, Eren said he doesn’t want her to find another guy. He also added, Mikasa should feel the same way all the time for Eren, not for any other one. Eren wished, when he died, he would hold Mikasa’s hand as long as he could.

Picture: Attack on Titan is a darker theme-based anime series
Picture: Attack on Titan is a darker theme-based anime series


As hard-core fans of Attack on Titan, people wanted some good ending at the end of the day. They were very much hopeful for Eren and Mikasa. Fans thought they would get together when the manga ended.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t simple like that. Their story makes a scar in our hearts. Yes, their relationship and the result at the final moment make them a part of the tragedy.

After watching them for a final kiss was so joyful and sad. To stop rumbling, Mikasa had to Kill Eren. But this sacrifice broke our hearts and made them one of the best couples in the AOT.

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