The Evaluation of Eren Yeager In Attack On Titan: How Much Do You Know About Him?

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For Eren Yeager, we can say he is an impulsive and daring young man. This character filled the expectations that we wanted in Attack on Titan. He is the one who raged most against Titans.

All the story begins with the killing of her mother by Titan. Titan eats his mother in front of his eyes and this is the key point he comes to this position. Eren made killing Titans his mission after this tragic event.

As a member of the Survey Corps, he was one of the most skilled beings and played the role as the main protagonist. This is not the end of the story of Eren. We share more of him in this review.

Picture: Attack on Titan
Picture: Attack on Titan

Who is Eren Yeager?

Do you remember the most popular Japanese dark fantasy animated series Attack on Titan? This mostly anticipated fictional series has a different storyline and with different characters like titans and protagonists.

Eren Yeager is one of them. He is the main protagonist in this fictional series whose only aim is killing all the Titans from the earth. We saw Eren in Season one. He has his best friend Armin Arlet.

In the story, Eren’s emotions are more realistic and he thinks about the situation in such a way that is never expected by others. As the series progresses, his mission gets more shaped with tremendous hatred.

Quick View on Everything You Should Know About Eren Yeager:

Eren Yeager is a character that is always keeping us busy to think about him. We saw, he was growing as a perfect protagonist. Let’s take a quick look at some key information about this Young Man.

NameEren Yeager, Eren Yega
Alias“Suicidal Blockhead” Shi ni isogi Yaro, also translated known as “Suicidal Bastard”. “Attack on Titan” Shingeki no Kyojin “Mister Kruger” Kuruga-san Founding Titan” Shiso no Kyojin “Founder” “Usurper” shadatsu-sha “WarHammer Titan” Sentsui no Kyojin
SpeciesHuman, Intelligent Titan
Age15 (850) 19 (854)
Height170 Cm (850) 183 cm (854) 4 m (Pure Titan form) 15 M (Attack Titan form)
Wight63 Kg (850) 82 Kg
RelativesYeager family Grisha Yeager (Father, deceased) Carla Yeager (mother, deceased) Zeke Yeager (half-brother, deceased) Yeager (grandfather) Mrs. Yeager (Grandmother) Faye Yeager (aunt, deceased) Unnamed maternal grandparents
ResidenceWall Rose
Former OccupationSoldier
Former affiliationSurvey corps Special Operations Squad 104th training corps Alpha Squad
Grad Rank5th
Titan KillsSolo (21) Indirectly (27) In team (28)
Debut ChapterTo You, 2,000 Years From Now
Voice ActorYuki Kaji
Date of BirthMarch 30th
BirthplaceShiganshina District
Assignment104th Training Corps to the Survey Corps
Picture: Evaluation of Eren Yeager
Picture: Evaluation of Eren Yeager

What About the Personality of Eren Yeager?

Eren is a young man with a different but strong personality. His personality was most suitable to beat formidable opponents. He can blindly run into danger.

The main purpose of his run is to save lives and kill Titan. His activity is stupid but brave enough to make us more fascinated. We saw how he becomes desperate when a question arises about Mikasa and Armin’s life.

Eren never took risks for himself but did it for everyone. The death of her mother makes him a person of such personality. Eren can fight until he gets tired or exhausted.

On top of that, this strong sense of justice makes him a more valuable character for the story. Most of the time, Eren shows kindness and makes the situation simpler than everything.

Toward his friends, this young man showed that he can do everything for them. Do you remember the scene when Eren was talking with a young child?

When he was discussing it with the child, Eren became curious about life outside of the world. He wanted to see what’s become of the outside world.

The Evaluation of Eren Yeager In Attack On Titan: How Much Do You Know About Him?
Picture: Titan is the most powerful beings in Attack on Titan

Eren Becomes Powerful After Holding the Power of a Titan: Is It True?

It’s true, Titan form makes a being stronger, powerful, and cruel. During the second Attack of the Colossus Titan, Eren found something special. Do you know what that is? Eren figured out he holds the power to transform into a Titan.

Eren lost his hand and was badly injured trying to defend Trost. Titan ate his hand. At the moment, he becomes an Attack Titan with a dramatic transformation. This transformation saves his life and he finally cheats death.

As follows the story, we know, to transform into a Titan, there are two things a being must need. One is self-harm and another one is the purpose. After damaging himself allows him to transform on command.

After using the ability to transform into a Titan, Eren starts to play a pivotal role. It helps a lot to save lives for the sake of humanity. He always fights back against the race of the Titan and inspires everyone out there to become one like him.

Even his transformation capability was a topic for the research. After transforming into a Titan, Eren got a height of about 15m. Such size makes Eren more physically fit, powerful and regenerative abilities as a Titan.

This transformation saves Eren’s life countlessly. This trick Eren uses when he gets injured badly. Not only that, this transformation also brings him back the teeth and the limb he has lost. Isn’t it cool? We always love to watch Eren and how he uses the power to save his life as well as others.

The Evaluation of Eren Yeager In Attack On Titan: How Much Do You Know About Him?
Picture: Eren as a Titan


Eren Yeager may be the most influential character in “Attack on Titan” but there are lots of things we need to find out about him. Eren always says he is sick and tired of doing his job and being treated like a monster.

His life was changed after everyone knew about his power as Titan. Even officials also keep him on the list as highly suspicious. They were thinking, he is a Titan spay.

Despite being a broken person after the death of his mother, Eren makes him a person with a strong personality. Undoubtedly, Eren has always been our heart for his kind behavior.

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