Why Is Yuuzhan Vong No More In The Story of Star Wars?

By Marjia Ahmed 8 Min Read

There is a deep history of Yuuzhan Vong. They are also known as Children of Yun-Yuuzhan. If you are a Star Wars lover then you also know them.

The franchise always comes with lots of characters and races that are dramatically involved with the plot. Following the trend of the Star War franchise, Yuuzhan Vong is just like those who are also called the Chosen Race.

This species is responsible for destroying the New Republic. During the attack, this race almost killed most of the beings.

In their last invasion, they’ve nearly killed 3000 trillion sentient beings! Yes, you can find lots of interesting facts like this one in this review. Just keep reading below.

Why Is Yuuzhan Vong No More In The Story of Star Wars?

Picture: Star Wars

What Are Yuuzhan Vong?

There are lots of species and nations available in the Star Wars plot and later they vanish. The Yuuzhan Vong are just like those who are the deadliest race in a certain plot.

They can attack any planet and give death as a prize and nearly destroy planets out there. They are in mostly human form and taller than other creatures.

They are even heavier than normal people and can improve their physical capabilities. The coolest part of this race is they have different technological innovations.

All these innovations are also purely organic. As we say, they hardly attempt a solo attack. Their main strategy was to defeat the enemy using some Force based attacks.

What Information Do You Need to Focus On About Yuuzhan Vong?

This race has a vast story in the Star Wars Storyline. Knowing about them is still possible at a glance. So, read below for a better understanding.

Average height1.8 – 1.9 meters
Skin ColorGrayish-violet Yellowish
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack Blue
DistinctionsEye sacks Jet black blood Sloping foreheads Absence in the force Hard skin
Average LifespanAverage 76 standard years old Maximum 2 to 3 times human length
HomeworldYuuzhan’tar (original) Zonama Sekot 9adopted)
LanguageYuuzhan Vong
Why Is Yuuzhan Vong No More In The Story of Star Wars?
Picture: Yuuzhan Vong

Biological Description and Appearance: Do they look very bad?

All the time, the Star Wars franchise brings the enemy with different biological terms and appearances. This race is also one of those who can make you think twice about their outfit as well as biological form.

At first, the thing you will notice is their tall, muscular, and humanlike outfit but their face doesn’t make any sense for the scar. Their body and faces are equally disfigured which makes them uglier than other beings.

Without any hair, their head looks disgusting. Practically, it’s hard to find their nose in the position. It’s missing and that thing is also responsible for their horrible looks.

Most of the time, we found a theory about this race and that Yuuzhan Vong was a humanoid species but actually they are not.

If you try to match the characteristics between humans and Yuuzhan Vong then there are tons of dissimilarities. They don’t have any kidneys and all we know, without a kidney no human can survive. It is very possible that they could be a result of selective breeding.

Even they have longer lifespans than any other human. In their whole body structure, everyone can sense the presence of biotechnology.

Why Is Yuuzhan Vong No More In The Story of Star Wars?
Picture: Yuuzhan Vong

What Happened to The Yuuzhan Vong?

There is a big question mark about the Yuuzhan Vong. In Star Wars, this species was introduced as the next big and the deadliest bad guy but the fate of this race was not so good.

Every fan of Star Wars has the same question. What happened to them and why didn’t the franchise continue their story with this race?

After removing them from the Star Wars canon, the story was getting another shape that guided the fans to a whole new level of an unknown galaxy.

In the New Jedi Order series, this race was one of the most dangerous then terrifying threats to everyone. Because of the mediation method to remove pain, this race is hardly beatable.

Yes, they are very much difficult to defeat. This race is also used as an alternative villain to the Sith. But Disney wanted to expand the plot of Star War Canon in different ways.

They wanted to reintroduce the previous legend’s storyline. To continue the strategy, they needed to send Yuuzhan Vong out of nowhere.

Why Is Yuuzhan Vong No More In The Story of Star Wars?
Picture: The New Jedi Order

Yuuzhan Vong Creature is Back in The High Republic Brings:

There is an unexpected nod to Yuuzhan Vong. In the old expanded universe of Star Wars: The High Republic, they will be back. No, there is still a little bit of confusion about it.

The franchise brought back all these creatures to the Star Wars universe that is associated with the Yuuzhan Vong. Do you remember the vonduun crab? It was launched in 1991.

It has appeared in Timothy Zhan’s “Thrawn trilogy” and there was a concoction of this story with the race we are talking about. In the ongoing new Star War Project, the “New Jedi Order” series start to introduce different character and creature.

To move away from the traditional light-dark dynamic storyline, the franchise takes a risk. As a result, we found a whole new race of alien invaders called the Yuuzhan Vong.

With the unique biotechnology, this race worshiped pain and suffering. They face physical and psychological challenges.

In the Star War cannon, there are too many aliens. So, the franchise focuses on Yuuzhan Vong to vanish from the story.


Undoubtedly, the Yuuzhan Vong are one of the best alien additions in the Star Wars franchise. This race was considered a refugee from a distant galaxy.

After a long time fans knew about the homeworld of this mysterious race. It’s Yuuzhan’tar. This tropical planet has a large asteroid belt and protects the races. But it was destroyed for an unknown reason, it happened thousands of years before from the present situation.

This race is making the storyline more interesting and fans wanted to see what will happen next with this race as well the story. Sad but true, the Star Wars franchise discontinued this race for making another plot.

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