Everything We Have On Injustice 3: When It Will Release?

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DC Comics presents a different setup with our childhood heroes and Injustice 3 is going to be one of them. But it’s still in the development stage as the leak says. But when will the actual thing happens and when will it come out?

We’ve got lots of updates about it. Interesting, isn’t it? Yes, this year is another successful year for DC Comics and allowed us to enjoy the warrior mythology on the battlefield.

All DC Comics fans know how much they are involved with the game avatar of Injustice. This is the time to know about Injustice 3 and we’ve got your back. Let’s jump into the deep.


What Is Injustice?

Injustice is an action-based video game developed by the DC comics. It’s all about a fictional world. But Warner Bros is the mastermind that is giving their 100 percent effort to make this game. It’s produced by NetherRealm Studios.

In this game, a player must choose a character to continue the game. This character will be the game avatar. With the help of game strategy, powers, and heroes, the avatar needs to defeat its opponents. This is the main gameplay rule for injustice.

But the 3rd installment of injustice is going to be far better than the previous installment. It is one of the most popular video games we have ever had the chance to play.

After the success of the previous installment, DC comics decided to release the 3rd installment. We can feel that time is knocking at the door because Injustice 2 came out in 2017.

This game is made with a 2.5D background but all the characters that we choose as an avatar for the gameplay are completely three-dimensional.

Besides, the fight scenes are designed with a two-dimensional strategy. The main plot of this game is inspired by the DC Comics multiverse. But you have to play it in a parallel universe of the multiverse.

Picture: DC Comics
Picture: DC Comics

What Is The Expected Release Date of Injustice 3?

Seriously, we have a date that is confirmed by a few leakers as the release date. Yes, you heard right. Additionally, we are still confused about the date because the developers of this game and Warner Bros are silent on this topic.

They don’t even want to reveal the progress of injustice 3. It’s not fair at all. That means no announcement of the release date.

Most importantly, some rumors also guide us to believe this installment won’t make its way to light. This is 2021, and some reports claim that the 3rd installment will come out by the end of this year.

But following the stream of releasing the previous installment of injustice, 2023 or 2024 make sense. This could be the year. We still believe all these are rumors. Without getting any hints from the developer or Warner Bros, it’s hard to say what’s going on.

All the fans of DC Comics as well as the Injustice are looking for a trailer tease or a poster. But nothing is happening right now. So, waiting for the official news will be the best choice for us who love to play injustice again in a new world.

Who Are The Main Cast of Injustice?

We can easily imagine that most of the characters from the previous installment of injustice are going to hit the stage again for the 3rd installment. So, which characters do we have in injustice? Let’s take a look at their names.

  • Batman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Superman
  • Black Lightning
  • Black Adam
  • The Flash
  • Aquaman
  • Killer Frost
  • Supergirl
  • Atom
  • Catwoman
  • Martian Manhunter
Everything We Have On Injustice 3: When It Will Release?
Picture: Top Character That Every Fan Wants in Injustice universe

The good news is, DC Comics always tries to include new characters for their next installment of the game. It’s a trend for them. So, there is a strong chance to meet with new heroes in the 3rd installment of Injustice.

Injustice 3’s Story Mode:

As we found from some leaks and information, we are almost sure about the story mode of the upcoming Injustice sequal. This story mode takes place 10 years after the event that we experienced in injustice 2. But what is it?

It starts with the Joker, who is resurrected by small black power energy. There was an invasion. This invasion caused death and destruction. But all this happened 10 years ago and Brainiac (the mastermind of the invasion) was defeated.

Now the society is still struggling to keep everything normal and trying to hunt down the team (Justice League). Besides, the damage must be repaired.

On the other side, the master of the Black Lanterns (Nekron) believes that all the universe is interconnected and was the place of death, fear, and darkness as well. So, the master decided to send back the Black Power Rings.

The purpose is to resurrect fallen heroes and villains. This is for casting great darkness once again on the earth and other universes. In injustice 3, we are going to experience a total of 18 chapters that are going to be full of thrilling situations and fights.

Which Character Shouldn’t Return In Injustice 3?

Heroes always have a special place in our hearts. But few of them are not such a type. In a survey, most of the fans of injustice mention some names of heroes that shouldn’t be in the 3rd installment of the injustice. So, here is the list.

  • Gorilla Grodd: This character is already dead in the previous installment of injustice. So, they don’t want the character to return anymore.
  • Cheetah: The overall effort of the hero is not bad but not so perfect for the game playing.
  • Poison Ivy: As like a cheetah, Poison Ivy doesn’t have the potential that fans want from a hero.
Picture: Cheetah
Picture: Cheetah


Injustice is a massive title that can make us excited all the time. Injustice 3 is the new addition in that line. Everyone is aiming to get an announcement for the release date of this sequel of injustice.

DC fans are eagerly waiting to experience another fantastic, mysterious, and fictional world of DC. This installment could be the new entry for more possibilities for new heroes, fun, and a bigger plot.

There are still lots of things to solve in the game to make the heroes more mighty and strong. So, waiting for Injustice 3 should be a memorable moment for us.

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