Gravity Falls Season 3: When Will We See It?

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No doubt, Gravity Falls season 3 is another most anticipated season for the fans of Gravity Falls. Following the success of previous seasons, authorities are about to announce another one. But is it true or not?

Online is full of rumors and gossips that make the fans of this series excited. But not every rumor is false about this season. We also love to discuss it.

We gathered all the stories that are mostly authentic and come from reliable sources about Gravity Falls. So, this is the chance for you to know very interesting details about this most popular cartoon series and its upcoming season.

Picture: Gravity Falls
Picture: Gravity Falls

What Is Gravity Falls?

There are only a few animated series that win the hearts of the people. It’s also full of mystery and comedy. Gravity Falls is just like that. This animated television series was made for Disney channels.

Alex Hirsch is the mastermind who made such a beautiful animated series for us. On June 15, 2012, this series was released for television for the first time. Gravity Falls is all about the adventure of Dipper Pines. He also has twin sisters named Mabel.

Gravity fall is a world of paranormal incidents and supernatural creatures. Both kids of this series are energetic and curious about the mystery and they want to find out what’s going on. For that, they start to run for further investment in such local mysteries.

Dipper and Mabel
Picture: Dipper and Mabel

Is Gravity Falls Season 3 Happening?

Now there is a possibility of hearing an announcement about the 3rd season of Gravity Falls. As cartoon lovers, fans are expecting the answer to be “Yes”. So, they keep the upcoming season on their next watch list. But what is the actual update about season 3?

Well, this cartoon is cranky for sure. Not only children but adults also adore gravity falls. There is a rumor that the 3rd season of this cartoon season is coming with an incredible story. It’s going to be broadcast soon.

After the previous two blockbuster seasons, there is a strong prediction about the 3rd one. But a strong source revealed that we are not going to be able to watch the 3rd season.

It’s not going to be released for TV screens again. After deep research, we found, most of the information and rumors online about the 3rd season of Gravity Falls are almost false. A few fans are trying to spread such a statement. This dedication only comes from the love for the show.

Don’t worry, the authority of this cartoon series is not going to hurt us. Yes, Gravity Fall is coming back. But this time as a single spin-off episode.

About The Last Two Season: What Happened There?

Memories never fade. Most of the memories of this animated series are sweet and fresh. As you know, two kids are the heart of this series. In that series, we saw, they love to explore new places in summer.

The lovely fact about these twins is, they belong to the craziest family. The fun begins at their uncle’s house. Overall previous seasons were full of mixed comedy but adventures. The story is not only easy to understand for the children but also the characters are more funny and lovely as well.

As we see in the last two seasons, kids along with their uncle are trying to reveal the truth. That makes every fan of this show curious. Slowly, the kids start to discover the mystery about the people of the city of Gravity Falls.

In season no. 2, Dipper (the kid) founds a journal. This journal is all about the secret. Yes, this journal guides the kids to find the secret nearby in an unusual chilling forest.

As the story goes, we saw how Dipper becomes the one person who solves all the contradictions. Through the secret journal, every secret comes to light. But the truth behind the whole journey of these two kids is, enjoying the summer holidays.

They love to increase knowledge, explore the world. Fans are always feeling the excitement in every season of this series. At every step, something new has to be faced that is thrilling and dangerous as well.

What Is The Plot of Gravity Falls Season 3?

There are a few assumptions and rumors out there where we found some plot leaks. As we know, the twins are identical and Mabel is the funniest person in this series. On the other hand, the Dipper is more curious and studious. This characteristic of Dipper often gets him into trouble.

Another character called Wendy, who has a love interest for Dipper is also another attractive part of this series. But she makes a clear statement in front of everyone and that is, she and Dipper are just friends. Not more than that.

They all are on the way to the woods of Gravity Falls. Their uncle (Grunkle Stan) asks them to run the mystery shake. This is the place where something else attracts a kid’s attention. Their realization is right.

Something is happening here. Dipper discovers a tree where a journal is emblazoned. Not only that, there is a quote “TRUST NO ONE”. Here they found something bad like monsters and paranormal activities.

Gravity Fall Season 3
Picture: Gravity Fall Season 3

Main Casts of Gravity Falls:

Here is the list of the all-crucial characters of Gravity Falls and their voices as well.

  • Dipper Pines played by Jason Ritter
  • Mabel Pines played by Kristen Schaal
  • Grunkle Stan played by Alex Hirsch
  • Wendy Corduroy played by Linda Cardellini
  • Soos Ramirez played by Alex Hirsch
  • Pacifica Northwest played by Jacki Buscarino
  • Stanford Pines played by J.K. Simmons
  • Bill Cipher played by Alex Hirsch
Picture: Characters in Gravity Falls
Picture: Characters in Gravity Falls


We are fans of Gravity Falls! Yes, we want more seasons.  Indeed, two seasons have already hit the TV screen and we forget about reality. For a while, all the fans jump into a world of fantasy, comedy, and mystery.

Gravity falls gave us such a chance to experience the unique flavor of a TV cartoon series. We expect to get a new season of this entertaining show.

So, the expectation for Gravity Falls Season 3 is a demand of time. The last episode of season 2 was telecasted on Netflix. If season 3 releases in the future, there is a chance of telecasting it on Netflix again.

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