Fire Emblem Heroes Reddit Revealed The Biggest Clue about Nintendo’s Hard Work:

From the Fire Emblem Heroes Reddit discussion, we figured out Nintendo did their best to translate games from the console to smartphones. When Nintendo was the name for publishing this game, then it was obvious for us to get a better gaming experience.

They show how such types of projects for tactical role-playing games work. Now we know RPGs work on smartphones. As a result, Fire Emblem Heroes is the best-optimized game for our smartphones without losing any major characteristics.

There are lots of discussions online about this game. We picked some of them along with unknown facts for you in this article.

Picture: Fire Emblem Heroes
Picture: Fire Emblem Heroes

What is Fire Emblem Heroes Reddit?

Tactical role-playing games are always best to play. Now we are certain about it after reading the Fire Emblem Heroes Reddit thread. There are lots of things you might need to control and observe. Fire emblem heroes are one of them.

This free-to-play tactical role-playing game is loved by most gamers. Intelligent Systems developed this game and Nintendo published it. This game is available for Android and iOS.

On February 2, 2017, Fire Emblem Heroes was released for the mobile platform. Not only that, because of the beautiful design, graphics, sound, and gameplay method, this game were nominated for different awards.

Picture: Emblem Heroes Reddit gameplay
Picture: Emblem Heroes Reddit gameplay

Things We Should Know Before Playing Fire emblem:

Nintendo is always best at releasing games. Following the trend, they released the Fire emblem but this time it’s for the mobile platform. This game is fun to play but you can make it more enjoyable after knowing some facts.

As you know this game is for smartphones. It’s available for both android and iOS. Just download it from their app store and read below before starting to play.

It’s For Your Phone

Nintendo is focusing on this game as a turn-based tactical role-playing game. It works like other entries and sequels of this series. For a better gameplay experience, the touch control alignment is perfectly placed.

In this series, a popular weapon is back. Yes, this time rock-paper-scissors-stale of weapon strength in battle can give you the most pleasant experience.

Remember, Fire Emblem Heroes are not similar to Fire Emblem Warriors. So, don’t blend them because Warrior is coming for the Nintendo Switch.

It’s Free

Like other parts of this series, this one also comes with some exceptions. This game uses stamina and works as a time gate. But how can you get it? You can get it from orbs. Orbs work as a recharge for stamina.

Time is another way to recharge stamina. Using the in-app purchase option, it’s easy to buy them. It’s also easy to earn them free in-game. The price starts for the orbs from $1.99. Orbs also have a different purpose in the game.  It also helps summon heroes.

Internet Connection

This term is a bit complicated for every player of this game. Yes, without an active internet connection, this game is not playable.

The reason is, an internet connection lets your game connect to the server. It’s also needed to transfer some amount of data. That’s why you need a smartphone to play this game.

Fire Emblem Universe

Remember, Fire emblem Heroes is not a sequel to any other game of this series. It’s true, there are lots of familiar characters in this game. It looks like other fire emblem games but this time it’s a political feud.

You can easily use four characters in any battle but what about other characters? They will hang out in the barracks.

The sad news is, choosing just a single character is not possible. To call a new character to your side, use orbs. Orbs will let you use a blind-box-style summoning system.

Avatar Character is Not Customizable

Customizing a character is always a beautiful thing for a game. For the Fire Emblem Heroes, it’s not possible because the player’s avatar is treated as a silent placeholder.

Without seeing the theme it’s not possible to customize. It only happened because all these avatars don’t play a major role in the game.

Summoning New Heroes

It feels awesome to call heroes in the game when we need it most. In the Fire Emblem Heroes, you can do it as well. Yes, this feature is the biggest focus of this game. As you progress in the story of this game, you’ll get more chances as well as the option to summon new heroes.

Yes, it’s possible to customize the squad, not the player. Just summon them but spend five orbs for them. After a successful summon, you’ll get randomly selected heroes.

Picture: Summoning New Heroes
Picture: Summoning New Heroes

What About Fire Emblem Heroes Reddit Discussion Thread?

Reddit is one of the biggest platforms where you’ll know almost everything about anything. Fire Emblem Heroes is one of these. On their thread, there is a long discussion about this game. Users of Reddit used only a few topics of Fire Emblem Heroes and here it is.

  • The most common and general question that a player asks when playing the game.
  • Team composition or unit building advice
  • Sharing Gacha Luck (both good and bad)
  • Bragging about personal achievements
  • Friend code sharing
  • All summons
  • All pulls

But in the tread, there are few limitations. It’s not possible to share all summons and pull even the achievements as well. But there are some exceptions as well because we found a few of them allowed to share through a post showing off their summon.

Picture: Reddit
Picture: Reddit


After playing the game, we found Fire Emblem Heroes running perfectly on our smartphones. For that, we didn’t as well as Nintendo doesn’t sacrifice anything. Yes, we got every detail and feature in this game.

To bring the series for phones and tablets, Nintendo chose the right option (Fire Emblem Heroes). Maybe there are no new ideas but it’s not frustrating at all. We found how much hype this game of mobile version created in the Fire Emblem Heroes Reddit thread.

It’s completely fun to play games and let us reunite with other old Fire Emblem friends again. Just need to download it and start to play.