Mario Kart 9: It’s Mora of A Nintendo Kart

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Mario Kart 9 is a part of the popular Mario Kart series. There are only a few games loved by both gamers and non-gamer and Mario Kart is the game that owns everyone’s heart. This game was a hit from the beginning.

Nintendo knows, we love Mario and they bring him to new worlds to a whole new level. After gaining popularity, Nintendo continuously releases the sequel of this game and this is the time for Mario Kart 9.

This is going to be their latest installment and we are eagerly waiting to play this game. Here you can find more information about this game.

What Is Mario Kart 9?

Do you know about Mario Kart? If the answer is yes, then you must know what Mario Kart 9 is. This is the latest and the newest addition to the Mario Kart Series. This installment is also known as a direct sequel of Mario Kart 8.

9 is going to be released on the Nintendo Switch. If you consider the overall series of Mario then this installment will be the sixteenth installment.

We are going to get two new mechanics in this game. One is a water ski mechanic and another one is a time flow mechanic. Water ski mechanic is here to allow the racer to race on the water or any other liquid surface.

On the other hand, the time flow mechanic has the power to slow down the time and slow down the speed of other objects around the racer. Isn’t it cool?

Picture: Mario Kart 9
Picture: Mario Kart 9

Reason for Popularity of Mario Kart:

Do you ask yourself why Nintendo is releasing the 9th installment of Mario Kart? The main reason is its popularity. Most people have certainly played Mario Kart at least once. It’s like roaming in a fancy world for the gamer. Mario became a part of Nintendo’s culture and it became a bridge that helped to bond them with sports.

Nintendo’s strategy for this game makes them one of the successful game publishers in history. The Mario series is not only best for us but also best for the business. As you know, Mario is the best-selling title.

Mario is full of some loveable characters. All these characters also help to get the popularity of this game in a short time.

The world of Mario is colorful with some beautiful anime. Overall, all the elements of this game, even the sound is better than anything.

Picture: Mario Kart 9 will release in 2021
Picture: Mario Kart 9 will release in 2021

Rumors About of Release Date of Mario Kart 9:

Everybody knows that the 9th installment of Mario Kart will be released on Nintendo’s popular gaming console named “Nintendo Switch”. Also, there is a specific time we have about it and that is the 3rd quarter of 2021. But the date is already gone. So, what about the release?

Maybe Nintendo is doing their job to release this upcoming master blaster game in their latest gaming console “Nintendo Switch Pro”. Now it’s obvious, Mario Kart has become their flagship series and Nintendo will do their best with it. Maybe this decision will boost the console sale.

At E3, 2021, Nintendo comes with a direct presentation. Every fan of Mario Kart was looking at this presentation to know something about the 9th installment of Mario Kart. Nintendo didn’t reveal anything about it.

They unveiled Metroid Prime 4, the second trailer for their Breath of the Wild sequel, Mario Gold: Super Rush, and more.

Nintendo didn’t reveal anything about “Nintendo Switch Pro” but Switch Pro will come. That means there is a connection between this console and Mario Kart 9. It’s a speculation that everyone accepts.

Another clue is guiding us to think about such things and that is, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Because it was revealed with the Original Switch in 2017. Who knows, they may be thinking the same thing for Switch Pro.

Picture: Nintendo Switch Pro
Picture: Nintendo Switch Pro

What’s New in 9th Installment of Mario Kart?

Mario Kart is the only part of the Mario series with a large cast of playable characters. Nintendo always comes with different marketing strategies for the Mario Kart series. This time we are expecting the 9th installment of this series will come with a growing cast to an unprecedented size.

After the huge success of “Super Smash Bros.”, there is a chance to see the most popular characters of this game jump into their go-karts. We’ll love to see pesky little Toads.

Some strong sources indicate that Nintendo is going to add a “Tackle” option where the player can tackle other racers. If it happens then it will be the most surprising but lovely feature in this game.

Tracks and Characters of Upcoming Mario Kart: What Leak Says?

Not every rumor about the 9th installment of Mario Kart is true but we wish a few of them will. From the unsubstantiated leaks and some trusted sources, we know there will be a large crossover roster of characters.

All the characters will be adopted from Super Smash Bros. The leak also says the working on the art for its instruction manual is in process. So, we have some confirmed characters who are coming back in this latest edition of Mario Kart. These characters are.

  • Mario
  • Bowser
  • Ice Climbers
  • Zelda (in her Breath of the Wild design)

Even the control will be the same as Mario Kart 8 was. But there are two new features added. One is “tackle” another one is “Boost”. From Mario Kart 8, another thing will come back and that is the Big Blue F-Zero course.

Mario Kart 9: It’s Mora of A Nintendo Kart
Picture: Blue F-Zero course


The gaming communities are always talking about the Mario Kart 9 because it is a part of the most popular Mario Series. They are waiting to hear what Nintendo will say about the release of this installment, at least a releasing date.

The public is ready to react because the demand for Mario Kart is getting high. It’s true, there is a huge gap between the previous releases and this one. Recently Nintendo celebrated its 35th anniversary.

We are expecting something big will come for this installment. Nintendo is also waiting to surprise us with the latest console and this game as well. Maybe this is not the right time to do that.

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