Get Quip, and Stop Brushing Off Your Oral Health

By Olivia O'Mahony 6 Min Read

It’s always seemed like there’s something markedly unglamorous about the act of brushing one’s teeth, and as at odds with the glamor of a pearly white smile though this may be, it’s never been a stretch to say that it would take one phenomenal dental hygiene marketing team to make a mouthful of minty suds seem sexy, or a late-night slog to the bathroom to hunch over the sink while brushing those chompers feel like anything less than a nuisance. Well, that phenomenal dental hygiene marking team has arrived on the scene with a bang, bringing with them a product that stands with a real chance at cleaning up the often-misleading tooth-care market.

Meet the Quip electric toothbrush a newly-developed invention spearheaded by a collaborating group of dentists and designers (so if you’re a fan of those underdog stories where polar opposites come together to triumph against the odds, don’t look away now). The Quip toothbrush has been dubbed the "iPhone of toothbrushes" by BuzzFeed, the "best electric toothbrush" by GQ, and, perhaps most impressively, was named among the best inventions of 2016 by Time magazine. These are standings that have been well-earned: this is a toothbrush that has been expertly designed down to the most minute details, with the perfect level of vibration programmed into its operation, as well as guiding pulses to lead its users down a simplified path to squeaky-clean teeth.

Unlike many other competing brands, the brush isn’t overwhelming in its motion, and offers no excessive (and confusing) extra modes that can complicate what should be an easy, twice-daily two-minute brush. To tweak a phrase, the Quip toothbrush is exactly what the dentist ordered, with professionally-approved bristles, a thirty-second quadrant timer to keep your brush-time in check, and completely silent vibrations, so you never have to worry about waking up those sleeping under the same roof with an early-morning buzz or chugga-chugga-chugga ever again.

Quip also bests other electric toothbrushes on the market thanks to its practical form, designed with basic common sense in mind. Never lie your toothbrush down on a germ-infested bathroom sink again when you can make use of the Quip brush’s suction holder, affixing it to any flat bathroom surface for easy access. The brush’s design is slim and portable, and it also comes with a free, lightweight travel cover to keep things sanitary. And while we’re on the subject of design, never again let it be said that brushing your teeth can’t be glamorous – the Quip brush color options come in everything from standard blue and green plastic handles to beautifully sleek metallics in silver, slate, gold, and copper.

A starter set, including a brush, travel cover, and large and small toothpaste tubes, goes for $40; and since proper dental care is a long-term commitment, those working at Quip have no intention of ducking out of the picture post-purchase. Quip delivers fresh AAA batteries and brush-head replacements for free domestically (or for just $5 for international shipping) every three months, a pattern carefully calculated to ensure that Quip users are never stuck with a dead or grimy brush that won’t make their mouth feel as clean as it needs to feel.

It’s this kind of thoughtfulness and integrity that’s generating some serious traffic on the Quip website with each passing day. This is an upfront and honest brand that people are opting to trust sanctity of their glittering grins, and no wonder, as the Quip team promise "to align with dentist advice and put what is best for yoru teeth before all else; to never stop improving our products and reduce our environmental impact; and to strive to be available 24/7 and become your one-stop solution for oral health."

You have to admit, the attitude is refreshing, as is the accessible and light-hearted tone of the website’s many informational blog posts, featuring pieces such as "How To Eat Sugar (And Keep Your Teeth)" and "Think You’re A Good Brusher? Not So Fast!" The blog’s tone is unique in that in reading it, you feel less like you’re being lectured in a dentist’s office for neglecting to floss and more like you’re receiving much-wanted advice from a friend with really, really great teeth.

To order a Quip electric toothbrush and take the first step on your personal journey towards the perfect smile, visit their online store today.

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