3 Hackers That Got So Famous They Made Movies About Them

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Everyone knows about the hacker and what they can do. As a result of the hacker’s activities, people are inspired to make movies about them. Most of the hackers movies concept is rarely accurate. The directors get the concept of their movie plot from the true-life event of the greatest and famous hackers.

Most of the hacker’s movie s are often based on fiction. But finding out the plot related to the true event is possible. Hacker’s life events are continuously hitting the big screen.

Let’s discuss some top-rated hackers movies that you must watch to know more about the hackers.

Hackers Movies on Actual Events

It’s true that most of the hackers movies are overstatement of situations. All these movies focus on the portrayal look of hackers. But to make a movie about hacking, the contribution is undeniable. Some of these movies became blockbuster and some did not. But the fun is always there. These movies offer mind-bending theory against your imagination. 

Audiences love this type of movie. They are full of thrill and action. These movies give the audience a glance at the future of technology. How can we become ethical and unethical with the tech, you’ll get all the answer here.

We picked three best hackers’ movies that are actually related to the real incident and life of the hackers. All these are not only to deliver the flavor of the actual scenario but surely will entertain you.

#1. 23 (1998)

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Picture: 23

In 1998 this movie was released. This movie is all about the Chaos Computer Club, which is also known as CCC. A person named Karl Koch is also related to this movie. There is an incident happened with these two terms. To know about cyber espionage, this movie is a perfect example. Karl Koch was arrested because of this crime. Even he tried to sell all source code to the KGB.

This movie will lead you to this incident full of excitement. Karl Koch lives in Germany who believed in social justice. As a result, he asked for some of his friends to hack. They start to penetrate various types of systems. Finally, they were successful to find entries in the US government and corporate system. After getting all the information they wanted to make money.

They were agreed to sell all the data to the KGB. Day by day, Karl starts to feel the pressure for better hacks. He starts to take drugs. At that time he was in some delusion that drives him to hack nuclear power plants. This hacking leads to the Chernobyl explosion. He understood what he has done.

He was getting threats from the KGB. To get the safety support, he enrolls in the witness protection program. But the sad news is Karl was found dead in the forest. His body was burned.

As a final statement, this movie is not action-packed. But from the point of technology and hacking portal, 23 became the best. Audiences will experience the early days of hacking in this movie. It’s more than a drama. It is the movie that has opened the darker side of the hacking days.

#2. Underground: The Julian Assange Story (2012)

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Underground: The Jullian Assange Story

2012 is another great year for hacking movies. In that year we all got the scope to see this hacking movie based on Julian Assange. Everyone knows about this person. He is the founder of WikiLeaks. Before he got famous there is another story of Julian Assange. He counted as a teenage computer hacker.

The story began in 1989. He and his two friends started their activities as a group. They are called “International Subversives”. They started it from their home computers. They also used to call them the ‘white hat hackers’. That means they don’t steal anything but look into everything.

These brilliant hackers show their talent in hacking by breaking into the most powerful and secretive organizations. Because of their questionable activities, they were in the eyes of the US Government. They became a major threat to the government. Somehow they managed to clear their track. So, it became hard to catch them.

The US government and the Australian Federal Police agreed to set up a special task force. But the time was not in the favor of law enforcement agencies. Even they hardly had seen a computer. They tried to figure out what they should do and get started with. But the old detective way against highly skilled and brilliant hackers turned into a disaster.

#3. Takedown (2000)

Takedown - one of the best hackers movies

This movie is about the world’s most famous and best hacker. The storyline of this movie is written based on Kevin Mitnick. You will get the answer to catching this great hacker in history. This movie will also help you to get more information about it. Kevin Mitnick was the most wanted hacker in US History.

In this movie, the audience will find how much talent this man is. The goal of this hacker was not personal. But he loves to prove everyone wrong about nothing is impossible. He can do it. So, he targeted international companies to hack. The FBI, The Pentagon, nothing was missing from his hacking list. This talented hacker has drawn the attention of various computer security experts.

No one was a match for him. This movie is also known as the most realistic hacking movie. So, to know about the infamous hacker Kevin David Mitnick and his nemesis Tsutomu Sihmoura, you must watch this movie. This man also faced a hard time in prison for a while. The fairly accurate background makes this move super realistic that matches with actual events.


The actual fact about most of the hackers movies is, they hardly picture the reality of cybersecurity and hacking. Some tried their best to come to a closer conclusion. I tried to pick the most realistic movies about hackers that also based on real events. All these movies may bring up lots of questions in your mind, but can entertain you as well.

It promotes thrill and let us know how technology can make us fool with the help of some brilliant hands. These movies I’ve discussed earlier are made based on realistic hacking methods. All of these will also help you to know about the tech surrounding us.

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