5 Things You Can Only Find on the Sea of Thieves SubReddit

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The time you are living in is an era where people are ready to invest their time only when ensured excitement comes as a return and undoubtedly, games are pretty much dominating the leading position over there. One game I can mention which can bring you a pure pile of excitement with its storyline is the Sea of Thieves. For Sea of thieves Reddit becomes a site to deliver all possible information like the release note and many more things that need for the player to play the game easily. This game is released on some popular platform which allows playing this game easily.

If you are a game lover, then you can be pretty much sure that you are going to enter into a world of adventure and joy that will indeed get you more of the fun in comparison to any other regular games with some dull storyline.

Sea of Info for Sea of Thieves Reddit is here!

Undoubtedly, Sea of thieves can be a tunnel of fun and adventure for gamers though only in a few countries it is permitted to play this game. If you want to know more about the Sea of thieves Reddit can get you anything you need to know. This game was first introduced in 2018, in March. After that, the popularity started to like a rocket.

So, what about becoming a pirate of an ocean? Isn’t it cool and exciting? But making yourself as a crew is also possible in this game. Reddit will get you everything you need to know.

Knowing about this game more and more will help you to get more ideas and concepts for easing up the playing. There are some things you need to know about this game that is explained to give you a complete understanding of it.

5 Things You Can Only Find on the Sea of Thieves SubReddit
Picture: Sea of Thieves

Mode of the Game

Most of the adventure games can be played on two types of modes of the players single or multiplayer. This game is also offering the same option which proved the most attractive part of the game. For the first time, this game was developed to introduce as a single or solo player game but instead of the first-person game, anyone can enjoy playing various players mode like the co-operative mode and the player versus player mode. The last one is presented to the player as a combat mode.


By the way, this option is not available for lots of games to share various types of platforms to play. Unlike them, the Sea of Thieves is the one which can offer you this fantastic option. But this includes only two types of platforms and hardware like Xbox One and Windows. Most of the people play games using these platforms. So, there is no complication that can make the player suffer to share the platform for playing.

The Gameplay

How much you know about this game or the gameplay? If you don’t know, then it’s an interesting part to tell you about the gameplay. This game basically stands as a multiplayer game. So, you need to know how it works to play it accurately. When you enter the game, you will discover that there are more ships and crews out there on the island from where you are about to start to play the character. But all other ships you found is only for another player playing in single-player mode.

The basic rule about the ships is if one log off from the game, then another player can take place. But this kind of ship is limited in this case. So, your job is going to save your ship and crews from the attack and defend in every possible way.

There are few core items you need to survive like a pistol, shovel, lantern, compass, and some other items to play the game in a better way. Once master these, you will be able to play this game for a long time more easily. Another job you need to do is to collect the necessary items and resources. In our top picks, it can be the thunder burst, ammunition, bananas, etc. The wooden pieces also a necessary item to repair your ship in a crisis. In the multi-spot, there are treasures. So, use your crew to get the treasure.

 Another cool thing about this game is the world map. To explore the sea you have to go to the deck and see the world map. But you cannot do this while sailing. So, sending one of your crew will be helpful to guide. There is no chance for miscommunication which can be turned into a great disaster.  

Role of the Crews

Don’t try to do the task alone on the ship. There is an option to sail a small ship or large ship. In the small ships, there are 1 or 2 members can be added. On the other hand, a large ship can handle 2 to 4 members which will give you some benefit during the battle. There is another internal part of the game and that is communicating with the crews. They can vote to do something about the task.

You cannot control any player or crew, but you can vote to lock him in the brig. It will be counted when the majority vote comes with a single solution. This crew is the key to get the loot from the other ships.

Role of the Crews in sea of thieves reddit
Picture: The Crew

About the Trade & Reputation

Indeed, sailing is not the last thing for this game. As a sailor, you also have a profession out there. As a player, your task is to trade with some other local traders like the merchant alliance. Completing the task brings you some reputation and titles. After that, you can decide to do a task among a few options. A higher reputation helps you to become a pirates legend in the game. Collecting gold and using them to purchase is also a great task to do. You can buy new weapons as well.

5 Things You Can Only Find on the Sea of Thieves SubReddit
Picture: Treasure


If you love games that make you feel like a pirate or legend of the sea, then indeed then Sea of thieves is the one, you are looking for. Nowadays, open-world games are becoming popular. Every game has some unique feature that makes the game extraordinary. Once you look into the words I said above, I think you will find out why this game also became so popular.

There is no chance of you getting frustrated while you play this game. Most of the tasks you are going to love to complete. To know more about the Sea of Thieves Reddit will help you with more information.

Thanks for staying with us! feel free to comment and let us know your opinion!

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