How to Control Pets Using Your Smartphone

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These days, technologies appear in any sector of our lives. They help us simplify a lot of processes and bring us more control. Having smartphones, we can communicate with each other and share files. However, we can also manage smart-devices remotely and even control our pets over long distances. 

Do you want to know how you can control your pet by using your smartphone? Check out the top devices’ selection that will help you keep an eye on your pets and manage them by holding a smartphone in your hand.

App-Controlled Pet Door

A lot of detached houses have cat doors that allow pets to go outside and lie on the lawn or explore the territory. Regular cat doors provide cats with limitless access to the yard. Nevertheless, the smart cat door is way more advanced. It can be easily installed and offers vast controlling opportunities to pet owners. 

By installing a smart-pet door, you will get the ability to monitor your cat’s activity constantly. It will notify you every time your furball lives and enters your home. You will also be able to check how much time your feline spends outdoors and inside your house. 

If you don’t want your furball to go outside, you can block the smart cat door with one tap on your smartphone. Using this feature, you can keep your cat safe if its construction works in your yard, for instance.

The access to the cat door can be easily shared with anyone. Therefore, all your family members and even your pet-sitter can manage it through a smartphone.

Smart Pet Feeder

It is an essential device if you spend a lot of time out of the home. Pets should be fed regularly during the day. Unfortunately, pet owners have to leave a full pet food bowl, leaving home for a long time. Some animals raid their bowls and eat all the food simultaneously. It can lead to digestive issues in your pet. 

If you want your animal to eat healthily, feel free to buy a smart pet feeder. Automatic feeders can be of different sizes and shapes. Anyway, most of them can be controlled via a smartphone. Using a device in your pocket, you can easily set up a feeder from any location.

You can dispense a particular portion of the best food for senior dog into a dog’s bowl in one hit. You can also create a schedule so that the device will automatically dispense particular portions and show the battery level. Some advanced models foresee the opportunity to provide a treat to a pet upon a tap on a smartphone.

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GPS Pet Tracker

It is a small and very helpful device that can be attached to a pet’s collar. Usually, GPS trackers have a protective case that keeps the device safe from water, mud, and other damages. They also can be easily detached for charging. Indeed, GPS tracking consumes a lot of energy, so it will need to be charged once in ten days, on average. Expensive models with extensive batteries can last up to 20 days. 

Despite that, this device provides a lot of benefits for pet owners. You will be able to monitor your pet’s location constantly. If your buddy runs out, you will easily find your dog by using your smartphone. Also, GPS pet trackers save the routes passed by animals so that you will be able to check night walks of your cats and places your furry friend likes visiting outside.

Also, pet trackers bring the opportunity to monitor the activity of their furry friends. You can check how active your pet is and how many calories your animal burns a day. This information will help you create a well-balanced diet for your pet. In case you want your feline to get a lot of energy and remain active all day long, feed your furball with the Taste Of The Wild meal. Check out the Taste Of The Wild cat food reviews if you want to learn more about this product.

Smart Pet Camera

It is a great device that helps you stay in touch with your pet over long distances and monitor it. In short, it is a tweaked camera that transmits video from your home to your smartphone. All smart pet cameras are equipped with a microphone and speakers to talk to their pets and calm them down if they feel nervous. Smart cameras for dogs have a barking sensor so that pet owners receive a notification on their smartphones when their dog barks.

Some models are equipped with screens that transmit video from a smartphone’s front-facing camera. Other devices can toss a treat or have a laser pointer to attract animals’ attention and entertain them.

Recommendation for Pet Owners

Pets aren’t self-reliant, even though cats seem to be so. Remember, no devices will be able to replace your care, emotional, and physical contact. Smart pet devices can help us control and maintain our pets. Yet, there is no option to share your love over the Internet. If you want your pet to be happy, always pay a lot of attention to your furry friend and spend together as much time as possible.

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