Where Does The Phrase Avada Kedavra Come From?

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The mysterious spell Avada Kedavra makes Harry Potter more mysterious. Without spells and magic, it’s hard to describe a world of magic and wizard. As a part of spells, some of them are scary and some of them are more beautiful.

We know how and why wizards use all these spells. But don’t know where all of them come from. Every fan of Harry Potter is stuck with a few spells. They want to know more about Avada Kedavra.

What is the true meaning of such spells? Don’t worry, we are here to help you to understand lots of things related to such a spell including its meaning.

Avada Kedavra: How The Story of This Spell Began?

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t love Harry Potter. This is the story of a 4-year-old boy and how he starts his journey through a magic world.

Every time wizards are using spells and creating illusions. But an overwhelming task is knowing about every spell. Some of these are the most dangerous.

J.K Rowling knew how to make a bond between the world of magic and the audience. She introduced Avada Kedavra and spoke about it. Even its roots! This is a curse that is unforgivable.

In a book festival, J.K Rowling asked everyone about this spell. From that time fans became interested about it.

Avada Kedavra
Picture: Avada Kedavra

The Story Behind Avada Kedavra:

When Harry Potter Fans found a spell as an unforgivable curse, it became one of the hot topics. But it becomes more interesting when J.K Rowling comes forward to say about this spell.

In 2004, J.K Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, threw a question to all of the fans of Harry Potter. She asked “Does anyone know where Avada Kedavra came from?

Here is the truth about it. This is an Aramaic spell. That means it comes from an ancient culture. Many Fans thought abracadabra is the origin of this spell. They were right. This is the origin and it means “let the thing be destroyed”.

Astonishing information is, abracadabra used to cure illness. It is used for the person standing in front of the people who are going to use this spell.

J.K Rowling has the right to use her freedom to distort the spell and make a new one. She twisted it and we found a new spell in Harry Potter.

Harry Never Use Unforgivable Curse:

Many fans asked tons of questions about this spell. Why does Harry never use it? Remember when Harry was in his fourth year, he came across it.

In an installment (The Goblet of Fire), one of the crucial characters (Voldemort) attacked him. He used Expelliarmus. But this was nothing against Avada Kedavra.

Somehow Harry was lucky and escaped from that situation. This spell needs more determination and power. At many points, we found the minimum requirement of using it. So, everyone can use this spell after fulfilling its requirement.

If Harry needs to use it, he has to really mean it. But Harry was a boy with a soft heart. Without killing, Harry wanted to defeat. That’s why he never used this unforgivable curse.

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Avada Kedavra Vs. Dragons:

Do you know that, if a wizard uses this spell on a dragon what will happen? Many fans tried to figure out about it. If an average wizard uses a spell on the dragon they can survive because they are spell resistant.

We figured it out in “The Goblet of Fire”. But the truth is this spell I’m talking about can kill a dragon. This time it needs more wizards and the need to use it at a time. Even a powerful wizard can kill a dragon using this spell.

The Unlockable Spell:

To block the Avada Kedavra there are few options available. Using Expelliarmus is one of these. This can create a physical barrier to prevent harm from such a spell. Most people think that this unforgivable curse is still unlockable.

There is a saying “no defense against it, no counter-curse”. This line is telling about what we wanted to know. So, it is not possible to block. This spell got the name “Unforgivable Curse” because it’s not possible to tackle. Such a spell only brings death and is used to kill.

Dumbledore Block The Spell But How?

Wait, what? Is it really true that Dumbledore blocks the unforgivable curse? Yes, it’s happened in a few segments of the Harry Potter series. This man did it perfectly. That’s how we knew it, Dumbledore can block the spell easily.

Where Does The Phrase Avada Kedavra Come From?
Picture: Voldemort

The main culprit Voldemort uses this curse many times for the killing purpose in the Battle at the Ministry. Here are the details of when and how Voldemort uses this spell and how Dumbledore blocks it.

On page 813 of Scholastic paperback, we found Voldemort used this scary spell for the first time. He aimed it at Harry and Dumbledore. But the Dumbledore animated statue protects Harry by flung out its arms.

Picture: Dumbledore

Voldemort once again uses this spell and throws a jet of green light to kill Dumbledore. But he successfully avoids this light by turning. The whirling of his cloak absorbs all the light.

Voldemort uses again the spell to kill Dumbledore. But this time he missed it.

Voldemort using Avada Kedavra
Picture: Voldemort using Avada Kedavra

 We saw all the time this spell hit some objects, not a human or a wizard. Dumbledore was always protected by things, not by himself. So, he didn’t actually block this unforgivable curse.


Harry Potter is full of the most well-known wizardry spells. This is the point when fans get thrilled. Maybe it’s a children’s book that is loved by everyone. They also love all the spells used in harry potter. Some of these are their favorite and some are not.

On top of that, one spell called “Avada Kedavra” got attention. This powerful spell can easily kill the opposite wizard instantly. But it will happen when the spell is properly vocalized.

This is truly the deadly spell ever used in Harry Potter. This spell comes with a darker history. No doubt, this spell makes the magical world more beautiful and cursed.

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