How To Fix Audio Not Working on Windows 7/8/10

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Sometimes finding the right solution to the problems in a PC is too damn hard, especially when audio not working Windows 7/8/10. This is one of the most common issues users usually deal with in a PC. It can happen because of audio glitches, device, or if the driver is not working. Both hardware and software can be the reason for this irritating problem.

It could happen after updating your Windows as well. An old audio driver can have a conflict with the new patch. So, it’s not easy to find the actual reason for the sound failure issues. Whatever the reason is, you need a permanent solution to get that fixed. Let’s get started and find an easy solution to this hazard.

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Audio Not Working Windows 7/8/10 – Why It’s Happening?

Many reasons can cause audio not working Windows 7/8/10.  Some reasons are common that users encounter most of the time. All these are given below according to user reported:

  • Missing Realtek audio drivers
  • No audio devices installed in Windows
  • ●        Windows audio service is not responding
  • Getting no sound from speakers and Windows showing red x

Fix Audio Not Working On Windows

Without knowing the reason you can fix this problem. We are here to provide some tested solution for you. Let’s apply all these methods one by one.

Changing Sound Format (Default)

We can start with this method. If you set the wrong sound format, then this error occurs. Just changing the format of the sound can solve this problem. All steps are described below.

  • Go to the sound icon. You’ll find it in your taskbar. Now right-click on it, then click on the ‘Open Sound Settings’ option.
Windows 10 no sound Realtek
Picture: Open Sound setting
  • Click on ‘Device properties’ and it will open a new window.
No sound coming from computer
Picture: Device Properties
  • From the Speaker Properties windows, find the ‘Advanced’ tab and click on it. Now change the sound format from Default sound format to 24bit/192000HZ or 24bit/44100HZ. Press Ok and exit the window. The problem will be solved.
Windows 10 no audio devices are installed
Picture: Speaker Properties

Reinstallation of Sound Drivers

The sound driver will not work if it’s not installed properly and has some bugs. It’s hard to find any bug from the sound driver. So, uninstalling the current sound driver and reinstalling it can solve this audio not working problem. You can do it by following the steps.

  • Open Windows X menu by pressing Windows Key and X. From the list choose ‘Device Manager’.
How To Fix Audio Not Working on Windows 7/8/10
Picture: Device Manager
  • Find your audio device from the list and right-click on it. A menu will appear and choose the ‘Uninstall device’.
Windows 10 no audio devices are installed
Picture: Uninstall device
  • Click on the Icon located top of the bar and named ‘Scan for hardware changes’. It will start to install the default audio driver. Now check the sound again.
Audio services not responding Windows 10
Picture: Device Manager

Select Proper Output Device

The sound is not going to work if the wrong output device is selected from your Windows. Most of the users don’t know that they select the wrong output device. They think that something major happened related to sound. You can solve this problem by following these steps.

  • Open the ‘Sound settings’ option and a window will open.
  • Now select the Speaker or Headphones as your output device. This setting will change your output device (default).

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Audio services not responding Windows 10
Picture: Choose your output device

Using Generic High Definition Audio Device Driver

You can switch to the generic driver from your usual sound driver to fix the sound problem. This method can be applied when your current driver is not functioning well or not compatible with the current Windows version. This method can solve different sound issues. Follow these steps and solve this problem easily.

  • First of all, open the ‘Device Manager’ and find your audio device from the list.
  • Right-click on the audio device and you’ll find a menu. Choose ‘Update driver’ from it.
Windows 10 no audio devices are installed
Picture: Update driver
  • You’ll find two options. Choose ‘Browse my computer for driver software’.
Audio services not responding Windows 10
Picture: Search for drivers
  • Select ‘Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer’ to browse more options.
No sound Windows 10 red x
Picture: Option to pick drivers
  • Here a list will come for the available audio driver. From the list select ‘High Definition Audio Device’ driver and click on Next.
No sound coming from computer
Picture: Selection of drivers
  • After the installation of the default driver, you are done.

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Check Windows Audio Service

If Windows audio service is not enabled, then the sound is not going to work properly. As a Windows 10 user, you must check this option and enable it. Complete the process by doing the following.

  • Open the ‘Run’ prompt first by pressing Windows Key + R. Now type services.msc and click on OK or hit the enter button.
Audio services not responding Windows 10
Picture: Run prompt
  • This command will open the Service window. Here you’ll see a list of different services. Locate Windows Audio and click on it and go to the properties option.
No sound Windows 10 speakers
Picture: Service window
  • After opening Windows Audio Properties (Local Computer), set the ‘Startup type’ to Automatic. Below, you’ll find the start button, click on it then click on Apply. Now click OK and Close the window. It will save the changes you’ve made.
No sound coming from laptop
Picture: Windows Audio Properties (Local Computer)
  • Now restart the Windows Audio again.

Check The Speakers (Properly Connected or Not)

If your speaker is not connected properly to your PC, then you are not going to get any sound from your Windows. You also need to check the cable as well. Maybe you connected the speaker to the wrong port. So, unplug the speaker and plug-in the right port.

Inspect every cable of the speaker. Check, it is broken or not. You also need to check the power supply cable. It could be damaged. These types of faulty connections can lead to sound problems.

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You are just a few clicks away to fix the audio issue of your Windows. As a Windows user, people face different types of problems. Some are major and some are not. In my opinion, fixing audio not working windows 7/8/10 is simple. All these methods I’ve discussed earlier in this article are easy and simple to follow.

Most of the professionals also suggest these methods to solve the sound problem of different Windows. If you find the source of the problem, then you don’t need to apply all these methods. Just pick that one which you need.

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