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By Nicole Fryer 5 Min Read

There’s a lot of things in life to bring you down or throw you out of balance. Maybe you’re stressing over work, or a family matter, or maybe you’ve just got your plate full at the moment. Regardless of what the situation may be, if you’re feeling like you need to seek professional help, and don’t have the time or money, that can make the situation even more stressful.

Thankfully, there’s now an app for your mental health needs. Instawell is a new app that lets you connect with a professional at any time of the day. There are two basic plans that you can choose from one-day plans, where you are offered support for 24 hours, or seven-day plans, where you can chat for up to 7 days, and have a more personalized focus on your issues. While the seven-day plans aren’t free, they’re upfront about the pricing so you don’t have to worry about figuring out if a professional can take your insurance or figuring out your co-pay.

Instawell isn’t just necessary for mental health. Of course, mental health is important, but there are also plans and specialists who offer other services, such as dealing with trying to quit smoking, educational guidance, and advice, marriage counseling, it’s a little bit of everything in one convenient place.

The best part? Everything is done remotely, from your phone, computer, or whatever type of device you’re using, and its available on different platforms, such as Facebook messenger, slack, the web, and on iOS and Android apps. You can log on whenever is convenient for you, without ever having to leave your house. It’s perfect if you have a crazy work schedule or can’t make the time to schedule with someone during normal business hours.

All of Instawell’s helpers are verified, certified professionals. There’s no need to worry that you’re paying for some random person with no experience to guide you and support you through your struggles.

If you are a verified and certified professional, Instawell may also be for you. If you join as a helper, not only do you get the satisfaction of helping others, but you can also get rewarded for your work. With being a helper on Instawell, you can set your own rates, publish the types of plans you’re willing to help with, and start chatting with those who need it. Just set up your chats, and you’ll be rewarded for your quick response times.

Choosing the type of plan that you want help for or want to talk about is always a great way to get started. From there, you can look through your options on helpers and professionals and read each helper’s short bio to see if you can find your perfect match. No more going to a place your insurance recommends and not being placed with the right fit. Having someone that you don’t connect with can often make the situation worse. Get a feel for the professional that you’ll be talking to before you chose them.

If you’re still not sure if Instawell is right for you, take some peace of mind knowing that your chats are private, and you can chat anonymously if that’s better for you. Everything is confidential, and should you feel uncomfortable, you can report it to Instawell’s team for them to investigate.

If you have any questions, want to learn more about the program, it’s platforms, or you’re interested in joining their team, or interested in looking at plans that are right for you, visit their website at

Photo by Jurica Koletić on Unsplash

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