11 Incredible Instagram DMs People Actually Sent

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At present, Instagram becomes one of the most popular social platforms. Instagram dm (Direct Message) adds an extra feather of its success. Basically its photo-sharing platform, but it is slowly becoming a way to express our feelings. Yes, we make our feelings imagery. We capture what we like, what we like to do.

For me, it becomes the best way to share my life with people. I can deliver a message of my thoughts to people through images. Now, Instagram opens the way to contact people through DM. We don’t need to wait anymore to know about it.

Let’s jump to the deep and get what they are actually offering us.

Instagram DM – Lets Send Message To Someone

Instagram dm has become a favorite one for the most Instagram users. This method lets you send messages to one or more people. It opens a way to contact people directly. You can send text messages easily to anyone. You can also send some media as a direct message to another person. If you are seeing this feature for the first time, then you should know how to do it. It’s simple and easy as we send messages usually through our mobile phone.

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How To Send Instagram Direct Messages?

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Picture: Paper Airplane Icon to send post

Through this feature Instagram lets us send photos, videos, posts, disappearing photos and videos, text, hashtags, location, etc. To send a direct message to one or more people you have to follow some steps. After sending a message you can see them by tapping an icon that is placed top right op the feed.

From here you can control everything and manage the message. Here you can see the message you have already received and sent. One thing you should know about sending a post from the feed. This type of message is only visible to that person who is already using it.

Before you send this type of message you’ve to be sure that the private account post will appear to the people who follow it. For the photos and videos, Instagram dm is not let you share from other sites or other social apps.

11 DMs People Actually Sent!

  1. Show Me Your Teeth
  2. A random question, non-mtg related if you’d be inclined to answer, are you ticklish?
  3. I think we should hook up like two times then leave it alone
  4. Coming back from a stag tonight. Can you look after me? Dinner would be great
  5. He! What a beautiful Neanderthal face you have. I mean this in the best way possible haha
  6. Hey there Soph just a quick one. I’ve devised a plan where I comment on all of your Instagram posts, starting from today, implying that we are an item and in turn putting other males off of approaching you. After a few years of this, let’s say “light stalking”, you will have no option but to accept my wedding proposal and move in with me. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you, bye for now x.
  7. Cheeenneeyy! Wooow I just came to your Instagram …. What happened?!? You used to be chubby n shit lol. The glow up is real!! What’s up
  8. Hello big stud, come round Sunday, mumzy wants a knobbing
  9. Like I’m serious, never seen a smile like yours on a female is very very weird but in a good way
  10. Hey, would you be comfortable with speaking to me about the hair on your arms and legs
  11. Hey, ☺ right this is such a weird thing to ask so feel free to just ignore haha. I know you don’t know me but my best friend reckons her boyfriend is cheating on her and is going to catfish him and try to catch him out ☺ she’s pretty desperate tbh and needs a picture of someone he doesn’t know. You’re really pretty so do you mind if she uses your pictures?

Instagram Direct Message (DM) tricks and tips

If you follow some tips and tricks to send dm, then it will be more effective for you. To get a better response to your message, these tips and tricks will work flawlessly. Let’s have a glance over them.

Send Message

Instagram DM is not only for sending a text message. There are more options waiting for you. You can send a voice message. Just find out the mic icon. Tap and hold it to record your voice and release.

Add Media

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You can make your message more dramatic and eye-catchy. Pick a perfect photo from your phone gallery and send it. For that choose the icon and select the photo. Tap the up arrow and send it. This process is simple and beautiful.

Send Posts and Stories

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Picture: Send Profile as Message

You just need 2 clicks to send the post on Instagram. This option makes us free to share our personal preferences like profiles, stories, and posts easily. There is an icon like a paper airplane right below the post. To share a certain post, just tap it. Now select the addressee and send it.

If you want to share the stories, then you have to follow the same process. It is only available when you’re viewing the stories. A paper airplane icon will appear. Tap it, choose the addressee and send it.

Send self-destructive messages

This option is for them who love to feel more secure after sending messages. You can use this option for sending some confidential stuff. This method is not to let anybody see the message except the desired person. You just need to point out the replay time.

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After sending a message we always expect a reply from the end. Sometimes we have to wait, sometimes not. Yes, we can get a quick, icy message that makes us happy. To make us happy on the same Instagram introduced to us their Direct Message (DM) feature.

After knowing about Instagram dm, I feel more comfortable to use Instagram than before. Now I can communicate with the person I want to. We don’t have to wait for a like or comment. We can not only share text, but also media. This feature can dramatically change my mood. 

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